12 Rad Toys & Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

You can find something for an 11 year old boy in this review that he will love playing with. There are popular options, such as Lego Sets and Nerf Guns, as well as some unique choices including mini basketball arcade hoops, Dirt Bikes, robot toys, and more.

Our list is shorter than many other reviews you may have come across and this is by design. We have chosen to include only the best of the best in all of our gift guides with the hope that limiting your choices will make it easier since you’re only choosing from the most popular gifts that are available.

Before you go ahead and jump into our review of presents for 11 yr old boys, you may want to read through this section first. We’ve included details about the steps we took to evaluate which kids stuff should be deemed as being the best.

To learn more about the educational and entertainment value of the presents, as well as how to find the best options for boys on Christmas and their birthdays, read through the sections below.

The educational and developmental values of presents is a major factor that goes into consideration with many parents’ final decision. If you’re intrigued by how gifts can be educational, you’ll be pleased to discover that there are educational toys in this review.

Children are able to learn about a range of different things depending on the type of present that you choose.

The educational gifts in this review include ones that have to do with the basics of programming and learning to think strategically. Since they come in the form of gifts, you can be sure that your boy is more likely to want to learn from them.

If you find that their developmental progress has started to slow down, it may be because they need to be exposed to different ways of learning.

The educational features of a gift can be an important element to consider, however, so is the entertainment value. At this age it gets tricky since your boy in approaching the teen age where he may be starting to grow out of some types of toys.

Toys that have the purpose of being more about entertainment than education can make for tremendously exciting gifts. There are some excellent entertaining toys in this review.

They enable young boys to have a break from learning all the time. There’s only so much information that a child can digest before getting overwhelmed and even bored.

Therefore, we recommend that you find your child toys that are educational and entertaining. When they’ve had enough of learning, they’re able to simply have fun with the entertaining presents.

Providing them with this break from learning can be an effective way to encourage them to continue learning over a longer duration of time. These entertaining gifts can also allow children to flex their creativity muscles.

When playing with the learning toys, they’re not given a lot of opportunity to use their imagination. With the gifts that focus more on keeping them entertained, they’re able to use their creative thinking abilities more often.

If you’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to get an eleven yr old boy for their birthday, you’ll be able to find some fantastic options in this review.

As far as birthdays go, something like a laser tag set could be great. It lets your boy play in larger groups together to have fun.

You can also count on toys such as drones or Lego sets. Boys will get pretty excited opening up the gift and discovering it’s a drone they can take outside to fly immediately or Lego set they can start building right away! If they’re more sporty, some kind of ball or sports game could make for a spectacular birthday present too.

At Christmas, you may be spending a lot of time with your extended family. This could be a good opportunity for you to find a present that your child can open up and use with family members on Christmas day.

Something like a board game could be a superb idea. Boys can learn the rules of the game and get it all set up to start playing. Parents like how these kinds of presents can encourage their child to spend more quality time with the family.

Boys at this age may have an interest in a range of different things. You can find them something that they’ll appreciate from this review, whether it be for educational or entertainment purposes, or a combination of both!

Since this is a much tighter review, you’ll be able to leave with a clearer picture in your mind about the type of present you’re going to give to that special boy.

If you were after a more strategic type of present for your child, this Squashed 3D Strategy Game is a good option. Up to 4 people can play it at the same time. This group play can be more exciting for younger boys and help them develop their social skills.

Children can keep themselves engrossed in playing this game together for hours. It’s a good way to improve their problem solving and strategic thinking.

For boys who like to play outdoors, the EzyRoller Low Rider Twist Scooter is a fun ride on toy. It has been made with a 3 wheeler design which keeps it smooth and stable for 11 yr olds to ride.

The seat and handles that are included allow kids to feel comfortable while riding around outdoors. You can easily adjust the foot bar which means the scooter can be used for years as your child grows up and becomes taller.

For a laser tag experience at home, this Ultimate Laser Tag Set gives boys of this age everything they could want from a game of laser tag. A maximum of 4 separate teams can play against each other which makes for some entertaining games outdoors.

There are vibrations available on the blasters which make the experience more immersive. It’s a fantastic present for a boy’s birthday.

The light and sound effects available with this Nerf Zombie Strike Gun make it more exciting for pre teen boys to play with. They can load the blaster with up to 18 foam darts to have plenty of ammo to shoot with.

Boys can feel like they’re fighting off a zombie invasion for hours at a time when playing with this Nerf gun.

JoyJam’s RC Stunt Car can travel at speeds that reach 12 km/h. This is a lot of speed for children to have fun with while also being in control. The remote has a great design that feels easy to use.

Kids can play outdoors with the toy and make it perform amazing stunts. This includes 360-degree flips. Your boy can also use it on sand, grass, and concrete. So, it’s a pretty versatile toy that they can use on different terrain without any issues.

11 year old boys can have fun constructing this Lego Ship in a Bottle and keeping themselves engaged in the activity for a while. This is because there are nearly 1,000 pieces available.

It’s a challenging set that encourages boys to concentrate. Once the set has been complete, your child can feel proud by putting it on display. This is due to the stand that has been included.

This 11th Bday T-Shirt reads a slogan that boys who like video games will love. It has also been designed in various colors including blue, green, red, black and purple that make it more exciting to wear. It has been made with 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester which makes it more comfortable to wear.

It also feels lightweight for your boy to wear. Parents are appreciating how it’s easy to clean in the washing machine on the low heat setting.

This Arcade Basketball Game is a perfect gift for 11 year old boys who like sports. It features 16 different games that lets boys play and compete with each other for hours.

The steel materials are strong and resistant to rust to make sure kids can continue playing for years. There are also audio settings available that make the set feel more like a real mini arcade game.

Looking for a fun present that puts a twist on a traditional game while? This Unique Slingball Game could be a wonderful choice for a tween boy. It comes with a catching net, throwing hook, balls, and racquets.

Preteen boys can hold onto the ergonomic handles and launch the ball at someone who has to try and catch it in the net. This can be a fun way to encourage your boy to play actively outdoors and it another great gift for an 11 year old who likes sports!

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Growing boys are able to learn a lot by playing with this Cozmo Educational Robot Toy. It has different modes that range from beginner to expert. These modes are related to helping children learn how to code.

It’s very easy to connect to devices by downloading the Cozmo app. Parents can also keep the toy charged by using the easy USB charging port.

Kids who have a more adventurous side would have a lot of fun riding this Razor Dirt Bike around. It has an electric motor which lets boys ride it for 40 minutes before it requires charging.

They can travel on the electric bike at speeds of up to 15 mph. This is lots of speed for boys to have fun with. the dual suspension and large tires are good for keeping kids stable for a smooth ride.

It’s manufacturer recommended for boys age 13 and up but we think it is a good gift than someone aged 11 can grow into so long as there is close parental supervision.

If your 11 year old boy likes sports and baseball more specifically, this Baseball Board Game is a good gift idea. It lets pre teen boys have fun playing with something related to sports when they’re all tuckered out from playing outside for hours or when they can’t get outside during the cold. It is also great for group play with friends and family to strengthen bonds.

The game involves a mixture of chance and strategy. This keeps things entertaining and kids can learn the rules easily to start playing without any delay.

So those are some of the top gifts for your boy at this age. We hope you enjoyed our condensed list and it helped inspire you without overwhelming you. We included on the absolutely highest rated options that boys who are 11 will love.