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Imagine yourself enjoying an easy-breezy sunny day along the Florida Gulf Coast. The water is a dreamy shade of blue, the gentle winds are dry, and the atmosphere is down-to-earth and fun.

Unlike many other beach resort areas, you don’t have to worry about what to wear, what car you’re driving, or any of the other status symbols that you might worry about at a beach area like, say, South Beach in Florida, or at one of the SoCal beaches.

When you’re enjoying one of the Gulf Coast beaches, it’s nothing but laid back good times and great food. Just come as you are — the vibe is super approachable and welcoming. That’s the vibe that inspired the founders of Tropical Smoothie Cafe when they opened their doors as a corporate entity back in 1997. Although the company is now headquarted in Atlanta, Georgia, the culture of the company (which now brags of over 850 locations) is still based in its approachable Gulf Coast Florida beginnings.

Help Tropical Smoothie Cafe maintain its goals at with the TSCListens.com Survey

A common problem that happens when a regional company starts becoming a national entity is that it loses the feel of its original culture. As entities start to realize its national and sometimes global ambitions, things become lost in translation or forgotten about. Customer service begins to slip in favor of sales goals.

Quality suffers in favor of sales receipt quantity. Workers stop experiencing the workplace culture that they remembered being promised. The culture that they signed up for begins to feel cold and indifferent, causing these employees to stop performing with heart and integrity. They stop caring about the cleanliness of the stores, the quality of the food and drinks being served.

Soon, their workplace experience is one of simply punching a clock and bidding their time, at the expense of eager paying customers like you. This is the last thing that the company wants to happen, so they’ve created a way to nip these outcomes in the bud. They’ve created a customer survey at www.tsclistens.com. As the url implies, tsclistens is a campaign that’s designed to let company executives know what’s going on in the minds of their customers.

Offer your feedback at www.TSCListens.com and in return you can get a $2 off coupon for your next visit!

They understand that they can’t keep asking you for your money if you’re unhappy with your purchase experience. But at the same time, if you’re pleased every time you visit one of their retail stores, then they’d be thrilled to know this, too. The company’s executives want to know that they’re still on the right track. They invite you to let them know what’s going on when you participate in the tsclistens customer satisfaction survey.

TSC wants you to be health and happy!

Obviously, a place with smoothie in the name is going to provide an offering of smoothies. But there are places that make their smoothies with manufactured, artificially-flavored purees. And then, there’s Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Theirs are smoothies that are hand-crafted with fresh fruits, vegetables, and health supplements, upon request. To this offering, there’s sandwich wraps for both vegan and meat-eater tastes. The focus is helping customers to stay healthy and fit while also enjoying a light and refreshing food and beverage experience.

But none of this matters if customers find that a retail store isn’t as clean as it should be. And what if the fruit and the vegetables aren’t tasty? What if a recipe that the executives thought was a good idea doesn’t land well with your taste buds? And what if you felt that the food you purchased wasn’t worth the money you spent on it?

None of these are outcomes that the TSC team wants to hear, but they realize that they need your feedback if they hope to keep earning your business. This is why they’ve set up the tsc listens program. It’s very simple for you to participate in. Just keep your receipt, go to the url for tsclistens.com, and follow the instructions. There’s even an example for you to follow so that you won’t make any mistakes or feel lost.

If you’re a fan of the TSC experience, or if you’ve recently experienced disappointment, then don’t keep it to yourself! Take the quick and simple survey to let your voice be heard.

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