Best Quadcopter Drones for Older Kids, Teens & Adults

Drones can make for a fun gift when it comes to older kids, teens and adults. There are a lot of options available, meaning it can be difficult to make a choice and feel comfortable that you’ve decided on the right drone.

In this review you will be able to discover more about what the best drones for adults and teenagers are. It’s shorter than other guides since our reviews focus on helping you avoid information overload and have an easier time narrowing down your search to an awesome drone that you think is best for your teen whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas or some other special occasion!

One of the main aspects that you’ll want to keep in mind when looking for drones is your teenagers experience level with them. If they’re a complete beginner, you’ll want to make sure that you pick a drone that comes with certain features that make it easier for them to fly.

The products listed in our review have some superb functions that beginners will appreciate. Some of the main ones to lookout for include headless mode, one key landing/takeoff, and altitude hold.

Not all quadcopter drones come with cameras and it can be disappointing when you find that the drone you get is lacking one. A lot of the fun that comes from flying drones is being able to records and see footage from the perspective of the device when it’s high up in the sky.

You can find some excellent drones with cameras in this review. They let older children record in full HD to review the footage afterwards. Many of these are equipped with WiFi which makes it easy to connect them to smartphones to view the footage in real time.

Teenagers can have a lot of fun flying the Altair Aerial Drone for up to 17 continuous minutes. This is a long battery life for this price range. A camera is also available that lets users record footage in HD. There’s also a range of up to 500 meters which lets them be adventurous with flying the drone.

A one key landing button is available with the DROCON Drone.We found it to be a very helpful feature that helps beginners have an easier time using the drone.

A drone also comes with an HD camera that works with live video direct to your device. This lets teens take HD video that can be seen directly on a smartphone in real-time.

This Altair Quadcopter has a HD camera with a wide angle lens that lets users record at 720p HD. Using the WiFi feature, the drone can be connected to a smartphone to let a teenager set a custom flight line for the drone.

The stable flight control and durable construction used with the drone is great for keeping is steady. This makes it resistant to being easily blown by the wind so that beginners can have a better experience learning to fly it.

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With a WiFi feature available with this SNAPTAIN drone, you’re able to have it easily connected to your smartphone. The phone can sit in in the stand available on the controller for users to observe what the camera is seeing.

This can lead to some amazing pictures and videos being taken in 720p HD. The altitude hold mode works to keep it in one place to capture even better footage.

The Potensic Beginner Quadcopter is a good option for those who are still learning how to fly a drone since it comes with a headless mode and automatic hovering feature. The headless mode automatically brings the drone back into range with the press of a button.

With the auto hover mode, you can keep the drone in place. It’s also very lightweight and compact for easy portability.

So there you have our list of the top drones for older kids and teens. These all make a great option for as drones for adults so it’s no shame if you’re on the hunt for a drone for yourself. Drones are also more typically thought of as a gift for guys but don’t let that stop you from getting a drone for a girl! We hope that guide has helped to save you time in shopping, whether the drone is for you or a gift for someone else.