Best 2 Seater Power Wheels Ride on Toys

Ride on toys are a right of passage toy for most kids. Getting your first electronic ride-on car, truck, or off-road model vehicle is super exciting and a 2 Seater power wheel can make it even more fun for your little one so that the can play along with friends!

These make great gifts for Spring and Summer birthdays and are a bit of an investment, but well worth it for how much playtime they get. If you have more than one child, these electric ride-on vehicles can be passed down through the years to be enjoyed over and over again.

The Best 2 Seater Power Wheels


1. Per Perego 2- Seater Red Ride On

With 2 spacious bucket seats, an off-road windshield, and a roll bar, this 2 seater kids car looks just like the real thing, which kids love. Speed can be adjusted from 2.5 to 5 miles per hour, depending on how fast your little speedster wants to go. Made by Per Perego, his electric ride-on will be a high-quality outdoor toy that is worth the investment to provide years of fun.

The Good

  • Good range of adjustable speeds will make kids of varying ages happy when riding or driving this
  • Realistic features like a roll bar and off-road style windshield make this 2-seat ride on a favorite of kids


  • After a year, a replacement battery may need to be purchased depending on how much use it gets

2. Dune Buggy Racer

This 2 seater electric ride on gives kids a lot of play-action. This dune buggy rides great on different surfaces and even on wet ground. A rechargeable battery is included when you purchase this toy, which is nice because it increases how long kids can ride and play.

The Good

  • Realistic off-road look and performance on different types of surfaces, such as grass, pavement, and dirt.
  • Sidebars allow for kids to hold on while they ride
  • Power lock brakes and 2-speed selections make for a fun and safe ride-on experience


  • Some buyers found this ride on to be difficult to assemble

3. Best Choice 12V Ride On Jeep With LED Lights

For kids three years old and up, this battery powered ride on 2-seater has a lot of fun features kids will love. Parents can control this with a remote or let their child ride on their own. An AUX outlet lets your kids enjoy music while they drive, just like mom and dad. A max speed of 2.8 miles per hour makes this ride-on perfect for the younger set.

The Good

  • Realistic styling, LED light, and AUX port for music makes this a really fun experience for kids
  • Plastic tires will never deflate so kids can drive this on a variety of surface without having to worry about getting flat tires


  • With a top speed of only 2.8 miles per hour, this is better suited for younger children (3-4) and may not go fast enough to entertain older kids

4. Police SUV 2 Seater Ride-On Form Best Choice toys

For your little police fans, this 2-seater ride on delivers fun and excitement with real working lights, siren, horn, and engine sounds. The design of this is quite realistic and even has a port to play music for your kids as they drive around. For easy transport and storage, there is a handle under the front bumper of the truck so you can easily move it.

The Good

  • Great design that is both strong and realistic in its styling
  • Interactive sounds are a huge hit with kids
  • Extra remote control safety feature so parents can have more control when kids are driving


  • Sometimes out of stock

5. John Deere Gator Ride-On Tractor

Perfect for your kids who want to get in on some yard work. Made by Peg Perego, this Tractor-style 2 seater electronic ride on car is realistic and safe, making it a win for kids and parents alike. This power wheels 2 seater features a two-speed selection and can go either 2.5 or 5 miles per hour. The tractor also comes with a reverse feature that kids will love. The icing on the cake of this is that it comes with a dump bed so kids can haul and dump.

The Good

  • Multiple setting adjustments, such as speed and direction, make this ride on toy a huge hit with kids in a wider age range
  • Good battery life means more riding time and less charging
  • The dump bed let’s kid do more than just drive


  • Assembly can take some time and there are a lot of instructions.

6. Disney 2-Seater Ride-On

This ride on is available in a few different Disney character designs and is perfect for boys and girls alike. Styled like a jeep, this will give kids the feeling of freedom as they drive around in a vehicle decked out in their favorite characters. The doors are fully functional and this it drives on both pavement and grass.

The Good

  • Realistic sounds and phrases from your kids’ favorite Disney characters add an extra layer of fun and interaction to this
  • Can go 5 miles per hour and 2.5 hours in reverse
  • Easy to assemble compared to some of the other options


  • The quality and the durability of the plastic is not the toughest on the market

7. Chevrolet Kid Motorz Camaro 2-Seater

This one packs serious style and fun, especially for those kiddos who love the look of a sports cars. Real-feel gas pedals let kids go up to 5 miles per hour and a simple release of the gas pedal will smoothly stop the car. With a fully charged battery, this battery powered ride on toy can go for up to an hour before it needs another charge.

The Good

  • Great battery life
  • Easy stopping with a simple pedal release so no need to master breaking
  • Dash buttons produce realistic sounds for little drivers


  • The battery can sometimes come loose when your child hits hard bumps

Things to Consider When Buying a 2 Seater Power Wheels

A ride on toy is a bit of an investment. But, with the right one, your kids will enjoy a huge amount of playtime and fun out of these super exciting and classic outdoor toys. Consider these points when you are selecting which one to buy.

What age are you buying for?

When you are buying these ride on toys, you will want to consider what age your child is. Some ride-ons have slower or faster speeds, are more durable, and also have a parental remote control option for more control when your kids are riding.

How fast do you want it to go?

Most of the options listed here have multiple speeds that you can select. Average speed options move between 2.5 and 5 miles per hour. Some also go in reverse. Be sure to check the speed and direction options before you buy.

Do you want it to last for multiple years and seasons?

Most of the ride on toys on this list should hold up over multiple seasons and allow your kids to play for several years. However, be sure to check that the one you choose is built well for the amount of use you would like to get out of it. With a lower price tag, you may get less use, while a higher ticket power wheel might give you more uses.

What style of power wheels do you want?

Does your kiddo like sports cars? Or are they more into off-road vehicles and jeeps? Or maybe you have a child who loves police and rescue. No matter what your kids are into, there is an electronic ride-on that is perfect for what they love.