Claim Your AdvanceAutoParts Rebate Today! – Vehicles are similar to pets. You can’t imagine your life without them, yet they require as much care and upkeep as another child in your family! Not only do you have to take care of their current needs, but you’ll also need to create a savings account so that you can have money on hand for their future needs!

Advance Auto Parts understands all too well how important your vehicle is to your life. Your vehicle literally drives your lifestyle, from running household errands, to caring for your children (and your pets), to getting to work. This is why the auto maintenance and repair retailer is keen to help customers like you to save as much money on your vehicle expenses as possible.

In fact, they’ve created eight methods for you to keep or put back a bit of money into your wallet including their rebate program at

Sign up for AdvanceAutoParts Sweepstakes

Even if you’ve never considered signing up for a giveaway, it might be worth your while to give it a try. If you look on the Advance Auto Parts shopping page (, you’ll see a box that highlights the current sweepstakes contest. Click on the box and then follow the directions. Be sure to follow the complete rules of the contest in order to qualify.

Score an immediate online shopping discount

Like many other eRetailers, Advance Auto wants to reward you for shopping online. When you go to the url, you’ll see a pop-over screen that invites you to enter your email address. In exchange for offering your email address, you’ll be rewarded with the current promotional code.

This code allows you to take a percentage of the cost off of the total amount due when you’re ready to check out and pay for your merchandize.

Save money upfront with special markdowns

Another feature you’ll notice when you arrive at the Advance Auto Parts shopping page are a couple of boxes featuring markdown promotions. Click on the boxes that features the current monetary markdowns. When you buy those products, then you’ll save the advertised amount of cash on your purchase.

Purchase special bundles for more cash savings

Advance Auto Parts offers you even more upfront cash savings when you purchase specially marked-down bundles of product. Take advantage by stocking up on your most needed products. When you purchase two or more of that product (depending on what’s being advertised), you’ll be able to claim an immediate cash savings on the advertised bundle!

Shop the clearance section

Who says that the clearance section is just for beauty and fashion? You too can score upfront cash savings when you go to the clearance section of the site. You might find something you’ve really needed on deep discount. You could also find something you might not have needed but are interested in having on hand. Why pay full price for products like these?

Claim cash value by mail

If all of this upfront cash savings isn’t enough for you, there’s still more ways for you to stretch your vehicle maintenance and repair dollars. Going back to those boxes on the shopping home page, you can check for the money back by mail boxes.

Look for the current promotion, but for example, if you purchase a specified quantity of product, then you can receive a specified dollar amount in the mail. Note that the dollar amount will actually be a branded Advance gift card.

Register for a manufacturer rebate at

Lots of retailers have a rebate program and Advance is no different. All you’ll need to do is go to their rebate form page at and select the box that allows you to begin the rebate process.

According to the retailer, they want to make the process as streamlined and easy for you as possible, so you’ll be completing most if not all of the process online. You can even click on the track my rebate box, instead of needing to call a customer service number.

Be sure to read through the FAQs to make sure that you’re in compliance. Otherwise you’ll waste your time and you won’t receive your rebate.

Join the SpeedPerks reward club

Finally, you can join the retailer’s reward club called SpeedPerks. Like many other reward clubs, you’ll earn points for all of your purchases. When you accrue enough points, then you can redeem them for products or services. Be sure to sign up right on the main shopping page while you’re looking for more info about Advance Auto rebates

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