Verizon Rebate Center Savings Guide

Advertisements – So you’ve recently purchased new hardware from Verizon Wireless, and a portion of their items offer amazing discounts via filing for a rebate. In these current economic conditions individuals need to save as much cash as possible so it’s an ideal opportunity to experience substantial savings!

Prior to going to the Digital Rebate Center website at you should begin by reviewing our guide below which can help make your rebate submission smoothly and save you the problem of committing an error while submitting your rebate claim to Verizon.


Saving with a Verizon Rebate at


Verizon Rebate Documentation

  • When you go to the rebate website at, you need to fill out the require documentation as explained below.
  • Find the promo code on your proof of purchase, date of purchase and order number. This data ought to be situated at the lower part of the receipt.
  • Check the product packaging for the UPC , and also the ESN.


Submitting Your Verizon Rebate Forms

  • When on the Verizon Digital Rebate Center website you need to find the particular rebate form for which you qualify. You can do this by entering the promo code on your receipt or given to you by Verizon and date of purchase.
  • On the next page you just enter the UPC and ESN code found on your product packaging.
  • Once you’ve navigated through the various steps and entered all requested information just hit submit and Verizon will take care of everything else for you! We suggest that you print your submission form for rebate tracking incase of any issues with processing.

*Note: Some rebates may require to you to print everything off and mail it in after submitting so take special note if the website gives you further directions after submission.

For more info visit this guide about claiming your Verizon Wireless Rebate.



Check Your Rebate Status at

You’ve presented your rebate and claim. Now it’s a cat-and-mouse game. Return to the rebate site you visited already to check the status of your rebate as seen in the image below.

verizon rebate status

Be Sure to Check Your Rebate Status Often


It is important to double check the status of your rebate to be sure that you have submitted everything correctly and your rebate is moving through the claims process. 

If you claim is denied it may be that you file the claim after the deadline or didn’t submit the proper information for verification of your purchase

You can contact the Verizon Rebate Center customer support if you have questions about your claim simply by visiting


VZW Rebate Processing

All offers may be processed at different speeds and the rebate may come in a different form. Some rebates come in the form of a Mastercard gift card that you can spend anywhere and still others are a Verizon gift card only to be spent with Verizon.

Due check how your rebate is suppose to come as offers are always changing.


How Long Will It Take for My Rebate to Come? 

Most claims through the Verizon Rebate Center are processed and rebates are sent out within 6 – 8 weeks though sometimes they can take quite a bit longer. If you’re concerned about your rebate just visit the Rebate Tracker discussed above to check your Rebate Status..

You can of course contact Verizon if your rebate has been delayed for a significant amount of time.


About Verizon Wireless

Verizon is one of the largest mobile phone service providers in the U.S and North America with an immense portion of the overall market share.  The company prides itself on a very large and very fast 4G LTE network.


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