How to Setup Minecraft Cross Play

Minecraft can be an exciting game to play in groups with friends, however, people used to feel limited by only being able to play with people online who were using the same devices like them.

Well, cross-play features have now been introduced across Minecraft allowing friends to play against friends on different devices simply by using the remoteconnect website and entering a code to connect with each other.  The only catch is that you must ensure you’re playing the same version of Minecraft. 

If your friend group has different versions of Minecraft, you’ll have to make sure that you all purchase the same edition of the game to play together.

Which Devices Support Cross-Play via the Microsoft website?

Cross-play is supported by the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and Windows PC. A Microsoft account is needed for this and if you don’t have one, you can easily find out how to create one for free by visiting this page.

After you’ve created your Microsoft account, add the friends with who you want to play with by sending an invite to them using their username and having them visit to enter the Minecraft remote connect code.

How To Join A Friends Minecrft Game via the remoteconnect website?

Once your friends with someone through Microsoft’s system, you’re able to join their game if they’re hosting an open session on their own. All you need to do is find friends on your friend’s list and go to a section that’s called Joinable Cross-Platform Friends. Once you have asked to join you will need to visit the remote connect website to enter the code to connect with your friend and join in the same game.

Sometimes, you may not be able to join someone’s session as there are too many people already inside it. Minecraft Cross-Play can only support up to 8 players at a time.

If a friend invites you to play, you’ll see a notification come up on the screen. You can then choose the decline or accept the invitation to join and start playing together.

How to Invite People to Your Minecraft Game?

Once you’ve got the hang of joining other people’s games, you may be interested to know how to invite others to your games.

Once you’re in your game session, open the menu and you’ll see a section that asks you if you want to invite friends. You can then select Invite and choose which friends from your friends list to invite.

It’s important to make sure that you check your permissions before inviting people. This is something that you can find in the settings menu. Changing these settings allows for friends to join your session and be given a couple of playing options.

You can either let them play however they want in an open world environment, or, you can make it so that they’re only able to see the world that you’ve created within that session. If people are allowed to play freely, they’ll have total control in being able to build and break blocks.

One of the fun advantages of inviting friends to be in your session is that you can allocate administrative perks. These perks can be given to players to provide them with more control than others.

You can set friends with administrative features by selecting the yellow icon that appears by the side of their name.

How to Play Minecraft In Realms?

Playing in realms is another fun option that involves servers that run 24/7. They don’t need to have a host to be played. You can simply join a realm and invite your friends to enable you all to play in the same session.

A great benefit to playing in realms is that you’re able to come back right where you left off from your Friends tab. The realms you’ve played in will be available in the section named Joinable Realms. If the realm remains online, then you’ll be able to easily join it and start playing.

There’s a maximum of up to 11 people that can play at the same time in realms. Therefore, sometimes you may not be able to join a realm because it’s already full.


Cross playing in Minecraft has allowed friends to play in the same lobbies as each other, regardless of the console that they’re using. Using the website to connect with a friends on Minecraft is hassle-free and quick.

The only real limitation to cross-play with others is that you all must be playing the same edition of the game. Aside from that, it’s easy to invite friends to your sessions or to join and have fun in groups across a wide range of devices.

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