How to Claim Your Coors Light Rebate?


CoorsLightRebates – Coors Light is one of the most popular and mass-produced beers on the market. People love drinking this brand of beer when they’re in the mood for a brew that’s light and refreshing. This is also a great brew for those who are concerned about their caloric intake.

Whether you’re all in with the beverage for it’s taste, or whether you’re watching your calories, you’ll be pleased to know that the parent brewing company, Molson, is offering you a beer rebate when you make a purchase of Coors Light. Read below to learn how you can save on your recent Coors purchase with the program.


Save on Your Beer Purchases with the Coors Light Rebate Program


The process for claiming your reward is very straightforward and simple — just like the beverage itself. If you’d like to participate and receive Coors Light rewards, then go to the rebate website at to start the process. Note that you’ll do everything online, so there’s no forms to print out.


The next step required for is for you to enter in your date of birth. Of course, the company wants to verify that it’s only doing business with consumers who are currently over the age of 21, the legal drinking age in the U.S.

Although it’s true that the parent company, Molson, is based in Canada (and Canada’s drinking age is 18), if you are a U.S. based consumer, then you’ll be expected to follow U.S. rules. Don’t try to game the system if you’re under 21 either, since your rebate check will come through the U.S. postal service to a U.S. based address. You get the point. Don’t risk getting yourself or your company in trouble, please!

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After you’ve entered your date of birth and you’ve been granted full access to the online rebate form, start the process by entering in your Coors Light offer code. Be sure that you hold on to the code before you file your claim, during the time you’re waiting for your reward, and a little after you’ve gained confirmation that your claim is coming to you.

By the way, you’ll receive your reimbursement in the mail, paid by cashier’s check.

You’ll also want to hold on to your receipt after you make the purchase, because the Coors rebate form requires you to enter your purchase date. This is needed so that the company can confirm that you made your purchase during the window of time of their current promotion.

This lets them know what promotion your purchase qualifies for, if any. This also lets them know how much they should reimburse you, if you qualify for such reimbursement for your purchase.

Most Common Issues with

Although the claim process is as easy as following directions and filling out online form information, there are common issues and questions that come up. This is why there’s a FAQ section. But if you’d like to get a quick peek at what you might find in this section, here’s a brief rundown.

Can you file for a Coors Rebate on more than one product?


You’ll need to consult the terms and conditions section to learn what promos are currently running. You’ll probably also need to check to see if one or multiple receipts are required.

What if you do not have the rebate code or your receipt?

Don’t waste your time filling out a form if you don’t have the required information beforehand. Your submission will be marked as invalid.

How long will it take for you to get your Coors Rebate?

According to the site, you can expect to receive your check within 6-8 weeks. Of course, you might receive something sooner, but in case you don’t, then go to the site to find the customer service contact information.

Why should you keep your CoorsLightRebates tracking number?

The tracking number is assigned to your claim once you’ve filled out the online form. This will help the customer service team find your submission, as well as follow up on any issues that might arise with your submission. This could also help in case you have any issues with cashing your check.

Visit to the status of your rebate.

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