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Safeway.com/Survey – Is Safeway your grocery store of choice? If so, then they’d love to know exactly what you think about them by giving your feedback by taking the Safeway Survey at www.safeway.com/survey.

Learn how you can take the Safeway Survey to let their corporate office know what you like or don’t like about being a Safeway shopper.

Share Your Shopping Experience www.Safeway.com/Survey

If you’re a fan of Safeway, and if the grocery retailer is your go-to grocery store, then let them know at www.Safeway.com/Survey. Specifically, you can let the executives and the management team know how you feel about your current and your previous shopping experiences while taking the survey.

The process is extremely easy! Just hold on to your shopping receipt, and then visit safeway.com/survey. There, you’ll find an illustration of the same receipt you picked up after shopping. Just follow the directions and the arrows, and fill in the information that’s being asked for.

After you follow the initial instructions, you’ll be prompted to click on the next buttons, and then you’ll be asked a series of questions. Don’t be shy about sharing your honest opinions! When customers like you are able to share what it’s like for you being a customer via the Safeway survey, then the headquarters is able to gauge how they’re doing.

They’re also able to implement policies that make your life easier, and your shopping experience more enjoyable. Consider some of the following ways that you share your customer experience at www.safeway.com/survey.

Safeway Grocery Delivery to Your Car

Imagine that you have to ride around performing a ton of errands. Or imagine yourself coming home from work, especially if you have a car full of kids. Or maybe you’d like to just rush home to catch your favorite show or movie on t.v.

Can you really imagine yourself wanting to get out of your car to shop for groceries? Do you really want to be bothered with lugging the kids around the aisles of the store after a long, hard day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your groceries already bagged and ready for you to pick up?

You can enjoy the convenience of staying inside of your car while having your bagged groceries brought out to your car when you order delivery to your car. All you’ll need to do is go to the Safeway homepage and select the car delivery service. By the way, when you complete the Safeway customer feedback survey atwww.safeway.com/survey, you’ll be asked about your car side delivery service results.

Good old-fashioned, in-store shopping

Maybe you’re the type of person who feels like selecting your own groceries off of the shelves. Maybe you don’t like for others to handle your groceries — lots of people feel the same as you!

Besides, when you go inside the store to shop, then you’ll be able to pick up in-store coupons, the in-store ads, and you’ll be able to visually scope out any local manager specials that might only be available at the location you’re shopping at.

Safeway Grocery Delivery to Your Door

Let’s suppose that you just can’t get in your car to drive to the store, for any reason. Or perhaps you simply don’t own a vehicle. That’s okay — you can still enjoy the same Safeway shopping when you order grocery delivery to your door.

At-home grocery delivery is already being used by other grocery chains and retailers, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. Think of how much easier this will make your life. And be sure to let the corporate office know how much (or little) you like the delivery to your door service when you fill out the Safeway survey.

Just for U Safeway Rewards Program

Did you know that Safeway has a shopper rewards program called Just For U? It’s a rewards program that allows you to earn points based on the money that you’re already spending at the store.

Not only will you be awarded with points, but you’ll also be awarded with coupons, and members-only deals. Just go to the Safeway website to learn more, along with instructions on signing up.

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  1. My Saafeway at Power & McKellips in Mesa AZ is the greatest. They have put up with us crazy customers, which is much appreciated especially by me—yes there are some that do not appreciate all the time and effort the employees/managers–they just do not think right–in my opinion.
    A BIG KUDOS to all at my Safeway people+++++++++++


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