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SmartShopper is an easy-to-use electronic device that helps you make your grocery list. Adding an item to your list is easy. Simply press record and speak the name of the item or items you wish to add. Press Print, and SmartShopper prints your list categorized by grocery departments such as “frozen foods” or “produce”. It’s that easy!

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Smart Shopper Grocery Organizer on the Rachael Ray Show
Easy Grocery Shopping

Rachael Ray – A viewer shares her secret for keeping track of her grocery list and making grocery shopping a cinch!

Gourmet Retailer2007 International Home & Housewares Best of Show

The International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago featured more than 2,100 exhibitors from 34 countries and more than 18,000 buyers from over 100 countries around the world. SmartShopper was named one of the best products at the show.

Montel Williams uses SmartShopper™Grocery Shop Like the Stars with SmartShopper

A revolutionary new kitchen device is now available and here’s the best part – it’s designed for everyone! So what is this new device? It’s called SmartShopper, and it’s guaranteed to change your grocery list-making and shopping experience forever. Celebrities like Montel Williams (pictured)…

SmartShopper is proud to announce our partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation for 2008.

SmartShopper is the perfect gift idea for mom.


The holidays are approaching at warp speed. Take a look at one of the hottest high tech toys this season! (0:38)

Donny Deutsch talks with the inventors of SmartShopper on The Big Idea. (4:29)

“This is the best “gadget” I have ever bought. I love it!! It really does make shopping easier and faster. The help site is great, and it was easy to order more paper. Which I had to do because I use it so much.” -Gwen
“I love my Smartshopper very much. It’s extremely fun and easy to use, saves valuable time, and looks great.” -Bethany
“Wow! I will never be without it – how easy – my favorite kitchen item – saves me so much time.” -Karen
“Take my microwave oven but don’t take my SmartShopper.”
“The SmartShopper saved me 15 minutes in the store because of the categorized list.”
“Our family uses the SmartShopper more than any other appliance in our kitchen.”
“My Smartshopper has paid for itself by ending the “return to the store for what I forgot” shopping trips! I LOVE IT!” -Vicki