Best Board Games for 2-Year-Old Toddlers


When is comes down to it there is nothing like a board game to bring your whole family together. These board games for 2-year-olds are a great way to bring the fun and start a family game night tradition.

Some of the games we’ve listed here are recommended for slightly older toddlers, however, your 2 year old may be able to play them with a little help and should be able to enjoy them more independently as they approach their next birthday.

The 7 Best 2 Year Old Board Games

1. Acorn Soup Game From Peaceable Kingdom


This game is specifically for ages 2 and up and is the perfect learning game for a 2-year-old. Your toddler will begin to learn the basics of game play, such as rolling die, taking turns, and working together. Acorn soup asks players to make a soup from all of the food that squirrel has hidden over the Winter. This is a great game for boys, girls, and the whole family.

The Good

  • Offers a fun way for toddlers to get their first experiences with the basics of playing board games
  • Encourages participation of the whole family in a game everyone will have fun playing
  • Very hands-on which will hold your little one’s attention


  • Might not hold the attention of older kids for more than a round or two

2. Seek-ABoo Seek And Find Game


A fun and educational board game for boys and girls, Seek-A-Boo helps foster skills like vocabulary and memory in a hands-on and fun game. Younger kids love physical play and this game combines matching and memory with physical movement to create an all-around engaging game that younger kids will really enjoy playing.

The Good

  • Large cards are brightly colored and well made
  • Game cards are clearly labeled so instructions are very easy for young boys and girls to follow
  • Contains instructions for parents on how they can create and play extension activities with these cards


  • Parents may want to consider laminating the cards to increase their durability if the game is played a lot

3. First orchard From HABA My First Games

This game is based off of the very popular orchard matching game but has been modified for younger players. This game is suitable for 2-year-olds and up. Play is for 1-4 players and game playtime lasts for about 10 minutes, which is a good length of time for younger children. Players try to collect all of the fruit on the path before the raven snatches it up!

The Good

  • An excellent way for toddlers to start learning the basics of cooperative game play.
  • Pieces are bright, colorful and engaging for younger children
  • A great way for two years olds to practice social skills like taking turns during game play


  • Older kids may lose interest after repeated play

4. Bunny Hop Memory Game

This game board is a carrot patch and it couldn’t be more fun for littles. Game play has toddlers matching and color hunting as players take turns rolling the dice and hopping through the patch as each person tries to be the first to have all four bunnies of the same color.

The Good

  • A fun way for toddlers to learn to recognize colors and work on matching skills.
  • Makes a perfect gift for Easter or a Spring birthday
  • Builds social skills with turn-taking and friendly competition


  • Some boards have had issues with the springs that make the bunnies hop.

5. Candyland By Hasbro

It doesn’t get more classic than Candy Land. A right of passage in the land of board games, Candy land has always been a favorite for families with young kids. Bright and colorful, young children love navigating the game board with the gingerbread man and collecting delicious treat cards as they go.

The Good

  • A good game for 2 years olds because it doesn’t require reading
  • Cards with fun, bright, colorful illustrations draw in and keep the attention of young players


  • Parents should always supervise play with this since the game pieces are quite small for young children

6. Chutes And Ladders

Another classic option, this game of ups and downs is fun for even the youngest of players. A great game of tension building and a fun way to practice counting, Chutes and Ladders is a well-loved classic game for younger kids for this reason. Technically recommended for ages three and up, 2-year-olds can play along with older siblings or with parents until they get the hang of how to play and can participate independently.

The Good

  • Perfect board game for toddlers as it doesn’t require reading
  • Straight forward instructions make playtime stress-free but still engaging
  • A fun way to practice hands-on counting and number recognition


  • Some find the numbers are too close together on the board and hard to see when moving pieces around

7. Educational Lady Bug Game

A super cute educational game for a 2-year-old, the ladybug game will be a great addition to game night for parents with younger kids. The cards are designed with colorful images and symbols that allow young kids to pick up on how to play quickly. This game was created by a first grader and also won a parent’s choice award.

The Good

  • Designed by a kid, for kids! This game taps into how toddler engage and play.
  • Perfect as a first board game since the cards and game play encourage early reading and counting skills


  • May not hold the attention of older children

If none of these games did it for you then you can read this medium blog for more gift ideas for 2 year olds:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Game for 2-Year-Olds

Before you decide what game you will buy for your toddler there are some important things to consider. Below are some thoughts we have regarding how you should go about choosing something that your little one will enjoy not matter what!

What ages will be playing this game together?

When you are shopping for a board game for a 2 yr old, you will want to think about who will be playing. Some games are better than others for mixed-age play. You can also see the section below that talks about game extensions for ideas on bringing multiple-age players together.

Are there any extension activities included?

Some games come with extension activity suggestions for parents. other games are good candidates for parents to make up their own extension activities. This is a good consideration because young kids move through stages quickly and you will want to make games more challenging as their development advances. Games that lend themselves to extension activities are also great for making game play a little more challenging for older siblings who may be playing along as well.

Are the pieces in the board games sturdy?

It’s important to consider how the pieces in a particular game will hold up to rough and tumble 2-year-old play. If your toddler is particularly in a ripping or tearing stage, you might want to hold off on board games with flimsy paper pieces and go for something more sturdy.

Do 2-year-old toddlers need supervision when playing these games?

The answer to this is almost always yes because of the small size of the game pieces. You can look at each game and see what pieces are included before you purchase, but keep in mind that board games are going to be something you will be doing with your children because of the nature of game play, so you will need to be present to play and supervise anyway.