12 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

In this article we have assembled a list of premium and highly rated toys and gifts for 2 year old girls in order to help you find the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your child, grandchild, niece or friend’s child.

By the time your little girl reaches the age of 2 she is walking quite well on her own and actively engages in play. Her fine and gross motor skills are beginning to develop quite well and they enjoy exploring the world around them.

You may be wondering what criteria we base our selection of toys and gifts for 2 year old toddler girls on. We base our selections on the following:

We look at the educational value of a toy for the child. This includes any toys that aid in the mental, emotional, and physical development of the child. This includes gross and fine motor skills as well as cognitive development.

We also look at the entertainment value of the toy including the toy’s ability to hold the child’s attention and grow with the child as well as the elusive “fun factor” that brings a smile and giggles to the child.

You may not be able to give your little princess a castle, but you can give her a pretty pink princess tent which she can use to sit in and look at books, play with toys, or even take a nap in. This tent is large enough for 2 or 3 children to play in comfortably as it measures 55” X 53.” The tent even comes with free fairy lights. This tent can be used indoors or outdoors.

The tent requires 3 AA batteries and comes with its own carry bag


Large size

Easy to assemble


Problems with poles staying together

This cute race track for toddlers comes with 6 ramps and a number of wooden race cars. Kids love starting their cars at the top and watching the bright colored cars racing down the ramps to the bottom. There are enough cars so your child can play with others, which will help them to improve their social skills. This track with its cars will also help your child with color identification, counting and number recognition, fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.


Cars perfect size for small hands

Easy for toddlers to use


Wheels break on cars easily

This toddler folding table with food and dishes gives young toddlers everything that they could possibly want to make pretend meals or hold a tea party. Made from non-toxic materials this set comes with a table with storage underneath the top. It comes with a set of 4 dishes as well as a teapot, 4 drink bottles and various cuttable fruits as well as a cutting board and a few other accessories. Everything a 2 year old needs to hold a tea party for friends, family or her doll family.

This table and food set will help your child build social skills and can be used for color identification and to teach table manners.


Storage space inside table keeps everything together

Enough toys for active play


The set is quite small

No products found.

Toddlers love music and sound and this step to play floor piano is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your little girl. This piano comes with 5 different play modes, 10 piano function keys, and 7 other instrument sounds including a violin, flute, guitar, sax and more. Your child can make their own music as they dance along the piano keys having a great time. There are sure to be plenty of smiles and laughter as your child stomps out their own little tunes.

This piano will help develop your child’s gross motor skills, give them healthy exercise and encourage their creativity. It will also introduce them to different instrument sounds. This piano mat does take 3AA batteries


Helps develop an appreciation for music

Great quality


Some of these pianos seem to break easily (lose sound)

What little girl wouldn’t be thrilled to get a doll for Christmas or her birthday. This cute rag doll is 15” tall and comes with the little girl’s first name (up to 9 letters) embroidered on her dress. This doll has a soft cuddly body and long yarn hair, embroidered eyes, nose and mouth.

This cute little rag doll is easy for a young toddler to cuddle and carry and will help the child self comfort themselves as well as gain nurturing skills.


Doll is made of quality materials

Perfect material for cuddling


Some parents suggest that parents check the seams before giving a young child the doll

This cute little umbrella shaded pool makes a perfect summer birthday gift for that little toddler girl. This molded pool has an umbrella that sits on the side of the pool to provide shade for your little one. The pole of the umbrella holds 3 funnel cups and a spinning water wheel. The pool is 40 inches in diameter. The pool has two little seats so the child can sit part way out of the water.


Good size for toddlers

Holds up well


Hard to empty

This scoot about ride on is a fun ride on a toy that will be a great birthday or Christmas present for any toddler girl and should grow with your child for at least a couple of years.

This toy will aid your child in developing balance and coordination as well as helping to improve their gross motor skills. This scooter is designed for children who weigh 42 pounds or less.


Easy to steer

Easy to assemble


Some said it was hard to steer

If you are looking for a fun building set to present your 2 year old daughter or granddaughter for Christmas, her birthday or Easter then this Lego Animal building block train set is the perfect building kit. The train itself features an elephant, giraffe, lion, and crocodile as well as a bird that is not part of the train.

This building block set will help the toddler improve their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. It also helps them develop problem solving skills.


Adorable set

Giraffe’s neck actually stretches


One customer found ½ of the lions head missing

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present (or birthday gift) to bring out the creativity in your little artist then this double sided easel is sure to do the trick. This easel features a chalkboard on one side and a white board on the other side. The white board side also has a large clip for attaching poster board or craft paper.

This easel also comes with magnetic letters, a math game, painting cups, 6 markers, chalk, and an eraser. The board adjusts in height from 31 inches to 48 inches.

This chalkboard and easel can help your toddler build fine motor skill and hand/eye coordination. It also will help with letter identification, beginning math skills, and number recognition.


Easy to assemble

Adjustable heights allows this easel to grow with your child for several years


Hard to erase

This Schwinn Roadster trike will make a great Christmas or birthday gift for any little girl. The trike comes in a number of bright colors and has both a bell and a tassel. The seat on this trike is adjustable making it perfect for different height children and it will also grow with your child. Most children can ride this trike for the next 3 to 5 years.


Durable steel frame

Cool looking trike


Problems with bell

Some 2 year old girls have all the toys they could possibly want or have room for, which may persuade you to other items for the child’s Christmas present or birthday gift. If you find yourself in this situation here are a couple of alternate suggestions of gifts you can give.

If your toddler attends day care or if your family travels a lot this toddler backpack with the attached (but removable) unicorn stuffed animal will make a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for the little girl in your life. The backpack is perfect for carrying a change of clothing, snacks, or toys and the stuffed animal is sure to give her comfort when she is away from family.


Great for travel

Good size for small children


There were no real complaints regarding this backpack

Since toddlers outgrow their clothes so fast, buying a cute outfit for that little girl in your life will make a great gift. This three piece lace and denim outfit is absolutely adorable and comes in a size perfect for a 2 year old. The shirt is long enough to be worn separately as a dress


Versatile outfit



Must hand wash the shirt to keep it from wrinkling up

  • When choosing 2 year old girl toys look for items that will introduce them to new skills and interests
  • When choosing to buy large or loud gifts check with the child’s parents to make sure that such toys are appropriate.
  • Children this age should have toys for both inside and outside play


These premium gifts for 2 yr old girls are sure to make a young toddlers birthday or Christmas exciting and special. Hopefully one or more of the gifts on this list will make the perfect gift for that little girl in your life.