Smart by Design

Smart by Design
The SmartShopper is an automated grocery list organizer. Using Nuance’s state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, the user simply presses a button on the unit and speaks the name of a grocery item they will need on their next visit to the store.

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SmartShopper™ Electronic Grocery List Organizer
Printable Grocery List Paper
Prints the list for you
The unit has a LCD and an embedded thermal printer that actually prints the list right out of the unit. The list will be printed according to the categories in the grocery store,i.e. all of the produce items will be listed together, frozen foods together, etc.

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Grocery List Software Library
Large library of items
The unit comes with nearly 2,500 grocery items already entered and the user can add their own favorite items or brands.

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Keeps track of errands
Another unique feature is the ‘errand list’. Before leaving for the store, the user can say the names of errands they may also need to run, such as bank, car wash, post office, dry cleaners and many others. The errands will be the first category to print on the list followed by their grocery list.

See Grocery List Maker In Action