Smart Shopper USA was born out of the desire to help people save more of their hard earned money. We do this through reviewing products so that you can be sure to only spend your money on quality stuff.

We also provide information about the many rebate and reward programs available to consumers along with providing details of freebies available from retailers in the U.S. We even dabble in writing about special coupons that stand out to us as particularly good deals.

It’s all about making your dollar go further!

Usually to exercise these money saving deals retailers ask for a little bit of your time in filling out mail-in rebate forms, offering your opinion or taking a survey to provide feedback on your experience with said retailers.

We provide the details to these offers and explain in detail how to quickly and easily to advantage of these programs in order to save money while taking the least amount of time possible.

Our goal is to keep it basic while helping you quickly find new ways to save money!

We are experts in saving money and have spent decades finding the best deals, exercising them and writing about them.

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