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Intuit, the same people who offer online software that allows you to file your annual taxes, now offer you a debit card to help you to manage your financial life!

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The sign up process is easy! Once you receive the card in the mail, go to, quickly activate the card, and that’s it. But before you sign up for a card, you might have some of the same basic questions that everyone else does, including the difference between this product and other cards.

The TurboPrepaidCard is not a credit card

The first thing that you’ll need to understand is that Turbo prepaid card isn’t the same thing as a credit card. On the face, they’ll look the same. You’ll see the same Visa logo that you’d see on a credit card, but there’s a huge difference between the two products.

A credit card is a financial product that allows you to purchase products on credit. You’ll be assigned a line of credit based upon your consumer credit score. In short, you’ll be able to make purchases without the need to use any upfront money. The opposite is true of a prepaid card.

When you use turbodebitcard to make purchases, the amount of money that you’ll be able to spend is based upon the amount of money that you already have available in your account (usually a checking account). While you won’t have to worry about your consumer credit score being judged, you also won’t be able to make purchases on credit.

Why do people need debit cards?

There’s a handful of reasons why. You might not want your credit report to be judged. If you’re having financial problems, or if you’ve experienced financial problems in the past, then your credit likely took a negative hit. Depending upon your score is, you might not qualify for a credit.

Also, did you know that when you apply for credit, your score can also experience a bit of a negative impact?  If you’re in the process of raising your core, especially if you’re trying to make a large purchase like a house or a car, then it’s in your best interest to leave your credit score untouched. Applying for a debit card allows you to accomplish this goal.

But what if your credit score isn’t a problem? There’s plenty of people who either don’t want to add another line of credit to their consumer accounts, or they hate using credit, preferring to use the cash they have on hand. In the past, people who hate credit had no choice but to use a paper check. Nowadays, if you hate using credit, then you can sign up for a product like the Turbo Debit Card.

Employer direct deposits, up to two days earlier

Let’s face it: There are times when waiting for payday just won’t do. You have bills and expenses that need cash infusions, like, yesterday! The Turbo prepaid Visa is great for your needs, because it allows for employer direct deposits to hit your account up to two days earlier than you’d normally receive your money.

Social security and other government benefits, faster and safer

Do you receive monthly benefits such as Social Security, Veteran’s retirement or disability compensation, or any other type of ongoing compensation? Did you know that most entities require that you have some sort of account to receive direct deposits? This avoids checks getting lost or stolen.

If you don’t have a checking account, or if you want to receive your funds in an account with a prepaid card attached, then you can sign up at so that you can receive your funds faster, and safely.

Skip needless fees

When you start using this card, you’ll find that there’s no minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, or penalty fees. There are certain fees associated with the use of the card, and you can learn more under the Terms and Conditions/Fee Plan page of www.turbodebitcard.con.

Additional Information/FAQs

When you sign up for a Turbo Visa debit card, just go to the FAQs section to learn more important information. Here, you’ll find info such as Turbo prepaid card login instructions, and your Turbo card daily limit.

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