7 Super Fun Ride on Toys for Toddlers

At Toys with Love our gift list of ride ons for toddlers includes only the best of the best choices that are available. That’s why it’s shorter in comparison to other reviews.

With our guide you’re able to spend more time focusing on the top options, rather than sifting your way through tons of different average choices. Reading our review makes it as easy as possible for you to narrow down your search.

Physical Development

While researching the best ride ons for babies, we found it crucial to find ones that help them to continue developing. In particular, the toys in our review are fantastic for helping 1 to 2 year old children work on their balance and coordination.


Not only is it important for babies to work on their physical developments, it’s also vital that they’re able to role play more often while playing on ride on toys. That’s why many of the choices in this review include features such as working horns, sound effects, and music.

They can all contribute to inspiring babies to be more imaginative while playing.


Safety and age appropriateness is also another very important aspect. For young inexperience babies & toddlers it is a good idea to start with a ride on toy made for 1 to 3 year olds that isn’t electric powered. Once your child gets further experienced and is looking for more excitement it is advised that you consider a parental remote control power wheels and after they master these you can move on to faster ride on toys that they fully control!

The Best Toddler Riding Toys

This Radio Flyer Rider has a design where kids scoot around, allowing for them to work on their gross motor skills. There is also a nice compartment for under seat storage if you take your little on out for a ride and need to store anything.

2. Little Tikes Giraffe Tricycle

The giraffe design used for this Little Tikes Tricycle is very vibrant which makes it exciting for babies to play on. You’re able to adjust the seat to make it comfortable for your child.

With a back wheel that has been made with a larger design, babies are able to keep themselves balanced to play safely.

3. John Deere 3-in-1 Tractor

Your child can use this John Deere Tractor Toy to play in 3 different ways. They can play on it as a ride on, decide to push it, or have someone push them while they sit.

The seat can be flipped up to reveal an open space. Your child can use this space to store various items, such as small toys. A working horn has been included that sings a song when pressed.

4. Push Ride On Car

This Step 2 Push Ride On Car is available in a bright blue or pink color to make it good for boys and girls. There’s a handle available that parents can use to push their baby around.

The toy also has cup holders that can be handy for keeping you and your child hydrated while on walks outdoors. You can even fold the toy up into a compact size for convenient transportation and storage.

5. VTech Scoot Riding Train & Walker

Babies could learn more about the alphabet, colors, and numbers while taking this Alphabet Ride On Train for a spin. It has been designed with bright colors, numbers, and colors all over it.

Your baby can also choose to use the toy as ether a ride on or a baby walker. There’s space available under the seat to store other toys too.

6. Kiddieland Minnie Mouse Pink Car

There’s a dial included with this Minnie Mouse Ride On that babies can use to activate music. It’s a very stimulating and exciting feature that babies can have a lot of fun with. A working horn and signal lights have also been included.

They’ve designed the toy with a lot of Minnie Mouse decals. If your baby loves the character, they may love playing this toy.

7. Little Tikes Truck Toy

A tailgate has been fitted to this Little Tikes Toy Truck that has a drop down feature which babies can use to keep various toys stored. The floorboard can also be taken out to allow for more room for your growing child to play comfortably.

Your child can play with a functioning horn, gas cap, and moving steering wheel. They’re also able to get in and out by opening and closing the driver side door.

Wrapping Up Our Gift List of Safe & Fun Ride on Toys for Toddlers

Well there you have our opinions on some super fun ride on toy options for your 1 to 3 year old. Take it our leave it, it’s based on our evaluations and feedback from parents and overall ratings. We hope that it has at minimum inspired you with some awesome ideas and saved you some time your search for that perfect present for your cherished boy or girl.