12 Lovely Gifts & Toys for 18 Month Old Boys & Girls

18 month old children are not only walking, but many have begun to run, climb well, and seem to get into everything. Their vocabulary is growing and they love to explore every nook and cranny of your home and yard. Their fine motor skills are also developing and toddlers of this age have begun to engage in imaginative play. When purchasing toys for children this age most people find the choice to be somewhat overwhelming making it more difficult to find just the right toy.

In order to help make shopping for children of this age faster and easier we have compiled a list of the best premium 18 month old toys.

Every toy that makes our premium toy list must meet the following criteria:

We consider the educational value of each toy to determine if the toy can aid a child in their physical, cognitive, emotional or social development. We consider whether or not a certain toy can aid the child in acquiring skills they need as they get older and will it help them to better understand the world around them?

We also consider the entertainment value of each toy. Is it something that will appeal to a child of this age? We determine the toy’s ability to engage the child for a period of time and whether or not it is a toy that will encourage the child to engage in independent play.

A great gift for any young toddler this Sit and Spin toy is basically a self propelled merry-go-round that the eighteen month old can operate all by his or her self.


Easy assembly

Helps children develop balance and engage in self play


Smaller than some parents expect

This robot-like Bright Beats toy offers toddlers 3 different ways to play. Dance and Move, Learning and games. With bright lights and music this battery operated toy is sure to keep any child amused and entertained for a long period of time. (Takes 1A battery)


Sings about 10 songs and offers many other activities

Grows with child


Some units have problems with shorting out

Most 18 month old toddlers don’t just enjoy taking apart or knocking down towers you build, they have also begun stacking blocks on their own. These Duplo blocks are a good basic building block set to introduce your baby to building.


Not too many blocks so your child won’t get overwhelmed

Great open ended toy


There aren’t enough blocks to build a lot of different things with

A great gift for any eigtheen month olds this caterpillar tunnel is designed not only as a crawl through piece of playground equipment, but also as a climb upon toy. This tunnel has rounded edges for safety.


Helps children develop gross motor skills

Provides children with a mode of exercise


Feet fall off if you move the tunnel

A perfect gift to encourage an 18 to 24 month olds imagination this farm animal and barn will allow the child to play “farm” the set comes with a farmer, a horse, cow, pig and sheep. Will also help children improve their fine motor skills


  • Nice large barn
  • Everything stores inside when playtime is over


  • Some sets had missing pieces

If you want to encourage a young child to love music and be able to tap out a beat this set of natural wood musical instruments can inspire your child to make music and even move to their own beat. This makes a great gift to provide an opportunity for that toddler to play with others and to share.


Well made

Allows kids to experiment with different sounds


Some parts of the wood is a bit rough

This fruction powered train with trailer, front end loader, bulldozer and dump truck makes a great toy for a little boy or girl. Each of the vehicles has moving parts which toddlers love to explore and play with.


No sharp edges

Encourages joint play with others


A bit cheaply made

A fun outdoor toy for an 18 month old this bubble mower makes a great gift idea! Kids get a kick out of watching the motor spin and bubbles come out of the machine while real motor sounds make kids feel like they are really mowing.


No batteries

Can use without bubbles


Bubbles don’t always work like they should

A great spring or summer gift for a young child, this Little Tikes slide will provide a child with fun in their own backyard. Most people are surprised that something as simple as a slide can spur a child’s imagination as they turn this piece of playground equipment into a mountain, a waterfall, or even a cave.



Flat area at the bottom stops the child from flying off the slide


Have to remove the legs to store the slide

With this imaginery food truck kids can enjoy making pretend food while enjoying fun songs, phrases and sounds. Kids will have fun serving up food with a light up pretend grill, sink and service bell.


Songs are actually cute and catchy

Lots of fun activities keep children engaged


Can fall over easily if your child leans on it

Often times toddlers have so many toys that they have a difficult time deciding what toy to play leading to a feeling of discontent. If you want to give an 18 month old boy or girl a gift that is not a toy, here are a couple of great ideas.

Most children of this age have a bed rather than a crib, so giving them a gift of an cut bedding set will make a great gift for any 18 months old. This cute little animal inspired bedding is perfect for either a boy or a girl.

This star nightlight projector will light up the walls and ceiling and makes for a lovely way to fall asleep. Since this projector comes with a timer parents can set a time for the lights to turn off.

  • Look for toys that will provide the child with opportunities for both quiet and active play
  • Choose toys that can help the child improve various skills they will need throughout their lives
  • Open ended toys always make good gifts for toddlers allowing them to play with these toys in a variety of ways.
  • Check the reviews for the toy or gift prior to buying so you can be as informed as possible as to the quality and durability of the toy.

We really hope that our article about the best toys for 18 month old boys and girl has helped you find a better gift and also saved you some time!