Best Board Games for 12 Year Olds

Board games and card games can be a lot of fun for 12 year olds to play with friends and family! Personally we thing they are great and we them by a large margin over things like video games or another TV series! They can improve their social skills and even provide an educational experience. At the same time shopping for your kiddo can be time consuming, stressful and difficult.

In order to help you save time in gift shopping for your child we’ve put together a review of the top board games for 12 year olds.
Our list is a lot shorter than many other reviews to make sure that we include only the best of the best. Therefore, you’ll be able to have your searched narrowed down and make a decision quickly without experiencing information overload.

Criteria Used in Our Evaluation of the Best Board Games

Entertainment Value

Most board games have been made with the purpose of being entertaining. At the age of 12, the kinds of things that your child finds entertaining may have changed compared to just a few years ago.

In our review, we’ve included options that include the kind of humor that will have them laughing for hours with friends and family.

Educational Value

While keeping kids entertained with a board game is important, it can also give you a good opportunity to find games that have a more educational value to them as well. This could include brain teasers or games that require more thinking.

1. Trivial Pursuit  – Family Edition

This game has 1,200 questions which means that your child has plenty to play with for a while. It’s a fun game that kids can play along with friends and family.
All of the materials used to make the game are safe for kids. It can also be played with two people against each other or teams facing off.

2. Building Maze Game

With the magnetic pieces and two balls available, kids can have fun coming up with a unique maze system. The balls can be used to race throughout the maze board in different directions by tilting it.

We found it to be a very hands on game. Whoever’s the first person to make their ball reach the end wins. There are so many possibilities for different mazes with this game to keep children playing for a while.

3. Five Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule game has 150 brand new cards to make sure that the game remains fresh for kids. Players pick a card and read out an easy topic before pressing the 5 second timer.
The other person is given 5 seconds to give the name of 3 things that are within the topic. It’s a very fast paced game that kids can have fun playing with in groups of 3 or more people.

4. Kids Against Maturity Funny Card Game

Kids and adults can have fun playing this card game together in groups. The game is filled with hilarious humor and innuendos that have children laughing nonstop.
Every person has 10 answer cards and take it in turn to select a question card. One person is nominated as the person asking the question and everyone else has to use their answer cards to come up with the best response. The winner of each round is decided by the player asking the question.

5. Double Ditto

Players can select a card to read out loud while everyone else has to note down 2 answers that they think the other participants will write too.
It can be a lot of fun for children to see how close or far off they are to matching their answers. The game is simple to play and fun for kids in groups of 4–10 people.

6. National Geographic Brain Teasers

With more than 100 pages available, this is a good game for 12 year olds since they are able to keep themselves busy for hours while having a ton of fun. The pages are made with vibrant images that make it entertaining to read.

It has been filled with a ton of brain teaser games that challenge your child’s cognitive abilities. Since it’s in the form of a game, kids can have fun while learning about new things.

Wrapping Up the Best Board Games for 12 Year Olds

Well those were our top games for twelve year boys and girls. We truly hope that our condensed list has helped inspire you in your search for the best games for your kids while also saving you time and stress.

Since it was shorter it may just be a starting point in your search but it should have given you a idea about the different types your son or daughter may be interested in.