10 Great Toys & Gifts for 1 Month Old Baby Boys & Girls

Everyone loves buying gifts for babies, and with the cost of raising a child these days, these gifts and toys are much appreciated by the parents of the infant. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what gifts may be appropriate for very young infants.

In order to help you find the right 1 month old toys & gifts, we have compiled a list of premium stuff that infants and their parents will love.

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Top Pick: Baby Play Gym

Runner Up: Infant to Toddler Rocker

2nd Runner Up: Fold & Go Bassinet

How We Evaluate Stuff for a 1 Month Old Infant

Educational Value

Entertainment Value

The Best Gifts & Toys for 1 Month Old Boys & Girls

1. Baby Gym

This Fisher Price Rainforest baby gym is a great gift for a one month old baby whether you have a boy or a girl. One great thing is that it will grow with the child and they will be able to use it up to 12 months old and beyond. The gym comes with at least ten toys that infants can first focus on and later reach for and play with. There is lights and music that gets turned on by the infants movements.


Mat is machine washable

Great for baby laying on his back or for tummy time


The toucan on top is heavy can hurt infant if it falls

2. Infant to Toddler Rocker

This portable rocking chair for infants, will give your infant somewhere to spend time instead of spending all of their time in their crib. This chair is portable enough to move to the room so the baby can see you while you attend to chores.


Will grow with the child

Comfortable for infants

Cushions are machine washable


Cushion keeps coming unsnapped

3. Cute Mobile

This cute mobile toy features forest animals makes a great gift and is designed to be used with a crib, a stroller, bassinets and more. This mobile plays 30 minutes of music while the toys spin encouraging the infant to track the movement.


Colors are bright enough to capture infants attention

Music is soothing


Some users feel that mobile has an annoying squeak

4. Cloth Books with Infant Feet and Wrist Rattles

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This rattle set also comes with 4 cloth books that can be hung where the baby can see them and later actually play with them. One month old infants tend to keep their hands in fists, which makes using standard rattles difficult. However, these feet and wrist rattles allow for infants to make sounds whenever they kick their feet or move their arms.


Books have mini stories parents can read to young infants

Rattles help with infants sensory perceptions


Books have grammatical errors

5. Soothe and Snuggle Otter

This Soothe and Snuggle Otter stuffed animal makes a great gift for babies offering them comfort when in their crib. This otter produces a rhythmic motion of breathing, music, soft sounds and lights.


Soft otter provides added comfort to infant

Soothes infant to sleep


Too large for most infants

6. Fold and Go bassinet

A Fold and Go bassinet makes a great gift for both the infant and parents since traveling with a month old baby can be difficult and worrying about having a safe place for your baby to sleep doesn’t help matters. However, being able to carry this portable bed with you will ensure that your infant always has a comfortable and safe place to sleep.


Perfect for traveling, camping or even an afternoon in the park

Enough room for very young infants


Only good for very young infants such as 1 and 2 month old

7. Ha Ha Soft Hanging Crinkles

These cute hanging toys are an ideal gift to help baby’s begin to focus and will produce soft musical sounds. As the infant grows these hanging animals can be used for teething and for sensory stimulation.



Easy to hang


Too long to attach to car seat handles

8. Baby Carrier

This ergonomic baby carrier allows the month old to sit in a secure sitting up position while allowing mom or dad to carry the baby hands free.Can you imagine how boring it must be for a month old baby to spend most of his or her time lying down? A great gift for giving your infant a different viewpoint in life by presenting a gift of a baby carrier.


As baby gets older can face fun and view the world



Not enough leg room for some babies

9. Baby Monitor

This baby monitor will not just allow the parents to check on their baby’s welfare when they are not in the same room, but will also allow the baby to hear the soothing sound of the parent’s voice. This baby monitor comes with both an LCD screen and the two way monitor itself.


Camera moves giving a complete view of the baby’s room

Good picture and sound quality


Consumers have experienced various problems

10. Mary Meyer Soft Toy Cow

Infants that are a month old find soft objects soothing and comfortable, making this soft toy cow the perfect stuffed animal for your little one.


Incredibly soft

No pop off parts for infants to choke on


Very small

Tips for Buying Gifts & Toys for A One Month Old Baby

  • Look for toys and gifts that can grow with the baby and will be useful for at least several months.
  • Check and make sure that any gift you select meets safety requirements for use with children of this age.
  • Try and choose toys and gifts that are easy to clean including material that can be machine washed and dried.


Wrapping up the Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 1 Month Olds