12 Lovely Gift Ideas & Toys for a 12 Month Old

child’s first year goes by quickly for the family and friends of the infant. It seems like one day there is a tiny baby who needs constant care and the next day there is this little person, walking, and talking (albeit limited) and filled with a sense of joy and discovery.

Buying a gift for a first birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day for that 12 month old makes everyone want to choose a gift that the toddler will love.

To help you find the right gift for that one year old in your life we have compiled a list of premium gifts for your 12 month old.

When choosing toys for a baby who has reach twelve months we use two very important criteria:

The first thing we consider is the educational value of the toy. We try and determine if it will aid in the physical, cognitive, emotional or social development of the child and help prepare them for the next stage in their life.

We also consider the toy’s ability to appeal to this age and whether or not it is actually something they want to pick up and play with, making them laugh and encouraging them to want to explore more of their world.

This Pound A Ball Toy is a great Christmas or birthday gift for any 12 month old since most children of this age love pounding on the things. However, with this toy, once the child pounds the ball through the hole the child then tracks the ball down the ramps aiding in focusing skills, gross motor skills and cause and effect.


Sturdy plastic

Simple fun toy


Balls are small child will need to be supervised when using

No products found.

A great Christmas present for an active 12 month old this Smart Shots Sports Center will keep your little busy and entertained. This toy will help the child develop their hand/eye coordination, gross motor skills by making baskets and kicking the soccer ball and enjoying the lively noises the center makes.


Easy to assemble

Perfect for this age


Smaller than parents expect

This Car carrier with 4 vehicles makes for a great gift that will offer a young child hours of fun. Each of the vehicles can be played with separately or all together and is perfect for encouraging your little one to play with siblings or other small children.



No sharp angles


Smaller than some parents expect

This Scoot Along toy makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for a 12 month old. Babies can sit on the scooter and propel themselves with their feet as they use this as a ride on.


Well made

It has a compartment where kids can carry their toys


Some people find that it’s hard to steer

This interactive light up mushroom toy is a great gift for any baby boy or girl who are early learners aiding them in learning counting, colors, and music. The toy will keep the child active and help them develop a number of skills.


2 settings for the sound

Several modes of play to keep children engaged


When not in use randomly asks if anyone is there

The perfect outdoor gift for any active 12 month baby this Slide and Climber set will keep the baby busy and active. Less than 20 inches high this playground tos offers a small climbing wall, a slide, a tunnel and a platform for the child to stand or sit on.


Sturdy and strong



Rock wall is somewhat difficult for some young children to use

This set of 3 wooden puzzles makes a great educational birthday, Christmas or reward gift for a 12 month old. These puzzles can be used in a number of ways including matching, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and colors.


Sturdy puzzle pieces easy for little hands to pick up

Small grip hole makes the pieces easy to remove


Puzzle pieces fit tightly

This set of lift-a-flap board books are made with thick cardboard pages making these books more durable for little hands to turn pages and lift the flaps.


Encourages children to enjoy reading by reading to them

Makes for great bonding time


Stories aren’t great

A great summer gift for a twelve month old this splash mat will help keep a child cool during those hot summer days. This pad is easy to use and the sprinklers go around the entire parameter of the mat.


Hose hooks up to mat easily

Large enough for more than one child


Seams can split easily

This stuffed animal bowling set makes a great toy for those little ones. Not only can your child practice improving their hand/eye coordination, but the animals can be played with in any manner the child chooses.


Bright and cute animals

Kids find a variety of ways to use this set


Some people have difficulty get the animal pins to stand up

Let’s face it everyone likes buying toys for babies and very young toddlers, which sometimes results in a 12 month old having too many toys for at least a short period of time. If you find yourself in such a situation then here are some alternative gifts that make perfect gifts.

By the time a baby reaches this age they are usually skilled climbers and can crawl out of their crib, risking falling and suffering an injury, making this bed is a great gift and a safer option for a baby of this age.

All too often children feel like they live in a world of giants since most items in the house are adult size. This cute table and chairs will give a baby furniture of their own that they can feel is “just the right size.”

  • Babies who are this age become more and more active every day so look for toys that will help them channel that growing energy.
  • Look for toys that will encourage the child to explore or engage in imaginative play
  • Avoid toys that can pose a choking hazard for babies of this age.
  • Always check the reviews so you know whether or not a toy or gift is durable and works as it should.

We hope that this gift guide for 12 month olds will make shopping for the little one in your life simpler and easier.

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