11 Fabulous Gifts for 18 Year Old Girls: 18th Birthday Gifts

Not all girls who are turning 18 are in the same place in life. Some are just finishing up high school, some are attending college, some are working at a job and living outside of the home, and still others are either married or planning on marrying in the near future. The vastly different lifestyles of girls this age can make gift givers unsure of what is the best gift to give the 18 year old in their life.

We have compiled a list of premium and highly rated gifts that should meet the needs and interests of any 18 year old girl regardless of what their current or future plans may be.

When choosing gifts for young ladies of this age we use two main criteria.

When choosing gifts of a recreational nature for teens we look at the entertainment value of the gift. We try and determine how appealing the gift will be to the young lady, whether or not they are likely to use it frequently for entertainment and enjoy using it.

For other gifts we look at the usefulness of the gift. We try and determine if the gift is something that will make their life simpler or more convenient. We also look at the gift to determine whether it is something they will use long term or will use on a regular basis.

An alarm clock is a great gift for any teenager girl who is going to school or working a job. This alarm clock is loud and also shakes the bed to ensure that even the hardest sleeper wakes up on time.


Definitely will wake you up between the lights, sound and shaking

Works incredibly well


Some units quit working after a few months

Whether that young lady is living in a dorm or an apartment with roommates having some nice sleepwear is essential to remaining modest. This short and top pajama set will make a great birthday or Christmas gift for any 18 year old girl on your shopping list.


Soft and cute

Good quality


After several washings the buttons won’t stay buttoned

Most young women of 18 are either living out on their own or soon will be so giving them a Christmas or birthday gift for their home is always a good choice. This complete bedding set will be appreciated by most young ladies who are setting up their own place to live.


A lot of pieces for the price

The sheets are soft


Some people don’t like the quality

Whether working or going to school most young women want to look their best and this lighted make up mirror will make a great gift to help them look their best. The twelve dimmable bulbs and 3 color lighting modes will help them get their makeup just right for any occasion.


Fits on a small desk

Great lighting


Some of the mirrors cracked in shipping

Once a teenage girl graduates from high school they are more likely to travel either to and from college or weekend trips to visit friends or see new sights, which is why this luggage set makes a good 18th birthday gift for an 18 year old girl.


Sturdy hard suitcase

Carry on size


Wheels sometimes fall off

Most young women who have just graduated from high school live on a limited budget. Giving them a gift that will provide them with entertainment without damaging their budget. This Lattice Hawaii board game makes a great Christmas, birthday or graduation gift.


Easy to learn, but takes a lot of strategy to play

Good quality materials


A lot of rules

Whether you are looking for a graduation, Christmas, Birthday or Valentines gift for a girl age 18 these drop earrings are sure to be a huge hit. Trendy and eye catching these Owl earrings will put a smile on any young woman’s face.


Good size



Steep price

This premium ring toss game is a great game for an 18 year old girl who enjoys the thrill of competition since this game can be played one on one or in teams. The game comes with both 8 rope and 8 plastic rings so you can play the game however you would like.


Can play with family and friends of different ages

Portable enough for backyard, beach or park


Pegs may strip easily

A great Christmas present for any 18 year old young woman starting out on their own, this 15 piece basic cookware set is perfect for meeting basic cooking needs.


Various sizes for different needs

Easy to clean


Some don’t like the smell of these pans when heated

While it is doubtful that any 18 year old has everything they need or wants there are times when there may not seem like there is anything else more they could possibly use. If this happens to be the case and you still are looking for a gift for that young woman here are some alternative gifts that would be appreciated.

Cold hard cash always makes a great Christmas or birthday gift especially for a young lady who is just starting college or living on their own for the first time. The extra money can be used to pay bills, buy something they need or be spent on some pleasure or luxury item the teen otherwise would not be able to afford.

Gift cards like money always come in handy for teens living on a limited budget allowing them to get something they really want, but could not otherwise afford. You can even choose the type of gift card you want to give including gift cards for clothing stores, book stores, craft stores and much more.

  • Take note of what the young lady is doing currently and what gifts would be most helpful for that situation.
  • Take into consideration the girl’s interests and find gifts that will encourage that interest.
  • Choose the highest quality gifts that you can afford to ensure that gift is really useful.


We sincerely hope that our guide to the best gifts for 18 year old girls allow you to save some time when you’re shopping this coming holiday season!