How to Submit Your HeavenHill Rebate Offer


Heavenhill Rebate Program┬á– Would you like to get some of the money back that you’re already spending on your liquor purchases? Of course you would, and if your favorite beverage is one of the ones that Heaven Hill offers, then you can go to to submit an offer and start the rebate process. Go ahead and get to saving some money!

How to Claim Your Rebate at

What are HeavenHill Rebates?

You’ve probably seen the commercials or you’ve read the fine print that talks about a rebate, but maybe you’re not quite sure about what they are, or what they entail. Here’s a simple explanation.

Rebates are small payments, rewards if you will, that allows consumers like you to get some of your money back on the purchases you’ve made. Think of a rebate as a thank-you gift from a manufacturer or a retailers.


They want to thank you because they’re usually trying to encourage the sales of a product. In order to convince you to buy a product, they’ll create an incentive that will hopefully allow you to make the purchase of the product they’re trying to aggressively sell.

How do Heaven Hill rebates differ from coupons?

Everyone’s familiar with what a coupon is. You can either clip them out of the newspaper, a marketing circular, or you can use a code online. These are also designed to save you money and incentivize a buying decision. But the difference between a coupon and a rebate is the period of time when you realize cash savings.

Coupons (or codes) are designed to be submitted at the time of your purchase, and you’ll realize cash savings immediately. Conversely, a rebate works by making consumers like you pay the full retail price upfront. Then, when you submit the required information (usually a receipt plus the UPC code of the product), then you’ll receive your rebate (savings) later on.

Is it really worth your time to submit a mail-in a rebate claim?


The answer to this question really depends upon your financial goals, and what is known as an opportunity cost. An opportunity cost is what your time and effort collectively will cost you. Simply put, do you want to go through the effort of sending in the required information in order to get a small portion of your money sent back to you?

Many consumers feel that the effort is worth is, especially when they’ve made a big-ticket purchase. There are consumers who are strategic about maximizing every penny they spend. For consumers like these, a $3.00 rebate is as valuable as a $30 or a $300 rebate.

It’s not about the cash sent back, it’s the fact that cash is being sent back. A $3.00 rebate could allow someone to add funds to their petty cash accounts. A $3.00 rebate could use useful for a treat at the mall, or a fast-food restaurant. Many believe that if there’s even a small opportunity for them to get some of their hard-earned money sent back to them, they’ll take it.

Maybe you feel the same.

What do you get out of it?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll receive cash back as a thank-you reward for making a specific purchase. Keep in mind that while many rebaters will send you a money order or a rebate check, many are moving towards sending pre-paid gift cards.


And then there are rebaters who are offering payments via online payment processors. So it’s important for you to read the terms and conditions of the rebate process so that you can understand how to receive your reward back, and when.

Go to to submit an offer.

What do the manufacturers of HeavenHill get out of it?

Manufacturers get something out of the rebate process, too. For starters, they’re able to drive the sales of specified products by incentivizing sales. They believe that if they can entice consumers to make specified purchases, then they’ll sell more product.

Also, manufacturers like to find out demographic information that allows them to engage in targeted and niche marketing more effectively. When consumers fill out rebate forms, they’re often asked a bit of demographic information. But don’t worry! This doesn’t happen all of the time, and you’re usually not required to answer any questions that you’re not comfortable with.

Who knew there were alcohol rebates available from

Lots of people have no idea that alcohol manufacturers, and distributors offer rebates for beer and liquor. But distributors like Heaven Hill do this because they want to help their manufacturing partners to drive sales. Take a look at the products that are being offered. If you see a beverage you like, then you could be rewarded a Heaven Hill rebate


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  1. I still have not received my $5.00 rebate and I sent in all of the appropriate paperwork. When I called in I was told that they would be mailing it out and I still have not received it?


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