Take The Kohls Feedback Survey: KohlsFeedback Review

Lots of retailers claim that they want their customers’ feedback. They offer a variety of methods that allow consumers to offer the feedback and on www.kohlsfeedback.com, you’ll have a variety of options that will allow you to offer feedback regarding four different segments of your shopping experience.

Check out how you can let this retailer know exactly how you feel about your shopping experience, via four different Kohls survey segmented experiences.

This survey offers a valuable 10% off coupon on your next shopping visit just for offering up your opinion on your shopping experience!

Offer your KohlsFeedback in 4 different ways

Kohls Listens - Share Your Feedback with Kohl's today!
When you go to the Kohl’s survey site you’ll immediately notice that there’s four different methods available for you to offer the retailer feedback about your shopping


1. www.Kohls.com

As of the end of 2019, there were almost 2 billion retail shoppers who decided to enjoy the convenience of shopping from home through their computers of their telephones. Perhaps you were one of them, and if you were one of the shoppers who shopped on the Kohls eCommerce site, then the retailer is anxious to learn how your shopping went.

All you have to do is click under the first box that’s labeled “give Kohls.com feedback”. The process is very simple and quick. You’ll click on the boxed prompt, answer a few simple question, type in any additional feedback, and that’s it! Kohls uses your feedback to improve all aspects of your shopping experience.

2. Kohl’s Store Survey

Although many of the physical retail stores have shut down, there are still physical locations that are open for business. Perhaps you’re one of the millions of shoppers that have shopped at one of the retail locations, or you plan to.

If you’ve recently visited a retail location, then Kohl’s asks for you to render your feedback about your in-store experience. You can easily go to the feedback site, and select the second option that prompts you to offer feedback about your in-store experience. Similarly to the rest of the prompts, you’ll click on the appropriate boxed prompt, enter in the appropriate info, and that’s it. Also similar to the other prompts, the feedback process is quick and easy.

3. Kohl’s Product Feedback

Not only does the retailer want to know how you feel about your shopping on their sites and their retail stores, but they’d also love it if you could offer feedback about the products that the retailer sells. Just go to the feedback url and select the third option that says Kohl’s product. This is where you’ll render feedback on any of the products that you’ve purchased.

Were you satisfied with your purchases? Were all of the products in good condition? How do you feel about the store’s product value vs. the price you paid for it? Are there products that you wish that the retailer would add to their inventory of stock? If so, then you’ll want to enter your thoughts and opinions in the third survey box entry.

Note that in this section, you won’t be asked any questions — you’ll simply be asked to type in your requests and opinions. And don’t worry about holding back. The only personal information you’ll be asked for is your email address, and providing your email address is optional.

4. Store survey

Perhaps you’re one of those shoppers that holds on to your receipts. If you still have your most recent Kohl’s receipt, then you can go to the www.kohlsfeedback.com and enter in your information under the fourth boxed prompt.

Once you enter the boxed prompt, you’ll be asked to enter the code at the bottom of your receipt. The retailer wants to know what the receipt code is because this allows them to gain access to data such as who your cashier was, how much money you spent on your purchases, and what type of products you love to purchase.

Don’t worry about the information being used for invasive purposes! The data allows the retailer to understand things such as how much revenue they’re generating on a given day, what type of products to keep in stock, what type of products that customers aren’t purchasing, and what type of customer service their cashiers are offering to customers.

Does offering Kohl’s feedback really make a difference?

Now that you know how to participate in the Kohls survey, you might be asking yourself, does it really make a difference whether or not I participate in the Kohl’s feedback/survey process? What difference does my voice make in the way that such a large retailer makes their business decisions?

The short answer is this: It makes a lot of difference when consumers let retailers know exactly where they stand. For starters, the days when a retailer could assume profitability just by opening up a brick and mortar location are over. There’s too many options for consumers like you to choose from to get your shopping done, and smart retailers realize this.

In today’s retail industry, it’s all about consumer experience.  Not only are retailers interested in learning ways that they can gain an competitive edge against their competition, but they’re also interested in learning how they can continue to earn your business. They want to earn your business so that you’ll keep shopping with them as often as possible. They want to be one of your go-to retailers.

Surveys are a form of consumer advocacy

In addition to learning how your shopping went, retailers increasingly want to be held accountable. When consumers like you render feedback about your shopping experience, then retailers can take steps to make minor and major corrections in their operational processes.

Not only does this make the inventory and shopping better for consumers like you, but this also prevents embarrassing legal issues, and public relations disasters. So although you might not be aware that your input maters, you’re actually doing your part in keeping your favorite retailers in line.

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