12 Lovely Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Girls

Age Sixteen seems to be a somewhat magical time in many girl’s lives. Many get their driver licenses, dating is often on their minds as is fashion and makeup, spending time with friends, pursuing activities they enjoy and doing well in school. Because of their busy lives it can sometimes seem impossible for us who are purchasing birthday and Christmas gifts for girls this age to know what gifts these kids will truly like.

We have done research and have compiled a list of premium gifts that we feel most 16 year old girls will be thrilled to receive.

When evaluating which gifts to put on our list for the best gifts for girls age 16 we look at two important criteria.

Gifts that are designed for the teens amusement are looked at for their entertainment value. We consider whether the gift is something that the young lady will actually want to use on a regular basis or will give her enjoyment for a period of time.

We also look at the usefulness of the gift to the teen. Is it something they will use again and again? We try and determine if the gift is something that will make their life simpler, more convenient, or more enjoyable.

An ideal 16th birthday present this sweet 16 photo frame will allow that birthday girl to place a special photo of her big day in a beautiful frame that will serve as a keepsake and reminder of this moment in time.


Ideal as an addition for room décor

Comes in various size


Not very many reviews to base a decision on

Clothing always is something that young ladies are interested in and these great fitting jeans will likely become a basic in any teen’s wardrobe. Since they also come in a wide range of sizes these jeans will be perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift for any 16 year old on your shopping list.


Right amount of stretch

Some color choices


Not as durable as some people hoped

Funky earrings always are popular with young ladies and these moon and star drop earrings will make a terrific Christmas gift for any 16 year old young lady who has pierced ears.


Great size

Not too heavy


Not the best quality

Not all teens want to carry around a large purse and for those young women this wristlet wallet makes an ideal gift. Colorful and small this wallet is great for shopping or simply carrying your ID.


Good size

Great artwork


Not everyone likes the artwork

A Himalayan salt lamp may seem like an odd gift to give a teen as a Christmas or birthday gift, but these lamps are actually quite attractive and can help to clean the air of the teens a room, which is better for their health. This lamp makes great decor for your room.


Comes with a dimmer switch

Seems to relieve stress


Some of the lamps quit working after a few months

Most teenage girls love candles so this candle making kit will make a great Christmas gift allowing the teen to make their own set of candles. Once they have made these scented candles they can enjoy them. The tin containers are cute and will add to the teens room decor.


Great directions

Easy to use


Very light scents

Teen girls are often obsessed with looking cool so gifting them a fashionable backpack as a back to school gift will certainly win the teens approval. This daisy backpack is both feminine and fashionable and sure to help start the school year off right.


Comes with a lifetime warranty

Good quality


Smaller size than expected

No products found.

If you are looking for a fun and impressive gift for an active teenage girl then this Hover board makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for that young lady. Much more fun to ride than a traditional bike or scooter the teen will be the envy of all of her friends.


Can listen to music as you ride

Suitable for weights up to 265 pounds


Some charging problems

If the 16 year old in your life has just gotten her first car then the best gift you can give her is a Roadside assistance kit to help keep her safe in case of those little emergencies. This kit comes with a first aid kit, jumper cables, tire gauge, flashlight and more


Good variety of tools

Peace of mind is worth the money


Not all the items are the best quality

Some 16 year old girls have a lot of stuff and simply don’t need any more items to fill up their rooms. If you know a teen like this and want to give them an alternative gift here are some great ideas.

If the teen you are buying a gift for is driving then a gas card makes for a nice gift since teens are always trying to come with enough money to keep gas in their car. Best of all gas cards come in various amounts so you can spend the exact amount that you have set for their gift.

If that teenage girl really likes a certain band, dance group, or has other interests then purchasing them event tickets so they can see that group live will make a wonder present and lifelong memories for the teen. We do recommend that you purchase at least two tickets so that the teen can attend the event with a friend or relative.

  • Most teens are pretty outspoken about those things they need or want by simply listening to them you can get some great ideas of what will make a great gift.
  • Make a list of everything the teen is interested in and then try and think of at least one thing that will encourage each interest on the list. This can result in some really cool gift ideas.
  • Check with siblings and friends of the teen. Sometimes teens will express something they want to their friends or siblings that they feel shy about mentioning to parents or others.
  • Choose the best quality gift you can afford so that the teen can feel good about the gift.


It is our hope that this gift guide for 16 year old girls will help to make your shopping for teens easier and much more fun.