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Are you a true-blue fan of Miller Lite Beer? Whether you’ve boogied-down while drinking this beer at the disco back in the 1970s, whether you’re from the “Great taste/less filling!” generation, or whether you’re a Millennial fan, you can qualify to get rebates on your purchases of their beer.

This beer rebate is pretty simple to claim, but it’s important for you to follow all of the directions. You should also carefully read the FAQs section so that you can learn what the specifics are for claims, especially if you hope to claim multiple rewards.

The first steps you will need to take to save money on your beer purchase is to go to the Miller Rebates website at MillerLiteRebates.com to get the process started. Read on to learn more.

Go to www.MillerLiteRebates.com to Claim Your Beer Rebate Today


If you’re ready to claim your rebate, then first, all you’ll have to do is fill out the submission form on the Millerliterebates site as seen above that you’ve been directed to. You’ll be asked to type in your Miller Lite rebate offer code.

Next, if necessary, you’ll need to upload documents or photos. You’ll be promoted to upload photos or scanned copies of this information on the submission site.

Be sure to take a quick glance over the information that you’ve provided. You don’t want to miss out on receiving your reward, just because of a simple mistake.

Finally, you’re going to click on the ‘submit’ button. You’ll be led to an online confirmation page. Then sit back and wait for your reward to come to you, either via your PayPal address, or via the US Postal Service (Your regular mail).

Random Issues That Might Arise

There might be random issues that might arise while you’re trying to claim your reward. For example, you might be trying to claim more than one reward. Is this allowed, and what’s the process for doing so?

First, if you’ve purchased more than one product to claim for a rebate, then you’ll need to consult with the Terms and Conditions section of the site. There are specific products that are designated as qualifying products that would trigger a reward. Also, you’ll have to verify if there’s any limits assigned to the products that you’d like to submit for the reward claim.

In short, you might be able to submit more than one product to claim multiple rewards, but if after you’ve consulted the Terms and Condition section, and you’ve learned that there’s a singular product limit for the reward, then you’ll need to initiate a brand new submission. You’ll take this step for every new product that you’d like to submit for a reward claim.

Let’s talk about your proof of purchases and the required documentation. What if you’ve lost your receipt for the required purchase, or what if you just don’t have any of the documents you’d need to claim a submission? According to the site, your submission will become invalid, and you won’t be able to make a claim.

Having said this, if you do have all of the required documentation, the follow the prompts on the site to upload either scanned copies, or photos of your required information. Note that the site will only allow you to upload up to four files for review.

Keep your tracking number

After you make your online submission at the Miller Beer reward center, you’ll be assigned a tracking number. It’s crucial that you hold on to this number — don’t lose it, delete it, or disregard it. This is the number that’s going to allow you to do a couple of things:

1. You’ll be able to track the status of your reward and its delivery, online.

2. If you need to speak to a human for any reason regarding your reward submission, then you’ll be asked for the tracking number. The customer service reps can’t help you without this number.

You’ll receive this highly-important number via email. Be sure to check your spam folder to make sure that your tracking email doesn’t become lost here. While in most cases, the email should land in your inbox, you might find that even after checking your spam folder, you haven’t received the email with the number. What should you do then?

If this happens to you, then go to the site in the right top corner. You’ll see the contact us tab. Click it, and you’ll see the instructions to connect with customer service. Let them know that you’ve never received your email with the number, and they’ll help you with the rest.

Rebate FAQs

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