12 Totally Cool Toys & Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Finding the right toys for 8 year old boys for their birthday or Christmas can make their special day more fun and memorable. Having said that, we know coming across the most exciting toys can be tough since there are so many different types available these days.

As a result, we’ve created this review that includes only the best gifts for 8 year old boys. You can get great ideas of the kinds of gifts that your boy will love playing with from our guide. This means your job of picking a gift should be quicker, more efficient and hassle-free.

We have included Lego building sets, Nerf blasters, educational toys, board games, skateboards, and more.

Our list is also shorter than most other reviews, including only the best of the best. This makes the process of narrowing the options down a lot simpler for you.

By the end of the review, you’ll be have a better understanding of the top gift ideas for 8 year old boys. Whether you’re after gifts for the holidays or an 8th birthday, you’ll be able to find something that stands out to your boy.

Before you go ahead and read through our review of great gift ideas, you may want to see how we’ve approached choosing the gifts included in this list. The strict criteria that we’ve used for our research is what has enabled us to pick the very best gifts for 8 year olds.

The educational value of a toy is one of the main factors that we take into consideration before deeming it worthy as part of our best toys list. Boys are able to absorb a lot of information so it’s a good idea to find them gifts that encourage them to learn, especially when they’re playing.

When the learning process is made to be fun, children won’t even feel like they’re being educated. They’re simply having a good time and improving their knowledge on different topics.

The STEM building kit that we’ve reviewed is a fantastic example of an educational toy set that’s also fun to play with.

While the educational aspects of a toy is important, it’s also a good idea to have presents that are more focused on the entertainment side. For instance, Nerf blasters are a toy that’s mostly for entertainment.

If you’re not interested in more educational toys, you may be wondering what are some good toys for active play? We’ve included some great outdoor toys that are highly entertaining. There’s a catapult set, skateboard, and even a baseball pitching machine! So, you’ll be able to find something with entertainment value that appeals to your boy.

There are many gifts that include a fantastic mixture of education and entertainment. Lego building kits are a good choice as they’re fun to construct and teach kids how to follow instructions and be imaginative.

When it comes to boy gifts on their 8th birthday, there are so many choices available and it’s often difficult to choose. With the lower number of options on our list, you’ll be able to pick from the best of the best.

A gift that includes something to do with your child’s birthday is an obviously choice. For example, there’s a T-shirt with an 8th birthday theme. They could open the gift and wear it on their special day. Something that has a more personable quality that relates to your boy’s big day could make them feel special.

Alternatively, you may want to choose presents that they can use with their friends if you’re throwing a party. The games include could be among the top gifts for a boy at his birthday party.

As far as seasonal gift giving around Christmas goes, a building set or robot toy could be an awesome choice. Homemade gifts are also something that boys will love!

Christmas is a good time to find fun gifts that are related to an interest that the boy has but remember outdoor toys such as the baseball pitching machine might not be a great idea unless you live in a warm climate so they don’t have to wait until spring to play with it.

Since children have more time to use the gifts on their Christmas break it’s important to find gifts that will keep them entertained while they’re at home.

The review of toys below includes board games, building sets, outdoor games, and more. This means you‘re almost certain to find the perfect gift for that special boy.

Boys can have fun playing the Mischief Makers Card Game with friends and family to get themselves away from any screens for a while. Since the rules are so easy to grasp, children are able to start playing without frustration.

The game cards that are included are made out of great materials that keeps them durable. We particularly like how easily portable this game is making it easy to take along while traveling.

Children who love building will have fun with this Lego Science Reactions Kit. It features extensive instructions that takes kids through a step by step process to building different models.

During the building process, they’re able to learn about the mechanics of how the different models work. Kids can build ramps, seesaws, dominoes, and more.

With the articulating joints, kids can control this Gesture Controlled Robot Toy to move in a range of entertaining ways. There are even wheels on the bottom of the robot toy’s feet that lets it skate around.

A programming feature is included too. This lets children program the robot to perform specific movements. They’re also able to control the robot by waving their hand in front of it and using certain gestures.

Is your child interested in baseball? If so, they’ll love playing with this Baseball Pitching Machine. It shoots balls out every 10 seconds which is great for allowing kids to practice their batting skills in the backyard.

The balls are lightweight and the bat is plastic to make sure it’s manageable for boys who are just 8 years of age. The set can be good for improving your child’s reaction times and keeping them occupied with outdoor playtime for longer.

Children are encouraged to be creative and inspired to learn when playing with this STEM Building Set. They’re able to strengthen their understanding of math, science, and engineering. There are a few booklets included that have clear instructions for kids to follow. It lets children have an independent learning experience so they’re able to feel accomplished and proud constructing the set on their own.

The range of sizes and colors available means that this 8th Birthday T-shirt could be a great gift for any child who’s turning 8 years old. With the cotton materials, children are able to wear the T-shirt all day and feel comfortable.

The T-shirt has a fun message that reads “This is What an Awesome 8 Year Old Looks Like”. This makes it one of the best gifts for boys who are 8 as it’s specifically related to their birthday.

Toy Nerf guns are a gift that you can rely on for kids who enjoy running around and playing actively and the Strongarm Blaster is no exception. This one lets children load it up with 6 darts which can be fired at a fast pace.

The darts can travel up to 90 feet, which means it’s a fun toy for tween boys to use in for endless battle tournaments with their friends. You can leave your child to play with this toy on their own because the loading and shooting features are very easy to use.

Boys could have a lot of fun learning how to play darts with this Magnetic Dart Board. The magnetic feature is good for keeping them safe before they’re old enough to move up to a real dart board. It can make for some pretty fun family game nights too! The magnets on the darts are durable and remain strong for years of use.

Plenty of boys wouldn’t be able to contain their excitement when receiving thisRazor Caster Skateboard as a birthday present. It has an anti-slip deck that makes it more stable for kids to ride on. The wheels are made out of great urethane materials to let kids ride around smoothly. This ride on toy is gift that keeps a child more active and excited to play outdoors.

Parents who are seeking a fun way to teach their child about science would be happy to discover how educational this 4M Table Top Robot Toy is. It provides children with a fun way of learning about science with a hands on experience.

Building the set is a process that challenges children to focus and use their develop their attention span and focus. The instructions are detailed and kids are able to watch how the robot spider walks around once they’ve finished building it.

This Catapult Wars Game is among the top gifts for boys aged 8. It lets them have a lot of fun building a catapult set and playing with it in the backyard with friends. There are various decals included that children can use to get creative and design their own catapults.

With mini bean bags and catapults, children are able to form separate teams and launch them at each other. It’s a great way for children to work in teams together and get outdoors.

Children can get imaginative when constructing this Technic Race Car Building Set by following the free flowing instructions. Once the set is completed, they’re is a fun pull back motor feature. It lets them pull the toy backwards and let it go for the toy to move forwards. When it crashes into an object, the engines pop out.

This is super fun and one of the best options for keeping boys entertained while playing on their own.

So there you have it, our opinion on cool toys your boy will love for his 8th birthday or for the coming holiday shopping season. We hope these ideas inspire you to make this the best gift giving season yet!