Best Chemistry Sets for Kids

The chemistry sets in this article are kid and parent-friendly, easy for you to set up, and super fun for kids.

Exploring science is fun, exciting, and educational. Having engaging activities is a great way to cut back on screen time and engage in a fun activity with your kids. No matter what age your kids are, there are chemistry kits that will work for them.

These ready-to-go kits give parents everything they need for setting up hands-on experiments. Whether you are a homeschool parent, or you just want something fun and educational for your kids to do on break or on the weekends, we’ve selected our favorite chemistry sets for kids that we think you and your kids will love.

The Best Kids Chemistry Sets

1. Magic School Bus Style Set

Perfect for ages 5 and up, this set is from the Magic Schoolbus learning series. The Magic School Bus kits are a great option because kids can expand their curiosity through the accompanying books and Netflix series. Inside this kids’ chemistry set you will find everything you need to let your children explore popular science topics, such as acids and bases, surface tension, volcanic eruptions, and more STEM-inspired activities.

The Good

  • Plenty of opportunities for activity extension with books and shows from the Magic School Bus Series
  • Experiments are good for a wide range of ages which makes use with multiple children easy and fun
  • Classic chemistry experiments appeal to most kids


  • Some supplies may not hold up well after repeated use
  • May not be challenging enough for some kids over 7 or 8 years old

2. Ben Franklin Toys Chemistry Kit

With over 12 chemistry experiments for kids to explore, this one is good for ages 5 and up. This chemistry kit for kids comes with wipe-off lists, easy to follow step-by-step instructions for experiments and investigations and a lab pad that keeps all of the pieces of the set together and organized. There are over 50 pieces in this lab set which makes it a great set to serve as a foundational part of your at-home science learning tools.

The Good

  • Wide variety of tools included
  • Makes a great foundation for many kinds of chemistry and science explorations
  • Set has a lab pad to keep everything organized


  • Some secondary items that are needed for experiments may not be included

3. Playz STEM A+ Science Lab Set

Perfect for the older set ages 8 and up, this set is packed with everything kids and teens need to explore our 75 science experiments. This one comes with a lab guide filled with pictures, plus tools and ingredients you need to bring to life a ton of hands-on and exciting experiments to life. Kids will love exploring acids and bases, growing a monster, growing crystals, writing messages with invisible ink, and so much more.

The Good

  • Includes instructions and tools to complete over 75 science experiments
  • Engaging enough for the 8 and up crowd
  • Full-color lab guide provides easy to follow instructions and encourages independent work.


  • Some additional outside ingredients may be needed to complete some experiments
  • Some experiments may be quite common and completed by kids before

4. Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

Sure, its slime. But it’s a lot more, too. This parent’s choice award winning set lets kids investigate science with experiments, such as chromatography, fizzing science, bubbling combinations, and glowing slime. With a 16-page full-color manual and 10 experiment cards, kids will love navigating through this 57 piece set.

The Good

  • Any additional ingredients and tools needed most parents will have one hand
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Experiment cards make steps easy to follow for kids aged 6 and up


  • May not be challenging enough for teens
  • Some extra materials are needed to complete certain experiments

5. Playz Kitchen Lab Exploding Kitchen Set

Kids will love the “exploding”, bubbling, and fizzing action in this kitchen chemistry set. Designed for kids age 8 and up, this kit offers kids over 26 experiments, 41 tools, and a full-color instruction guide to making it all work. This kid’s chemistry kit lets kids perform classic experiments that explore DNA, acids and bases, electricity, and volcanic eruptions.

The Good

  • The box can double as storage to keep all of the pieces together
  • Highly adaptable experiments that can be used for many different educational science explorations
  • Step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and produce desired experiment results


  • Requires some additional materials to complete some of the experiments

6. STEAM Powered Crystal Science Chemistry Lab

Grow your own crystals and learn about the foundations of chemistry with this kid’s chemistry kit. This is a really fun and creative chemistry set for 10-year-olds and up. It comes with everything you need to grow different types of crystals, including a glow in the dark crystal, and 2 geodes. Also included is a display stand so kids can keep admiring their work after the experiment is over. Artfully combining earth science and chemistry, this set lets children explore and investigate all of the STEAM elements. Growing your own crystals and geodes also makes a great homeschool project as you can track the growth progress over the 7-10 days.

The Good

  • Kids love watching their crystals grow each day and checking on their progress
    Encourages further interest in earth science, crystals, and rock formations.
  • A fun activity for kids and parents to do together. Makes a great gift.


  • Crystals can be fragile
  • The instructions may be difficult for younger kids and parents may need to help with growing the crystals

7. Learning Resources Alien Experiment Chemistry Lab

Perfect for the younger set, this beginner chemistry set lets kids create fun monsters and creatures while learning about the foundations of chemistry. The 20-page experiment book helps kids create slime, find creatures inside their bubbling beakers and reactor pods. This is a great homeschooling resource to have when you are homeschooling multiple children of different ages. Younger kids can explore science in a hands-on and fun way while older kids complete different experiments.

The Good

  • Hands-on for younger kids
  • Easy to work with for younger kids 5 and up


  • Experiments are very specific and do not allow for a lot of extensions or extra activities to use with what is included

Things to consider when you are buying chemistry sets for kids

Before you decide what kit you will buy, there are a few important things to consider. Here are the biggest factors that can affect what chemistry kit will end up being your top choice.

What age group are you buying for?

Whether this is a gift or you are looking to buy the best chemistry kits for your kids, you’ll want to consider how old they are when you are making your decision. Each set comes with suggested ages. Some kits are great for a wide range of ages, while others are more specific. Buying one that is made to suit the age of the kids you are buying for will let kids get the most out of the included experiments.

Do you want a foundational chemistry set or more of a project in a box?

Some chemistry kits are great for creating a science “station” that can be used in additional experiments beyond those included in the box. These are great if your kids have a strong interest in science, or you are a homeschooling family who will be doing many science investigations at home. Project in a box chemistry kits are great for one-off experiments, like volcanoes, slime kits, or battery builders. These are perfect to bring out on a rainy day or to go along with a unit study you may be working on.

Research what extra materials you will need

Before you purchase your chemistry set, you should look at any extra materials that may be needed to complete the experiments in the manual. Some kits come with everything you need, but some of the larger kits do require that you have a few items on hand. Luckily, most of the needed items can be found in your home kitchen or purchased for a nominal amount of money.