17 Totally Awesome Gifts for Teenage Boys

By the time that a young man reaches his teenage years he no longer is interested in the traditional toys of his younger years, but prefers gifts that reflect his growing maturity.

Here is a look at the 15 best premium gifts for teen guys of various ages.

When choosing gifts for teenage boys we use two major criteria.

We first look for the educational value of the gifts we choose. Will this gift aid the teen in his physical, mental, emotional and social growth? Will it aid in the reduction of stress or allowing him to get sufficient rest necessary for growth and cognitive growth?

Will a gift have entertainment value for the teen? Will it keep them amused? Is it something they can enjoy for a long period of time? And we look at that all elusive “fun factor.”

Teenage boys tend to spend a lot of time on the computer gaming, visiting social websites and surfing the web, which is why these Blue Light blocking glasses make a great gift for teen guys. These glasses are designed to reduce eye strain and dry vision and can result in fewer headaches and a better night’s sleep.



Eases Eye Strain from long hours on the computer


Doesn’t block as much blue light as some people hope

Hooded sweatshirts make a great Christmas or birthday gift for teens since they tend to be part of the teenage boys wardrobe. This heavyweight hooded sweatshirt has a water resistant finish, spandex reinforced rib knit cuffs and waistband that blocks out cold air and a 3 piece Jersey lined hood with drawcord and front pocket.


Very heavy and warm

Comes in tall sizes


Colors seem to fade quickly

Most teenage boys have a bit of daredevil in them, which makes this Lightning Reaction Reload game a great gift for any teen boy. Playing with family or friends teens can have a shocking good time testing their nerves and reflexes.



Good for a lot of laughs


Some units don’t work as they should

These Adidas shoes come in a number of different sizes and several different colors. They are made up of a thin synthetic upper and a durable rubber sole.


Comfortable and stylish

Great Insoles


Some of these shoes are prone to wearing out fairly quickly

This cool looking canvas backpack makes a great gift for any teen boy whether for school or for those weekend or summer hiking trips. This laptop has 7 compartments including a padded compartment perfect for a 16 inch laptop. It also has a comfortable shoulder pad and USB charging port.


Comfortable on shoulders

Lots of space


Some people find this backpack to be smaller than expected

If that young man on your shopping list is into video games then the Nintendo Switch Lite will make a great Christmas gift. This handheld device allows teens to play a long list of handheld Nintendo games and even has the controllers built right in.


Can play this games while charging on slow

Can play games anywhere


Very low volume

This Inflatable Lounger makes a great present for any teen since it can be used as an extra bed whenever friends spend the time or used as a lounger in the yard, park or at the beach and may even be used as a float in water. The lounger presents circulations throughout the body.



Useful pocket on the side


Some units lose air

This Swiss Army Knife is made of durable construction and contains a Key ring, large knife blade, nail file, nail cleaner, corkscrew, bottle opener, 2 different size screw drivers, wire stripper, can opener, reamer/punch, sewing awl, wood saw and scissor.


High quality tools

Great combo of tools


The scissor handles are small

This dart board set is safe and will help teens practice their math skills as they keep score on the various games. 15 games in 1 keeps teens entertained. This dart board can be used either inside or out.


Can use this dart board inside or out

Safe for kids of all ages


Sometimes the darts don’t stick as well as they should

This long skateboard makes a good Christmas present or birthday gift especially for larger and bulkier teens. The deck is made of Multi bamboo and hardwood maple and the trucks give this skateboard a smooth ride when cruising around town.


Rides smooth

Has an amazing deck finish

Perfect for heavier riders


Some consumers had difficulty with their decks cracking

These Bluetooth wireless earbuds make a great teenage gift. These earbuds are designed to remain the teens ears while they are running, skateboarding, workout or just hanging around. They also come with a charging case making it easy to keep track of the earbuds.


Good music quality

Decent battery life


The touch function can lag if if your hands are dirty

Any teenage boy who loves water sports will be thrilled to receive this inflatable paddle board as a gift for Christmas or his birthday. This paddle board quickly inflates and comes with an ankle cuff, safety leash, oar, manual air pump and patch repair kit as well as storage bag.

This paddle board can be used on lakes, rivers or even the ocean.


6 inch thickness makes this board strong enough for 2 people

Stable board


There are better looking boards

The teenage years are about the time when many young men first begin to shave. This Philips Norelco shaver allows for either wet or dry shaving and comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. You get 50 minutes of shaving time on a charge and this shaver has multiflex heads that contours in 8 directions.


Comfortable shave with little irritation

Gives a good shave

Shaver is easy to clean


The motor seems weak to some people

If you are looking for a unique birthday or Christmas present for any teenage boy then this computer/gaming chair may be well worth considering. Teenage boys spend a good deal of time on the computer either doing homework, surfing the web or playing games. This chair makes that time more comfortable for the young man. It comes with a large seat area, reclining backrest and height adjustable armrest. The chair also swivels and holds a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.



Nice design



Another unique Christmas or birthday gift that teens will really appreciate is something cool for their bedroom and this weighted blanket certainly fits the bill. This blanket measures 60 inches by 80 inches and weighs 20 pounds and is double layered soft cotton fabric with glass beads. This blanket makes for a better night’s sleep and is easy to clean.


Helps calm teens who are feeling stressed

Helps get better sleep


Some of these blankets leak

Between gifts from relatives and friends and things that teens purchase for themselves some teenage boys simply have so much stuff buying them anything else doesn’t seem to make sense. So what are some alternative Christmas and birthday gifts you can give a teenage boy that won’t add to the clutter in his room and life?

Here are some alternate suggestions.

If a teenage guy is old enough to have his own car or even use his parents card then giving him the gift of a gas card so he can keep gas in the vehicle makes a nice present. He can use this card whenever he runs a little short of money.

Many teenage guys love sports so giving them tickets to their favorite sporting event will make a nice gift and a great memory that won’t forget too quickly. If they share the love of a given sport with their dad or male friend why not make it two tickets so they can share the event with someone they care about.

  • The first thing you are going to want to consider is the teens age and interests. Where younger teens such as 13 and 14 year olds are still interested in toys type gifts, older teens are often more interested in clothes and more grown up types of gifts.
  • What does the teen like to do in his spare time? Are they into art, sports, do they have a particular hobby like model building? Gifts related to their major interests almost always are pleasing to teens.
  • Consider your budget. If the teen on your shopping list wants a gift that is way above your budget can you get together with others and present a group gift to the teen? Most teens would rather have fewer gifts and something they really want than a bunch of gifts of which they only have a mild interest.
  • If possible see what other teenagers who already own the item, think of it before buying it. Some gifts sound or look or great and turn out to be a huge disappointment. So knowing how other teens like an item will give you a good item whether or not your teen will enjoy the gift.
  • Always read the reviews for the product if possible. The more information you have on an item the more assurance you will feel that you have chosen the right gift.


If you are looking for a premium gift for a teenage boy in your life, then this gift guide should be of some assistance to you.

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