Register for SpeedWay Rewards: SpeedyRewards Card Review

Going to get your tank filled with gas has become more experiential than it used to be in the old days. Nowadays, you can grab freshly baked treats, coffee, soft drinks, snacks, and in some cases, fullĀ  meals.

You’ve probably spent plenty of money on these purchases, so why not be rewarded for money you’re already spending? Read on to learn how you can claim your rewards.

Speedy Rewards Program Review: Start Earning Speedway Points Today!

You go to Speedy to fill up the tank. While you’re in the store, there’s a good chance that you’ve taken a stroll down the snack aisle. Perhaps there’s a rack of fresh pastries that you’ve just got to get inside of your belly, especially first thing in the morning with freshly brewed coffee. Or maybe you’ve needed to pick up some oil or antifreeze for your car.

No matter what you’re buying inside of Speedy’s, you’re spending money, so why not get rewarded for the purchases you’re already making? You can claim reward points when you sign up at The sign up form is easy, and after you register, you’ll be led to information that explains all of the ways you can get rewarded for being a Speedy customer.

Here are a few examples below:

Earn points with your Speedy Rewards Card

First, you’ll receive points assigned for the purchases you make at Speedy. From your gas purchases to your candy, snack, and beverage purchases (and more), you’re going to get rewarded with points that you can use towards future purchases. Think if the free membership as a cash back reward program.

Again, you’re already spending your money, so why not get some of that money back towards your future purchases? While you won’t actually receive cash back if you sign up on, you will receive points that translates into a cash value.


Shop through the Speedway Mall at

More and more, eCommerce is the way to go. Most people love being able to shop for the exact brand or item they want without driving across town. They love being able to shop from their home computers or their mobile devices. They don’t have to deal with crowds, and what’s more, eCommerce retailers often pass on discounts and savings that aren’t available at brick and mortar retail locations.

Did you know that after you start collecting points with your speedway rewards membership, you can use the points to shop at the online speedy rewards mall? You just go to the online mall’s url, and there you’ll see a collection of brands and retailers who participate in the program. Happy shopping!

Speedway merch is waiting for you

Are you a fan of the Speedway brand? Is Speedy your go-to store for your morning gas, coffee, and pastry purchases? If so, then maybe you’d also appreciate showing your love for the store by purchasing branded merchandise.

You can use your speedway points towards the purchase of branded merch. Caps, shirts, and other related merch can be yours, just for your membership participation.

Gift cards are always appreciated

Did you know that you can also purchase Speedway gift cards? You can select the cash denomination of your choice and use the cards to gift to anyone you wish. And here’s an idea — did you know that you can purchase a gift card for yourself, and keep them on hand for those times that you’re a little low on cash?

Finally, gift cards make great cash-management tools. Use these when you want to keep yourself on a budget. You can also use these for any teenagers in the house who are starting to drive, or maybe they simply like buying snacks and beverages at the store.

Special exclusions

While there’s a ton of ways for you to enjoy converting your points into cash value, you should note that the program does have exclusion on what you can and can’t purchase.

According to the site, you can’t use your points to purchase the following:

Tobacco products
Lottery tickets
Money orders
In-store restaurant purchases
Pre-paid debit/cash cards
Milk (Pennsylvania residents only)

More Info:

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