12 Awesome Toys & Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

Most 3 year old boys are bundles of energy who are on the go nonstop during most of their waking hours. They need toys that will help them burn off some of that physical energy while still stimulating them mentally and physically.

We have done our research and carefully chosen premium highly rated toys and gifts for 3 year old boys that are perfect for Christmas or birthday gifts.

In order to better understand the criteria we used in evaluating premium toys we base our selections on the following:

Educational Value

We evaluate each toy based on their ability to aid or encourage your child’s physical, mental and/or emotional development.

Entertainment Value

We also rate the toy based on its fun factor or its ability to hold a child’s attention or to provide the child with more than one way to use the toy. We also look at the toy’s ability to grow with your child.

This Lascoota kick sit or stand scooter makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for any older toddler or preschooler on your shopping list. This scooter comes with a removable seat so your child can use sitting down or standing up. It also has light up lights. The seat adjusts to 2 different heights and the handlebars adjust to 4 different heights so this scooter is suitable for various aged children or will grow with your child.

This scooter will help your child develop their gross motor skills and help them improve their balance.


Kids love the light up wheels

The scooter is well made


Some users had problems with screws coming loose

2. STEM Construction Toy

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This ETI stem construction toy comes with 101 pieces in a plastic storage case with a handle so it is easy to carry. This fun construction case comes with two wrenches and allows the child to use their imagination to build vehicles, animals, and other objects. This toy makes a great Christmas present and you can add to this set allowing your child to build more and more things. It also helps you child develop fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and problem solving skills. While the child can play alone they can also build with parents, siblings and friends making for bonding time and helping the child to develop language and social skills.



Encourages creativity


The only instructions for building are online

3. Whack a Frog Game

This Whack-A Frog game is fun for preschoolers and makes a great birthday gift or Christmas present. The game is easy to play since you simply bop each frog as they light up with one of the rubber hammers. You can choose from different speeds so the game continues to be challenging for young children for at least a short period of time. The game can also be played alone or with others.

This is a good game for helping children develop their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. In addition when played with others children can learn about taking turns, good sportsmanship,and following rules.


Fun for all ages (so will grow with the child)

The hammer is safe for young kids to use


Doesn’t come with directions

4. Step Logs Set

This set of 6 Step A Logs is a fun toy for active children who need to burn off energy while having fun. Each log is about 19.75 inches long and has ridged tops to help prevent slipping. These longs are best used outside on the grass or sand or inside on carpeting. These logs are connected by ropes so your child can change the distance the logs are separated from one another.

This toy is perfect for burning off energy and helps your child improve their balance and coordination.


Easily stacks for storage



Slides on wood or tile floors

5. Magna Tiles

This 100 piece set of Magna Tiles makes a great Christmas gift for any young boy who enjoys building. The magnets in the tiles hold the tiles to one another easy for small hands, and allows your child to be more creative since they can focus on their building.

The tiles come in various shapes and jewel like colors and are perfect for helping your child improve their color recognition, sorting skills, patterns, problem solving skills and creativity. With 100 tiles this building set is large enough for your child to share, which can also help them develop their social skills.


Lasts for years

Children play with these a lot


Some of the magnets are weak

6. Plasma Car

This Paw Patrol Plasma Ride On is easy for young boys to ride and makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for any young child. All your child needs to do is to place their feet on the paw prints and begin turning the wheel and they are off and running. Since this ride on toys will hold up to 220 pounds it will grow with your child allowing them to use it for years to come.

While the car will work inside or out it works best on hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors or concrete driveways.

Pro Tip: For a more developmentally advanced boy consider a remote control Power Wheels car.


Easy to assemble

Easy for kids to use


Doesn’t work well on dirt or grass

7. Fisher Price Pirate Ship

If you are looking for a fun toy for your child’s birthday or Christmas then this Fisher Price Pirate ship should fit the bill. There are all sorts of buttons to push and knobs to turn that move the ship’s shark fins, launch the cannon ball and do so much more.

This ship has wheels so it will glide across the floor so your child can pretend that the ship is sailing the 7 seas. You child can make up their own adventures with the 2 pirates, helmets, swords, cannon ball, 4 projectiles, spy glass, treasure and hatch that opens.


Provides child with hours of imaginative fun

Sturdy will hold up well


Some of the Pirate ships come with missing parts.

8. Sprinkler & Splash Pad

If you are looking for a way to keep your child cool this summer this Sprinkler and Splash pad makes a great gift for a late spring or early summer birthday. This sprinkler splash pad is 68 inches around so it is plenty large for 2 or 3 children to play at once. The pad itself is about 2 feet deep so young children can use it as a kiddie pool.


Great for families who do not a beach or public pool close by

Since 3 or 4 children can use together this sprinkler/splash pads will help children develop social skills


Some of the pads have seams that don’t hold up well

9. Rolling Excavator Toy

ThisReeves International big dig and roll excavation machine is a fun toy for any active young boy. This toy can be used in a large toy box, at the beach or even in the backyard. The child propels himself with his feet and then uses both hands to lower the bucket, dig sand, and then turn the bucket and dump it. It holds a maximum weight of 110 pounds.

This excavation machine helps to build gross motor skills and encourages imaginative play.


Durable and will last the child for at least 2 or 3 years

Scoops up toys, mud, leaves, sands just about anything


Some parents had problems with the bucket breaking

10. Outdoor Playground Set

With more people staying closer to home these days having an outdoor playground set to keep your preschool child entertained is a great idea. This outdoor swing and activity set will make a great Christmas, birthday or summer gift. This set comes with 8 activities including basketball, soccer, a glider, swing, swinging saucer, slide trampoline and trapeze bar.

The set does come with both a basketball and soccer ball and a pump for the balls. It will hold 80 pounds per seat. This swing set will grow with your child.


Gives your child a lot of things to do

Easy to assemble


The swing set needs grounded

What Are Good Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

There are times when a 3 year old boy may have more than enough toys to keep him occupied for a long time to come. If you are looking for a gift for a child that has more than enough toys and clothes then here are some suggestions that may help.

Give that 3 yr old boy the opportunity to explore more of the world around them by taking them to a petting zoo, an aquarium, an interactive museum for kids or some activity where they will be introduced to a new experience that is both fun and will hold their attention.

Find a Zoo or Aquarium Near Me


Will increase the child’s knowledge base

May develop a new interest


It can be difficult to find age appropriate activities in some areas

2. Arrange for an Introductory Lesson in Something The Child Has Shown Interest In

If the child has shown interest in art, music, dance, or some sport why not arrange for an introductory lesson or two so that the child can see if they really want to follow that interest? Such a lesson will make a fun and exciting gift for a young boy who is turning 3.


Lets the child try new things first hand

Can help the child feel more independent


Shier children may have difficulty joining in when they only have one or two classes to do so.

Tips to Help You Find the Best 3rd Birthday or Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys 

  • Choose toys that match the child’s interest and energy level.
  • Never purchase a toy for a child just because an older sibling liked it. All children are different.
  • Look for both indoor and outdoor toys and gifts.


We hope this diverse list of premium and highly rated toys and gifts for young boys will aid you in finding the right gift for that wonderful 3 year old in your life.