Best Fun & Educational Chalkboard Easels for Kids

Finding the right chalkboard easel for your child can help them to develop creativity and allows them learn while having fun. However, coming across one that’s best for them can be challenging since there are many great options available.

We hope you’ll be able to feel at ease after reading our guide. You can find a short list of the best chalkboard easels for children. Our reviews are purposefully shorter than many others since we’ve only included only the very best options with the highest ratings from well known and trusted brands.

Height Adjustments

If you were interested in finding one that your child can use for a number of years in the future, you may want to focus on the ones that let you adjust the height.

These are standing easels, which means that the taller your child becomes over the years, the more uncomfortable it could be for them to carry on using it when it’s at one height.

We’ve included some fantastic options in our review that allow you to make adjustments to the height.

Creativity & Educational Value

One of the main benefits that kids experience while playing with these easel sets is that it stimulates their creative thinking capacity. They’re able to let loose and be as imaginative as they like with the kinds of drawings they come up with.

The magnetic side available with these sets is where the educational side can really come in. There are magnetic letters and numbers that can be a fun way to introduce math and English to your child.

The Step 2 Double Sided Magnetic Alphabet Easel comes with a double sided design that lets to kids use it at the same time. There’s a magnetic board on one side and a chalkboard on the other.

This set can be easily folded into a much more compact size. This makes it a lot easier for you to pack it up and put it into storage when it’s not being used.

2. NextX Double Sided Easel

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Two children can have fun drawing on either side of the NextX Double Sided Easel simultaneously. One side features a magnetic board and the other has a chalkboard.

The height of this can be adjusted between 32.3″ and 42.5″. Therefore, it can be a good option for letting your child continue to use it comfortably as they grow taller.

3. US Art Supply Easel for Kids

Kids are able to have the opportunity to put their painting skills to the test when using the paper available with this Double Sided Chalkboard & Painting Easel. There are 6 paint cups included that you can fill up with different colors.

A whiteboard and chalkboard has also been included. The whiteboard is magnetic and can be found underneath the paper. It can be used with magnetic letters and numbers or with a dry erase marker. Children can have fun using the chalkboard to draw and write on using chalk.The chalk board is on the opposite site of the easel.

4. Melissa & Doug Table Easel

This Melissa & Doug Easel is designed to let children use it on a table top instead of standing on it’s own like the other ones in this guide, making it quite unique. It’s double saded with both a chalk board and whiteboard available to let your child’s imaginative side take over.

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With storage cups, chalk, an eraser, chalk holder and variety of magnetic letters and numbers included, kids can have plenty of fun with this Wooden Art Easel. The numbers and letters can be used on the magnetic side of the boar to help children learn.

Your kids will be able to continue using it to be creative as they become taller. You can also fold it up to make storing it more convenient.

Wrapping Up Our Gift List of Some Great Art Easels for Kids

This completes our review of the top chalkboard easels for little kids. These are very educational and we strongly encourage you to get one for your child. We hope that our guide has helped inspire you to some great ideas and has saved you time!