12 Unique Gifts & Toys for 11 Month Old Babies

An 11 month old baby is normally cruising around pulling themselves up with various features of furniture. Many can stand alone without holding onto anything for periods of time, and some have even taken their first tentative steps with a walker or on their own. They have also reached the stage where their curiosity knows no bounds and you will find them opening drawers, doors and even pulling objects from lower shelves. At this stage homes will be baby proofed to the hilt and buying toys for infants this age is not just fun, but will help them use their natural curiosity to explore more and more objects as well as their own growing skills.

In order to help you find the best premium toys for 11 month old babies we have compiled a list of the best toys for children of this age.

When choosing gifts for an eleven month old baby we carefully evaluate each toy using the following criteria:

We consider the educational value of each toy and try and determine if the toy will aid in the physical, cognitive, emotional or social development of the child. We look to see if the toy will help the almost toddler develop fine or gross motor skills, aid in their development of problems solving skills, cause and effect understanding and early reasoning as well as whether or not the toy will provide the infant with the opportunity to interact with others or help them to become more independent and self-confident.

We also consider the entertainment value of the toy such as whether or not the toy is likely to be appealing to the infant, will it grow with the child allowing them to use it for several months or years? We also consider whether the toy is something that a child will want to play with when given a choice of toys.

This cute little plastic riding horse makes a great gift for any 11 month old infant and helps them to improve their balance, and make them more aware of how they can use their bodies to make the horse rock.


Close to the floor so if Baby falls won’t get hurt

Will grow with the child


Younger children may need help getting on and rocking

These cute little animal bathtub toys are each a differnt animal providing your child with sensory stimulation. This cute little sheep, pig, bird, frog chicken, duck and cow included in the set can also be used outside of the tub and they are non toxic so they won’t harm an infant who chews onto them.


Easy to clean

Right size for small hands to grasp


None that we could find

A great gift for an older infant this Whack the Mole toy is an interactive learning toy that plays music teaches the alphabet, numbers and colors. It also teaches cause and effect because children quickly learn that by pressing or whacking the head of the mole they get a response.


Various activities and also serves as a nightlight

Grows with child


Not all the settings work on all models

With 5 sides of activities this cube has plenty for a curious infant or almost toddler to explore, which is what makes this cube such a great toy. With a spinning drum, bead maze, sliding objects, and popping balls this activity cube will keep any young child busy for long periods of time.


Bright colors attract the child

No sharp corners


Pull string on the ball quit working after a few uses on some units

A great gift to get that youngster outside this baby swing will provide your older infant or young toddler with a fun way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. This powder coated steel swing is designed to last for a couple of years until your little one out grows it.


Folds up for storage

Can be used indoors or out


Straps are not the best quality

This set of 12 colorful and durable bath books will make a great gift for that almost toddler and give them an early start on the benefits of books. These books are easy to wipe clean and cover a variety of different subjects young children will find interesting. These books will make a great Christmas or Easter gift.


Easy for children to turn the pages

Can use in or out of the bath


Not enough reviews for some parents to make a good decision

Give that almost toddler their own special play to play with this cute pop up police car tent. This tent can be set up inside or out and provides a wonderful private place for them to play with their toys or even take a nap. Add balls to make a ball pit or simply allow the child to use the tent anyway they choose.


Easy to sit up

Can be use by two or three almost toddlers or toddlers


Not too many ratings or reviews

A great gift for any little one, this ride on roadster has a working horn and steering and is made of durable steel. Rubber tires give a smoother ride and this ride on toy develops gross motor muscles and strengthens the legs.


Easy to assemble

Grows with the child providing them with fun for at least a couple of years


The wheels tend to fall off some units

Made from recycled plastic and able to be cleaned in the dishwasher this car and truck set make a perfect gift for a small child. It is a durable yet simple toy that any boy or girl would love!


Nice large size vehicles



There doesn’t seem to be anything that consumers don’t like

If you are looking for a soft stuffed animal to give an older infant as a gift then this cute 24 inch octopus will make an adorable gift. This Octopus is safe for small children with it’s stitched on features and it’s filling of cotton material. Of course with its 8 legs this octopus is easy for children to pick up and carry around and is perfect for cuddling.


Very soft

Good quality material


The octopus sheds

Some 11 month olds have enough toys to last them for several months. If you know an infant that has plenty of toys, then here are some alternative gifts that are perfect for children of this age.

If the baby you’re buying for has already started walking then a gift of a nice pair of shoes for the almost toddler to wear when they are out of doors will make a great gift.

If that almost toddler has a ton of toys as well as some books then this bookcase toy box combo will make a great gift. With an open toy bin and a divided shelf this toy box/bookcase is a good height for a small child to reach the toys at the bottom and lower down books.

  • Try and choose toys that will help the child reach developmental milestones and will encourage the child to explore.
  • It is always a good idea to check with the infant’s parents to see if they approve of the toy you are planning to buy. (Some parents aren’t thrilled with noisy or battery operated toys.)
  • Take the time to read the reviews so that you are as informed as possible regarding the quality of the gift.


We hope that with these few tips and our gift list for children of this age your shopping for almost toddlers will be simpler, easier and faster.