11 Super Fun Toys & Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Boys

By the time that little boy reaches the age of 4 he is normally in preschool where he is learning to socialize and beginning to refine the skills he will need to begin his formal schooling. By 4 years old most boys have developed some interests of their own and are anxious to explore some of the activities that others around them enjoy.

In order to help you we have spent some time putting together a great list of premium highly rated gifts and toys for both Christmas and a 4th birthday!

Our criteria for choosing the toys and gifts for children of this age is based on two main concerns as explained below.

We base the educational value of each gift on the toys or objects ability to aid the child in developing physically, mentally and emotionally. In other words the ability to help prepare the child for the future and supply them with knowledge that they build on.

We base the entertainment value of a toy based on its ability to gain and hold the child’s attention both for the present as well as the future along with the toy’s durability. We look for toys that can grow with your son giving him the opportunity to enjoy the toys he loves for two or three years.

This dinosaur race track combines two of the favorite toys of most young boys, race cars and dinosaurs! This dinosaur race track comes with 273 pieces in total. 240 pieces of track , 8 dinosaurs, 2 cars, signs, a bridge, a door, slope, bumpy road, bolder and tree.

Each of the cars for this set takes a single AA battery. This track will combine with Magic Tracks and a number of other different similar toys making it ideal for small children to mix sets for even more imaginative play.

This track will help your child improve their fine motor skills and engage in imaginative play.


Flexible track allows for all different configurations

The track holds together well


Some users find that the cars don’t last very long before they quit running

If that 4 yr old boy in your life likes boats and animals, this Noah’s Ark playset will make a great Christmas or birthday gift. The ark itself will float in water and it also has wheels so it can be used on land as well. It comes with a couple of people as well as several pairs of animals as well as baskets and foods.

This is the perfect toy to encourage imaginative play and keep a child occupied for hours.


Good quality and can accommodate more animals

Several different animals you don’t see in other sets


Smaller pieces can lost easily

Stomp rockets are a fun toy that kids of all ages love and these Stomp Rocket stunt planes make an excellent birthday gift for any kid that loves the outdoor and planes. Best of all this set comes with different planes: a Looper (flies in loops when launched), a glider (glides through the air) and the Wild Cat which performs a number of different tricks in the air.

These stomp rocket planes are propelled by the child themselves as they run and jump on the launcher. The harder they jump the higher the planes will fly. This is a great toy improving gross motor skills and building stamina.


Can be played with by one child or several taking turns

No batteries needed


Some users didn’t feel the planes did enough tricks

Encourage your child’s creativity by gifting them this 131 piece Kid’s K’nex building kit for Christmas, their birthday or even Easter. The kit comes with picture directions for making such animals as a dog, butterfly, spider, and bird, and other animals or your child can use their own imagination to make whatever they please on their own.

This is a great toy for improving fine motor skills and encouraging your child’s creativity.


Large set great for cooperative play

Really encourages imaginative building


Some people got a set with pieces missing

This cool looking John Deere tractor will make a great fourth birthday gift for any little boy with a summer bday. The tractor comes with a trailer for carrying things around and operates on a 12 volt battery. The tractor has 2 speeds and is capable of traveling at 2 ¼ or 4 ½ mph (parental lockout on the higher speed). This ride on toy will run on grass, dirt, gravel or pavement and has an adjustable seat and flip up armrests. It also has a FM radio for your little one to listen to music as they drive around.


Tractor steer wells

Trailer is fun for hauling all sorts of things from toys to leaves and sticks


Some users have problems with the battery dying sooner than they think it should

If you are looking for a fun way to bring out a child’s artistic tendencies then this rock painting kit will make a perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas for any boy who loves art and has a creative side. The kit comes with 10 smooth stones, bright colored paint, transfer sheets and google eyes. It is a great way to allow young boys to artistically express themselves.


Bright colored paint makes painting more fun

Child can use transfer sheets or create images on their own


Some users got dried up paint

Not only does this rope tree swing allow your child to sit or stand when swinging, it also has small foot holds so your child can climb the rope. Best of all part of the money you pay for this rope swing goes to feed hungry children.

This rope swing/climber comes with a tree strap and makes a great gift for any young boy on your shopping list.


Easy to install



Actual swing part is really small

If you are looking for a fun winter toy to give your child as a gift this Christmas, then this plastic snow sled will fit the bill. The sled is designed to slide easily on snow and ice and comes with a robe handle to tow the sled back up the hill.

This sled will help children improve their gross muscle skills as well as help them build socialization and communication skills when playing with others.


Makes for a fun sledding experience



Some users feel this sled cracks too easily

This talking microscope will make it possible for your child to develop an interest in science. The talking microscope does require 3AAA batteries (not included) and has 60 beautiful colorful images and your child learns interesting facts about animals such as animals as honey bees and tadpoles. It’s great fun and introduces young children to the animal kingdom using a microscope.


Lots of fun facts to learn about everyday things

Slides store right into the microscope


Not enough slides available

There are some children who simply have all the toys that they could want or need at a given point in time. If the 4 year old on your shopping list has plenty of toys and you are looking to get them something different you may like one of these suggestions.

No products found.

With most 4 year olds beginning or being in preschool this Spiderman backpack and lunch kit make for a great alternative birthday or Christmas gift for any young boy that is not a toy. This backpack comes with a little lunch box that is a good size for carrying snacks.


Just the right size for young kids

Well made


Some problems with the zipper breaking

A child size table and chairs is the perfect Christmas gift for 4 year olds. It is the ideal place to play with his building toys, practice writing and drawing and even enjoy a snack. Best of all this set is large enough and built well enough to last your little boy for the next two or three years.


Natural finish looks good with any décor

Large enough for 2 children to use at the same time


Lighter weight than some people expected

  • Consider choosing toys or games that encourages your child to take turns or share since this is important when starting school.
  • Try and include at least some toys that will allow that young man to burn off excess energy.
  • Try and choose toys that allows your son or grandson to take in part in activities they really enjoy and have shown an interest in.


We hope our selection of Christmas and birthday gift ideas for the 4 years old boy in your life will help you to choose that perfect gift your little one loves.