Save with the Home Depot Behr Paint Rebates Program – Whether you’re doing a remodel on a fixer-upper property, whether you’re just tired of the current color in your residential home, or whether you’re getting ready to do a make-over on your small business property, you’re going to want to purchase the best paint for your money.

You don’t want to purchase paint that’s too runny, doesn’t hold color well, chips, or otherwise makes your properties look inferior. This is why you’d want to purchase a reputable paint brand from a highly-reputable paint retailers. And that’s where Home Depot’s retail locations come into play.

Save with the Home Depot Paint Rebates Program at

Knowing that you’re going to make a nice investment into cans of paint, how would you like knowing that you could save money when you participate in the Home Depot Paint Rebate program? If that grabbed your attention, then go to the official paint rebate site ( There, you’re going to see the appropriate online sign-up form so that you can get started.

Note that you’ll need to hang on to your store receipt in order to participate and fill out the form. Also note that there’s very specific qualifications you’ll need to adhere to in order to claim your reward.

Not every paint purchase will qualify for a Home Depot Rebate

HD as a corporation is different than others, in that the brand doesn’t seem to offer blanket type rebate promotions. While other brands will offer you a rebate reward if you turn in a receipt a specific product purchase, this company segments their promos, right from the start.

If you go to for the rebate, you’ll see that you’re being asked to enter in a purchase date. This is to make sure that the date that you went to one of the retail location is in line with the dates that would qualify you for a rebate.

But if you’d like to learn more information about the qualifications, then you’re advised to go to the FAQ section of You can also click the Contact Us tab up top. Once you’re there, you’ll see two buttons.

One will prompt you to initiate a phone call to the customer service team. The other will prompt you to initiate a chat session. If you look over to the right side of the screen, you’ll see the chat window. Select which option works best for you, and go from there.

With all of this said, know that the current promotion rewards Home Depot Behr paint purchases. You will have to specifically purchase the Behr brand of paint, specifically from Home Depot. If you try to purchase Behr paint from another retailer, then HomeDepot will be able to research the UPC and find that yours wasn’t a purchase from one of their stores, so please don’t try to cheat the system.

Why is the Home Depot Behr rebate not available for other brands?

The reason why companies sponsor rebates is to spur product sales. Specifically, companies (retailers in this case) make deals with their product manufacturer vendors. The vendors want their retailers to drive more sales, so the vendors facilitate this by offering a cash incentive to customers who buy their products.

Since the manufacturing vendors rarely interact with customers on a direct basis, they leave this task to the retailers who have a direct pipeline of communication with the customers.

In this instance, the HomeDepot marketing department has made a deal with their product vendor, Behr. Behr would love for HD customers to buy more of their paints, so they’ve authorized HD to help process and qualify customers to receive a cash reward to thank them for purchasing Behr paint products.

With this deal in place, you can’t purchase another brand of paint and participate in this particular type of rebate. However, you can always check the HD website to see if there are the famous 11% rebates being offered by other vendors.

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