12 Super Cool Toys & Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Boys

When parents are looking for gift ideas for their 10 year old boy, they’ll usually come across gift list that have a way too many options, often leaving them more confused than before they even started searching for ideas.

However, in our reviews we have narrowed it down to include only the best of the best, meaning you’re able to have the reassurance in knowing that the options presented are among the most popular toys for young boys who have everything. With our list being shorter it means that you’re able to have a much easier time focusing your search and save time in finding the top toys.

At age 10, boys are interested in a range of different things, usually similar to their interests when they are younger. Regardless, you’ll be able to find something or feel inspired after reading our review.

The review includes both educational and entertaining toys. You can also find options that have provide an excellent mixture of educational benefits and fun. Some of the presents in our list include laser tag sets, robot toys, Lego building sets, cameras, and more.

Whether you’re looking for birthday or Christmas gifts, you’ll be able to find something awesome from this list as it contains many gift ideas for a 10 year old boy who has everything!

Prior to reading through our review of toys for tween boys of this age, you may want to stick around for this section. We’ve put together information surrounding how we went about choosing these toys for our review.

You can learn more about what to buy a ten yr old boy for his birthday and Christmas, as well as the entertainment and educational aspects involved with these toys.

In this review, you’ll be able to find presents that have a more educational aspect to them. These kinds of gifts can be very powerful at encouraging your child to want to learn.

At age 10 some boys may find the traditional ways of learning, such as sitting and reading a book, to be boring. If you’re finding this is the case, you’ll be interested in presents that can educate them while ensuring that they’re also able to have fun in the process.

Discovering this balance with gifts can be difficult. However, you’ll be able to find an option in this review that inspires boys to want to learn and have fun. It’s a game that includes challenges with varying difficult levels.

We found that children at this age also respond well to educational games that involve others. It makes for a more exciting group learning experience.

Educational gifts for young boys can be good choices, however, you may want ones that are focused on fun and entertainment. This is because these types of presents can provide your child with a break from learning. Instead, they’re able to simply have fun and not have to think too much. You can find some good entertaining options throughout the review below. Ideally, you’d want to enable your child to have the choice to play with a range of both entertaining and educational toys.

Some of the entertaining gifts that are in this review include tricycles, robot toys, archery sets, drones, and more. So, just because they’re entertaining, it doesn’t necessarily mean that children can’t learn anything from them.

For example, the archery set teaches boys how to shoot a bow and arrow and the tricycle is great for getting kids to play outdoors more.

There’s also only so long that you can expect a young boy to be able to concentrate for. After a certain period of time, they’re going to find whatever they’re learning about to be stale. This is where the entertaining options can come in and give them a break to refresh their minds.

When you’re looking for gifts for 10th birthdays, there are many choices you could go with. If you’re having a party with your child’s friends and family, a present that they can all play together could be good. For example, the Capture the Flag Game could be fun. A building kit, such as Lego, is also a pretty reliable present that 10 yr old boys would have fun with.

At Christmas time, it’s likely that you’re family is spending the holidays together. If so, it may be a good choice to find a present that boys can use along with the rest of the family. Something like a Talking Robot Toy that’s in the review could make for a good Christmas present.

Your boy can learn how to use it and show relatives how it works. In addition to this, some type of board or card game where the whole family can play together could make for great Christmas gifts.

In the review below, you’ll be able to discover what makes them the top rated options that every boy wants for Christmas and birthdays. This can be helpful in making sure that you’re only picking from the best of the best.

You’ll be feeling a lot more inspired about the type of gift for that special boy that you’re going to get after checking out the list below.

The 720p HD camera on this Altair Drone lets boys take awesome pictures and videos from high up in the sky. It connects to their phone while it lets them see the view on the ground from their phone.

With an altitude hold, headless mode, and single button landing/takeoff, this is a great drone for beginners. These features are good for keeping the drone in one place and making it come back on its own when it goes out of range.

