12 Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

It seems like everyone is excited about giving a little girl a gift for her very first birthday as well as watching her open those Christmas presents the 1st year they are actually old enough to tear off the wrapping paper to see what they get.

However, for most of us, we also want to ensure that we give a gift that the 1 year old will actually play with and enjoy.

After some extensive research we have come up with a list of highly rated toys and gifts suitable for girls who are 1 year old. With this list we were especially careful to select only premium toys so they will last your daughter longer and can grow with her.

You may be wondering what criteria we use when selecting our gift ideas for one year old girls. We base our criteria on two things: the educational value and entertainment value of each product.

When determining the educational value of toys and gift we consider the toy’s ability to help your child develop physically, mentally and emotionally. This includes the toys ability to help the child prepare for the start of their formal education and their ability to socialize with others.

The ability of a toy to hold a child’s attention and bring them enjoyment. In addition, we also consider the toys ability to grow with the child lasting them beyond a few weeks or months.

Giving your little princess this horse and carriage as a Christmas or birthday gift will allow them to feel like a real live princess. This carriage comes with a floor board to keep your little one’s feet up off the ground while the parent either pushes the carriage by the handle at the top or by the reins. In addition when your child is old enough to be able to propel themselves using their feet the floor board can be removed so that the child drives herself.

The horse makes clopping sounds and there is storage on the back of the carriage as well as cup holders.

This carriage will aid a child in developing their imagination and gross motor skills and should last the average little girl for at least 2 or 3 years before they outgrow it.


Super cute and quite durable

Toddlers love using this carriage


Assembly not easy

This Vtech Learning table can be used with or without the legs and has 6 fun activities for your child to explore including steering wheels that can be used to drive the bear around the alphabet, light up music buttons, a play phone and more.

There are buttons for the child to push and dials to turn. The table teaches colors and your child can hear nursery rhymes. The table uses 2AA batteries.

This learning table will help your child develop their fine motor skills, learn nursery rhymes and colors


360 degree play

Colorful lights and sounds


Table is quite unstable and can easily be pulled over on a child using it to stand

This baby Stella doll is made all of cloth with embroidered eyes and a tuft of blonde hair. The doll is 15 inches tall and perfect for small toddlers to hug and hold. This soft and cuddly doll will help your child learn nurturing and allow them to self comfort when they feel upset.


Cleans up pretty easily

Grows with child


Pacifier has a magnet in it so keep it away from children who put things in their mouths

This fun ride on a puppy has easy grip handles, a comfortable saddle and a sturdy base. This bouncing puppy spins 360 degrees, and plays music. The bounce and spin puppy has a light up rattle roller, alphabet and number buttons that activates sounds and songs. It has two modes: learning and music modes.

This bounce and spin puppies helps your child develop gross motor skills, balance and coordination.


Easy for young toddlers to get on and off of the puppy

Easy to assemble


Box arrived damaged

This wooden shape sorter truck is like giving your child a Christmas present or 1st birthday gift that is 3 toys in one. This cement mixer like toy truck is a pull toy complete with the string, the turning barrel has the shapes cut out for fitting in the different shaped blocks and the driver can be removed and played with on his own or with the truck.

This truck will help in the development of the child’s fine motor skills as well as hand/eye coordination. They can also use this toy to identify colors and shapes and to begin counting.


Well made with no sharp edges

Lots of ways to play with this toy


May have small parts that will require parental supervision when the child is playing with the truck

This 4-wheel toddler balance bike is made of durable carbon steel frame and features a soft seat and 135 degree steering. This balance bike helps your child develop their balance and improve their gross motor skills as well as sense of independence.

This bike comes in multiple colors and assembles in just 3 easy steps.


Easy assembly

Child can get on and off the bike on her own


Some toddlers fall over the handlebars of this bike

This Picnic playhouse is designed to last your child for years and makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for any child who has reached their first birthday. This play house has a picnic table attached to the outside of the house with a window to hand food through.

The playhouse has a kitchenette with pretend burners, ovens, cupboards and a fireplace. It also has working doors, windows, play food, tableware, play phone and an electronic doorbell that makes 6 sounds.

The playhouse does need to be assembled and takes 3AAA batteries. This playhouse encourages imaginative play and encourages social interaction when your child plays with others.


Easy to assemble

Years of fun use for toddlers


Playhouse is smaller than some parents expected

This Simplay 3 Outdoor Crawl, Climb and Slide playground equipment makes a perfect summer time birthday gift or a Christmas gift for any 1 year old on your shopping list. This one piece playground will provide your child years of fun for the next 4 or 5 years.

There are 4 crawl holes on the bottom of this piece of playground equipment for the child to crawl through. Once under the slide and climber the child can use the steering wheel and pretend that they are driving the jeep looking at the bottom of the climber. Above the car portion is a slide with a platform and another level for the child to climb.

This playground will help your child develop gross motor skills, aid in encouraging imaginative play, and aid in social development when your child plays with others.



Easy to assemble


Some mix up in pieces during packaging

This cute and cuddly 22 inch stuffed octopus makes a great Christmas or birthday present for a 1 year old baby girl. Made out of polyester with plastic pellet eyes and a sewed on smile this octopus has a super friendly face that any toddler will love.

This octopus is soft enough for you little one to sleep with and the curly legs makes this sea creature easy for your child to carry around. This stuffed animal will help your child learn nurturing and allow them to self soothe when they are upset.


Super soft and cute

Kids love wrapping the tentacles around their hands and arms


Smaller than the size suggests

This Swan rocker is perfect for encouraging imaginative play and makes an adorable Christmas or birthday gift for your little girl’s first birthday. The back of the swan is actually a seat with the wings forming the side of the side and helping keep your child in the seat. There are sturdy handles for your child to hold onto and wooden foot pads for your little one’s feet.


Nice tall back so the child does not fall off backwards

Comes fully assembled


Some people feel that the craftsmanship is poor

Everyone wants to spoil all of the toddlers in the family so that cute little one year girl could have too many toys and the parents may ask you not to buy any more. If that is the situation you find yourself in, here are some alternate gifts ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts for a girl age 1.

Clothing is always a good gift to give a young child since they outgrow their clothes very quickly and what could make for a better 1st birthday gift than a cute outfit in which the toddler can celebrate her big day.


Cute age appropriate party dress

Fits as expected


Can be a little difficult to get on some children

If you are looking for a great Christmas or birthday gift for a 1 year old little girl that will grow with the child for at least a few years this 2-in-1 chair and table will make a perfect gift. This table/chair comes in two parts and the table can be used as a table or the arms of a chair. The table chair has a strong wooden frame covered with PU leather.

You child can use this chair with the arms while reading or watching their favorite cartoon or change the arms into a table in order to play or enjoy a snack.


Kids love changing the chair design

Lightweight yet stable


Kids may fall if climb on table

It is our fervent hope that this list of premium toys and gifts for 1 year old girls makes your gift shopping easier and more successful this coming holiday season.