Save Money with the AutoZone Rebates Program – AutoZone rebates are typically available every time you shop at Autzone and signing up for the the Autozon Promtions program is free. If you’re a frequent AutoZone customer, you could receive hundreds of dollars back in cashback every year. 

On the AutoZone website, you can find a wide range of products and accessories for your car. Some of their products include engine batteries, all engine fluids, engine oil, car accessories and much more. 

They offer a range of special for promotions program members, such as free next-day delivery on orders that are $35 or over. Once you’ve signed up for the Autzone promotions membership, you can start receiving rebates on your orders right away. 

This post takes you through more details about what types of promotions Auto Zone offers and how you can receive rebates on your orders. If you want to look up available rebate you can do that by using the rebate information page at

For claiming your rebate you can simply visit or alternatively

Our Guide to Getting Your Auto Zone Rebates at

On the AutoZone Promotions page, you can find a wide range of items that are rebate eligible. However, these rebates only apply to products that are purchased in the current year.

For example, if you purchase Bar’s Leaks Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning and Leak Repair, you can receive a $5 rebate. This is as long as you purchased it between January 1st and December 31st, of the current year. 

You can go to their promotions page at to see updates on new items that are eligible for rebates. 


AutoZone Rewards is another program that can help you save money when buying items through their website. All you need to do is sign up for an account and have it connected to MyZone. 

This enables you to have an easier time managing all of your cashback rewards. The AutoZone Rewards allows you to receive $20 for shopping when you’ve spent $20 or over on 5 separate orders. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are another one of the promotional products available from AutoZone which can make for a useful gift. You can grab an AutoZone gift card and put a balance of between $10 and $200 onto it. 

Discounts for gift cards are available when it comes to making bulk purchases too.


More than 80,000 products on AutoZone can be delivered the next day to your address for free. The only way to be eligible for free next-day delivery is if you place an order of at least $35. 

If you have an AutoZone store nearby, you can even order your products to be collected in-store on the same day. 

When Are AutoZone Rebates Not Eligible?

There are some exceptions to when you may not be eligible for an AutoZone rebate. One of these limitations is if you’re looking to cancel, exchange, or return an order. 

If a promotional code has been applied that isn’t already approved through TopCashback, you may not be eligible for a rebate. Furthermore, AutoZone cashback is only available through U.S. retail channels and the U.S. website. 

The amount of cashback you can receive depends on how much you’ve spent and it usually excludes shipping and taxes. Furthermore, the rates for cashback can change so be sure to check their page to keep up to date with the cashback rate that you can expect to receive. 

In addition to this, you must finish purchases completely online and the basket must be empty before you begin. 

What Do You Need To Submit An AutoZone Rebate?

Some of the things you must have to submit an AutoZone rebate include the following:

  • A valid email address to let you be notified of the status of your claim. 
  • An image of your invoice of the order that you want to receive cashback on. This must include the product number, name, transaction number, AutoZone store number, and the purchase date. 

It’s best to keep all of this information handy before submitting for cashback to ensure it goes quickly and smoothly. Customers usually spend a little over five minutes to complete the process. 

If you’re looking to receive rebates on multiple orders, you’ll need to submit applications separately for each order at 

Receiving Your Autzone Rebates

Once you’ve successfully submitted your rebate claim and have been notified of confirmation through an email, you can expect to receive a gift card within 10 weeks. You can also choose to receive an e-Gift card which will arrive at your email address within 2-3 weeks. 

The page can be used to track the status of your claim. Be sure to keep your claim reference number safe as you’ll need this to check on the status of your rebate.


Regardless of whether you’re a mechanic or someone who prefers to work on cars yourself, AutoZone rebates could save you money every year. This is especially true if you’re always purchasing products from them. 

Hopefully, the details found throughout our post have helped you to feel more confident about submitting and receiving AutoZone rebates online. 

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