Boys age 10 have been keeping themselves engrossed with this Educational Robot Arm due to the exciting spinning movements that are available. The arm is able to spin up to 300-degrees which makes it versatile.

If you’ve been wondering what to buy a boy who has has an interest in the mechanics of toys and how things work, this could be a good choice. Children can use the remote to control the arm to pick things up and let them go which can be very entertaining.

This Foam Bow & Arrow Set is a good present that encourages young boys to play outdoors more. It features 6 arrows that have been made with foam tips. Therefore, it’s safe for younger children to play with.

It also feels lightweight which makes it easier for kids to hold. They can even shoot the foam arrows up to 100 feet. This makes it superb for being used in the backyard.

Boys who are into soccer will have fun using this Hover Soccer Set to play outdoors. It has 2 goals that can be easily portable and setup outdoors. It’s a fun way for 10 year old boys who like sports to play with their friends.

The hover soccer ball floats which allow kids to play a big game of air hockey by using their feet! It also has LED lights that make it more exciting for children.

The flexibility of the joints with this Talking Robot Toy with Remote allows it to move around in fun ways. Boys are loving how they can use their hand to control the robot to perform different functions.

It’s able to dance and sing which children can have a lot of fun with. Your child can even learn about programming by being able to program commands to the robot toy.

Boys who love swimming will have a lot of fun being able to record their underwater adventures using this Waterproof HD Digital Camera. It has a 1080p HD camera that allows for some very high quality videos and pictures.

The completely waterproof case is strong and easy to use. It also makes the camera more versatile as kids can use it for skateboarding and biking, in addition to swimming.

This Play22 Laser Tag Set is awesome for letting boys who are turning 10 play together with up to 4 different teams. The teams are separated by the different colors of the laser blasters that include blue, red, green, and white.

Boys like how the set has vibrations when they shoot the laser blaster or when they get tagged. The range is around 130 feet, which makes it good for being used in larger outdoor spaces.

Pro Tip: This is a perfect gift to give your boy if he is having a 10th birthday party since him and his friend can all play a big game of Laser tag at his party!

This is an exciting and unique twist on the Game of Capture the Flag that can be played in large groups of up to 20 people. It’s a popular choice among parents who want a present that their kids can play with outside.

There are 25 pieces that light up and make the game fun to play in the dark. The 12 different game modes also means kids won’t be getting tired of playing by the same rules.

The throttle available with this Razor Electric Tricycle lets boys travel at speeds that can go up to 9 mph. It’s one of the top age appropriate toys as it lets them experience a lot of speed playing outdoors, without being too fast and dangerous.

Kids can perform various stunts, such as 360-degree turns and drifts. This is possible because of the tires that have been fitted.

They’re able to use it for 30 minutes continuously before it needs to be recharged. So, you’re able to save on the cost of batteries.

Boys (or Girls) who have an interest in Lego Ninjago, or both will keep themselves busy by building and playing with this Lego Ninjago Dragon Set. They’re able to be engaged in the building process for a while due to the 500+ pieces that are included.

They can then play with the dragon toy along with the 4 mini figures that are available. Lego sets are among great toys for 10 yr olds as they’re able to have fun building and playing with them for a long time afterwards.

If you’ve been searching for a present with a more educational side to it, the Gravity Maze Logic Board Game may be just what you’ve been looking for. It has 60 challenges that vary in difficulty.

This is good for boys who want to play a game that challenges them cognitively. It’s also a fun board game for ten year boys to start playing straight away with friends and family for some quality bonding time.

This adjustable height basketball hoop is great for 10 year old boys who love sports but are also growing fast. This is because it’s height can be adjusted as your boy grows up meaning he can enjoy it for years to come as opposed to having to buy one that is regulation height that he is actually too small for at the age of 10.

This basketball goal also has very high ratings and it is easy to assemble, making it hassle free for busy parents!

So that’s our opinion list on some awesome gifts for 10 year old boys who have everything. We hope that it not only saves you time but also inspires further thought and makes this gift giving season the best yet!