Best Toys & Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

Coming across that special gift for a 10 year old girl can make her birthday or the holiday season that much more exciting. Unfortunately, with the Internet of today it’s hard to know which options are actually the ‘best’ because most websites provide a very long list of gift ideas, which undoubtedly results in information overload, complicating the gift buying experience.

At our site we have set out to correct this and save you time by providing a short list of only the highest rated gifts that we find! In doing so, we have covered a variety of options for girls this age including girly things such as Craft Sets and Jewelry to other stuff your girl might enjoy such as Legos, Science Kits and toys for outdoor play. If you’re looking for inspiration on gift ideas for 10 year olds without information overload, this is the post for you.

After reading through out article you’ll have a clearer picture about what the top Christmas and birthday presents are so that you can hopefully pick one out today and be done with your shopping, saving yourself a ton of time!

What do 10 Yr Olds Girls Like for Their Birthday?

For a girl’s 10th birthday, there are so many options that you could decide on. But to make her day even more special, a personalized gift could be a good idea.
There are lots of gifts that can be personalized to choose from, one of the most popular being jewelry.

This is because you can have engravings put onto them which adds a remarkably personable touch. Girls will feel special receiving this kind of present on their birthday.

You can also find jewelry that has been made for specific birthdays. So, a piece of jewelry that has a 10th birthday design could be a wonderful choice too.

What to Get a 10 Year Old Girl for Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas time, there are many gifts for 10 year olds available.

If you wanted to get the whole family involved to spend time with your child on Christmas Day, a game could be a fun gift idea. Of course, you could also choose to go with gifts that allow them to have fun getting creative. Arts and crafts kits make for excellent Christmas presents.

Kids are usually on break from school which means that they have more time to spend on being involved in other activities. The arts and crafts sets in this review are superb for inspiring kids to be creative and productive with their time off.

For even more gift ideas see our list below or consider reading this medium review:

The Best 10 Year Old Girl Gifts

Gifts for girls age 10 can be educational, entertaining, or a combination of both. You’ll be able to find a good mix of age appropriate toys and sets in the review below.

1. Pink Waterproof Camcorder Camera

The waterproof design of this camera enables girls to play with it freely when they’re outdoors. They’re even able to swim with it, which can lead to some awesome shots being taken. You may also appreciate how there’s a strong case included as it keeps the camera safer for being used outdoors.

Kids are able to grasp how to use this camera quickly due to the clear LCD screen which enables them to focus on having fun using it, rather than being stuck on how to navigate it!

2. Girls LEGO Friends Building Set

With a 2-tier design and hundreds of pieces, little girls are able to have fun playing with this Lego set. It also includes pet and mini doll so girls enjoy playing with the set after they’ve finished build it.

This all means that it’s not a Lego model that goes up on display and doesn’t get used again.

3. Soap Making Science Kit

Girls are able to make up to 10 different kinds of soap by using this. This is possible because of the extensive list of supplies that are included.

There are color tablets, soap bases, soap molds, and more. Since the instructions are brightly colored and come with images, kids will be able to learn the process of making soap with a step-by-step method. This is great for encouraging them to be more independent.

4. Stainless Steel 10th Birthday Bracelet

Little girls who are into jewelry would love wearing this stainless steel bangle. You can buy the option that has been made for a girl’s 10th birthday which can make it feel even more unique.
The charm that’s included reads “Love you to the moon and back” which will make any girl feel special on her big day. The polished finish on this bangle has a great shine, something your daughter is sure to love.

5. Science Experiment Educational Kit

Children who have a keen interest in science would have plenty of fun engrossing themselves in the 70+ activities that are included in this kit. A booklet is available that comes with instructions that are easy for children to follow. Being so heavily involved in completing the activities is an exciting way for kids to improve their science knowledge.

The zipper bag that’s included is reusable and large which makes it convenient for you to store all the parts away once your child has finished.

If you have a son this Science kit also is a great gift for a 10 year old boy.

