12 Super Cool Gift Ideas for 17 Year Old Boys

Most 17 year old boys are either starting or will soon be starting their senior year of high school. All too soon they will be out on their own so you want to make sure that gifts you choose will be something they can enjoy or use both now and in the future.

In order to help you save time with your gift shopping we have put together this list of some of the best gift ideas for 17 year old guys!

Our list of premium gifts for 17 year old boys are based on two simple criteria.

Some of the gifts we have chosen are meant to provide leisure activities for the teen we look at the entertainment value of the gift. When determining the entertainment value of a gift we look at whether or not the item is something the teen will want to use over and over again.

For other items we look at the usefulness of the item. We try and determine if this item that the teen will need, or can use either now or into the future.

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Whether that teen in your life has his own car, enjoys camping or hiking, or takes part in a variety of other activities a first aid kit makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift and is something they can use in the case of a small cut or a large accident. This first aid kits have all of the basic items to help you deal with almost any emergency.


Sturdy metal box keeps the supplies in good shape

Comes with the all of the necessities


Not a lot of reviews

This RC helicopter is an adult toy that most older teenage boys will enjoy. It’s perfect for flying in an open field or at the beach and there are actually flying clubs your teen can join to meet people who share their interests.


Easy to maneuver

Small size means you can fly this helicopter in small spaces


Some users got defective products

No products found.

If the 17 year old on your shopping list is into gaming, and most are these days, then this gaming headset may well make an excellent 17th birthday gift. This headset works with a number of different game system controllers and will take the teens game play to the next level .


Soft and comfortable on the ears

Nice long cable


Not the best sound

Backpacks are essential to students and a Laptop backpack that is weather resistant will make a great gift for any student who travels with their computer to school, a job or simply for pleasure. The backpack is spacious leaving plenty of room for books or even clothing when traveling.


Handle has a solid fabric covered core

Zippers open smoothly


Some users found fraying around the pockets with limited use

This hybrid men’s cruiser bike makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for the teen on the go. It’s a great mode of transportation to school or work as well as provides a fun way to spend time on weekends cruising around town or the local park.


Comfortable and lightweight

Solid and well built


Some bikes arrived damaged

This Kubb Yard game makes for a unique gift for any teen who enjoys competitive games and wants something that is not run of the mill. This tossing game dates back to the Vikings and is fun for a teen to play with friends or family.


Durable wood

Nice durable bag for portability


Can Be Dangerous if the rules are not followed

Many teens and even adults who built with Legos during their childhood years enjoy continuing to build with Lego kits. This Lego VW Beetle building set is an 1167 piece kit that is challenging, entertaining, and makes great room décor for any teenage male who loves automobiles.


Wonderfully detailed

Good instructions


Some kits have missing parts

This Adidas Jacket makes a great gift for any teenager who runs for exercise or in competition. It also makes great wear when camping in cooler weather. This jacket is suitable for spring, autumn or winter wear.


Good Looking suit

Fits well if choose correct size

Comes in multiple colors to suit any boys style


Some consumers got only the jacket

There is nothing that a teenage boy enjoys more than a humorous gift that is also useful and this box of Pizza socks fills the bill. These socks look great with jeans and actually come in a pizza box!


Nice thin socks for those who dislike wearing heavier socks

A truly unique gift


Smaller box than expected

This maze puzzle game inside a plastic sphere is easy to play and hard to complete. With 125 obstacles for the player to get past this game will present a challenging gift for teenagers that they will get hours of play.


High quality



The ball tends to get stuck

Teenagers can accumulate a lot of stuff until they simply don’t have room in their lives or even their bedrooms for any items. Should that be the case with the teenager on your shopping list then here are some alternative gift ideas that teens will appreciate.

Teens can always use cash for any number of things they need. While some teens will use the cash for immediate needs others will place the money in savings for a big ticket item they want in the future.

Gift certificates also make great presents for teens since it allows them to pick out those items that they want. You can choose among a variety of gift certificates from clothing stores, restaurants, and gas cards.

  • Take note of those items the teen mentions that they want or need. Keeping a small notebook with a list of these items will likely give you some great ideas for a gift that will be highly appreciated.
  • Pay attention to the activities that the teen engages in frequently as there may be something that would increase their pleasure or their ability to engage in the activity.
  • Look for the highest quality items that you can afford since most older teens will keep items they like well into adulthood if the items are built to last.


With 17 being considered the last year of carefree childhood before the teen is considered an adult by most people, we tried to choose gifts that would make this year as special for the teen as you want it to be.

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