www.BankofAmerica.com/CashPay Card Review

The CashPay Card from Bank of America is one of the most popular prepaid debit cards from this major bfank and is great for those who use their credit cards at the grocery store or other retail stores. These prepaid cards can be used to pay for almost all purchases at participating retail stores.



The BOA CashPay card works just like a debit card. If you want to use your card at stores, you can add money to it by have your paychecks automatically deposited into your cashpay account. This will let you make purchases without using a check or need a bank account. This card comes without any fees which makes it better than most prepaid debit cards that cost a few dollars each.

Features & Benefits

There are some great benefits to having a Bank of America CashPay card. One of these benefits is that it allows you to purchase items online quickly and easily. Some of these items include groceries, clothing, and purchases from department stores.

The card will also allow you to make purchases in person at restaurants, grocery stores or any other retailers that accept Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

One thing that you will notice right away when you get your Bank of America CashPay card is that you will have the security of not needing to carry large amount of cash around, especially important with rising crime rates in the U.S these days.

If you need to make a purchase or if you are running low on cash, you can simply swipe your card and the amount will be deducted from your debit account. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer this type of card.

Account Access

You get 24/7 access to your account portal with this card so you can monitor your account balance, check any and all transactions processed and even track your spending habits if you’re trying to follow a new budget or meet your savings goals whether it be to buy a new house, car or a large purchase you’ve been saving for.


The only downside we have found with this card is that it does not offer rewards points like most credit cards. Of course very few debit cards offer rewards points so this isn’t a surprise to us and shouldn’t surprise you either.

Conclusions to the BankofAmerica.com/CashPay Card

When you get this card you will enjoy the following which in our opinion makes this card a great choice!

  1. You will have access to your funds 24/7 with any retailer that accepts Visa or Mastercard or if you need cash for a purchase you can visit an ATM
  2. You will have the security of not needing carry cash around but also have the option to do a withdrawal at any eligible ATMs (ATM Locator Here)
  3. You can have your checks direct deposited to your account automatically by 9:00 am on payday

All in all this debit card works great for people who like to shop online or don’t like to use cash when visiting retailers. If you need to make a large purchase, this card can be an excellent choice for you.

For more information visit https://prepaid.bankofamerica.com/cashpay/

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