6. String Art Yarn Craft Kit

This is a popular gift for girls who have a passion for arts and crafts. The string art feature allows them to come up with one of a kind creations which gets their imagination fired up. Everything that kids need to start getting creative is included with the kit. There are 3 canvases made out of foam and patterns that children can make or use for inspiration.

7. Pink Remote Control Monster Truck

When you charge this remote control toy up, kids the battery last about 30 minutes. To make things convenient for you, they’ve included 2 battery packs that are durable and easy to recharge, meaning it lasts much longer than your normal RC car.

Girls especially love it since it’s a bright pink truck. The 4-wheel drive and durability of the strong frame structure enable kids to play with the it in rough conditions outdoors.

8. Girl Stuff Book

This book comes in a paperback or Kindle form which means you can pick the option that you think would encourage your child to want to read it. At 10 years old, girls should be starting to develop an interest in books, in which case, the Big Book of Girl Stuff could make for a useful gift that is more than just a toy.

It includes a range of information that can help young girls learn how to navigate their way through being a middle schooler. The games, quotes, and facts are excellent for keeping kids engaged.

9. Electric Scooter

Girls who enjoy playing outdoors and being active would be overjoyed to receive this electric Razor scooter as a birthday present.

It has a throttle that can be pushed to move forwards. This could be a very different way for girls to have fun playing outside with their friends. They’re able to remain safe and in control by using the brake that’s operated by hand.

10. Portable Art Kit 

Girls who have an artistic side would be over the moon to discover just how many supplies are included with the Crayola art case. There are 140 supplies, including markers, pencils, crayons, and more. This means girls have everything they need in a single kit to start making their own art.

To give you a peace of mind, the supplies in the kit are free from toxins.

11. Water Bottle Craft Kit

If you’re interested in a way to encourage your child to drink more water, this water bottle kit is a great gift. It provides girls with the chance to design their own water bottle from scratch. With gemstones, glitter, markers, and other supplies, girls will love having everything they need in the kit to make their water bottle a creation all their own.

A clip has been included which makes it easier for children to carry the bottle around with them when they’re out. It’s also a BPA free bottle to ensure your child’s safety.

12. Unicorn DIY Slime Kit

There are a bunch of pieces included with this slime kit, meaning that there is lots to do and enough supplies that it will last quite awhile. We noticed that the instructions included make it easier for children to understand and use the kit on their own. The various textures that are available with the slime is very stimulating for young girls and it keeps them interested.

The ingredients used in the kit meet safety standards and they don’t damage clothes, meaning kids can get messy and not worry about ruining their clothes!

13. Singing Family Board Game

If you want a gift for your 10 year old daughter she could use with the rest of the family, this board game may be a good option. It’s a musical game where one person picks out a word and everyone else has to shout out a song that has the word in it.

There’s not a lot of strategy with this one. It has been made for quick and entertaining family game nights!

Criteria Used in Evaluating the Best Toys

Prior to reading through this review of gifts for ten year old girls, you may be wondering how we’ve gone out and found the highest rated options.
Discover more about the various factors that we took into consideration to come up with this list of the best gift ideas for ten yr old girls.

Educational Value

One of the #1 benefits to the best toys for child of this age is that many of them have an educational angle. They not only let your child having a ton fun but they also help to improve their knowledge on different topics.

At ten years old, girls are keen to learn and while enjoying the process. That’s why many of the presents we’ve listed in this review provide them with something that they can learn from. For example, a science kit is a very educational gift. It allows children to have a first hand experience with doing their own experiments and learning how to control the different variables.

Entertainment Value

On the other hand, you may be after gifts for girls that are more entertaining than educational. If so, you’ll be able to find some awesome ideas from this post.
Girls Lego sets and games are among the popular choices for parents looking for entertaining gifts for their child. These presents may be better choices if you wanted to keep your girl entertained for longer periods of time.

The educational toys can still be fun, however, there’s only so long a child can hold their concentration for before they start losing interest. Therefore, having a mix of educational and fun gifts would be a good idea.

Wrapping Up Great 10 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas

So there you have it, our thoughts on great stuff for young teen girls who are 13. We hope that these help you save time and inspire you to your best gift giving season!