Bank of America EDD Card Review: Activate & Login – The EDD Card offers the convenience of cash and the security of a debit card. EDD cardholders simply create an account, activate the card, and add funds with one business day– it is really that easy. 

With so many perks and a few downsides, it is no surprise that folks take advantage of BOA EDD cards.

Are you one of numerous Americans who has government benefits for disability, paid family leave or unemployment protection, but uncertain how those benefits will get to you?  You need your cash now, and sitting tight for a check via the post office takes a long time when you need to go buy essentials for yourself and your family! If this is you Bank of America has an answer for you. Review


Follow these simple instructions and enjoy the versatility and easy access that a BankOfAmerica EDD card offers.

Bank of America EDD Card Activation instructions

To activate your card you must first go to You can also dial the number on the back of the card to set it up over the phone. As a rule of thumb, internet card activation is quicker.

Once you get to the site, click on ‘Activate My Card’ at the top of the page. Enter your card number and hit continue. Then follow the activation steps on the site. 

The process to activate the EDD card should not take more than 10 minutes.


Creating an Account for Your EDD card

You must create an account with Bank of America if you don’t already have one. The Bank of America account will allow you to see all transactions from your Bank of America EDD card. If you already have an account with Bank of America, log in now. If not:

  1. Create a username 
  2. Create a unique password. The strongest passwords have uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. 
  3. Click “Sign In” to go into your account.

Write down your account information in case you need to reference it in the future. 

Benefits of the EDDCard 

The card is a Visa Debit card, which means you can use it anywhere VISA is accepted. 

Because VISA debit cards are an accepted form of payment by most major vendors, this card provides access to thousands of different options.

There are no fees to use a company-owned ATM and limited fees overall. Check out for a comprehensive list of fees. 

Money settles fast, much more quickly than a check by mail. 

On average, money settles within one business day which is highly convenient in a fast-paced world.

You can use the EDD card with the Bank of America app. The Bank of America app is free to download in the App Store or using Google Play. 

The user interface is user-friendly, which means it is easy to navigate. The Bank of America app is a place to track all transactions, and they are listed in order of date. You can also use the Bank of America app to report any fraudulent activity with your EDD card.


About Bank of America

Established in Charlotte with branches all throughout the United States and overseas BOA is a global banking and financial administrations company. They are perhaps the biggest bank in the United States as well as the world.

Contact Information

To activate your card by means of telephone or for other client assistance, you may contact the them by calling:

1-866-692-9374 (voice)

423-262-1650 (if calling from outside of the United States)


A EDD Card gives users power and flexibility. Power is in the form of purchases wherever Visa is an accepted form of payment. EDD cardholders enjoy the convenience and flexibility of an EDD card with one-day money settling times. Use the internet address to register for an account and then activate your card. You can use retirement funds, unemployment funds, and more with this easy-to-use card.

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