12 Lovely Gift Ideas & Toys for 10 Month Old Baby Boys & Girls

By the time your baby reaches 10 months old they are normally professional crawlers. They also can quite easily go from sitting to crawling position, often can cruise around holding, onto furniture and have a much easier time picking up small objects. They may even be speaking their first word. Any toy you buy for babies for this age should provide them with an opportunity to learn and explore and they must be entertaining and fun.

To help you with shopping we have compiled a list of some excellent 10 month old toys.

We use the following criteria for evaluation of each toy that made our list.

The first thing we look at is the educational value of the toy. We consider each toy’s ability to aid the physical, cognitive, emotional and social value of the toy. We determine whether or not the toy will aid the child in developing their fine and gross motor skills, help develop early reasoning skills, encourage them to interact with others and make them laugh or allow them to self comfort.

We also look at the entertainment value of each toy including the toy’s ability to capture the child’s attention, how often the child chooses to play with the toy, and the ways the child uses the tool.

This stuffed musical smart puppy comes with 5 activation points that can teach the child words, songs, phrases, shapes, counting and more. Pressing the activation points helps to develop fine motor skills, While the puppy itself can be cuddled and loved.


Will grow with the child

Enough songs to keep a young child entertained


Some users got malfunctioning toy

This set of Roly Poly musical rabbits is a great toy to give as a gift for those who want to introduce a baby to music. One rabbit dances and the other has a bell like chime when it is shaken. These toys are great for sensory perception, and helps children develop fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.


The dancing of these rabbits are extremely entertaining

Easy for infants to hold



Stacking and nesting cups not only make wonderful gifts, but are also important to the development of babies. 10 month old infants are at the stage of development where they will place one cup into another or place other objects into the cups. They may also attempt to stack the cups or will knock them over if someone else stacks them. Children can also use the shape sorter and put the various shapes into the cups.


Helps child develop fine motor skills and first lessons in big and bigger

Variety of ways to play with the toy


Some sets are missing a cup

This balance bike makes a great gift and will aid the building of leg muscles and aid balance of an older baby.


Really helps strengthen legs muscles

Really cute bike


Some kids flipped the bike over

With 10 month old baby’s being on the verge of walking a baby walker makes an ideal gift and this baby walker with blocks is giving the infant a very versatile toy that can be used in a number of different ways. It will help babies take their first steps, the forest blocks are fun for a child to stack and will help the child learn names of animals. The walker can also be used to haul other toys or give stuffed animals or dolls rides around the house or yard.


Blocks are colorful and fun

Wood walker more durable than plastic


Small and lightweight

A great gift for any active baby this Hide and Seek play tunnel will have your baby using their gross motor skills and having a great time going first one direction and then another. The hole in the middle of the tunnels is fun for the child to pop up and look around.


Easy to sit up and take down

Good size inside the tunnels


Material is thin and if a wire pokes out can be dangerous

A fun toy for older babies, this colorful musical hip hop goose will keep the baby laughing and engaged. The bump and go features allow the goose to change direction whenever it bumps into obstacles.


This goose talks, sings & when grabbed by the neck he tells you to let him go

Keeps baby laughing


Much smaller than expected

This cute stuffed fawn makes a wonderful gift for an older baby. This cute little deer is a great companion for an infant and can provide them with a means of self soothing when upset.


Perfect for infant to cuddle

No loose eyes or nose for baby to pull off


Smaller than some people think

No products found.

There is nothing like a new version of the age old jack- in- the- box to give a baby as a gift. Babies love playing peek-a-boo and turning the handle until Peter rabbit pops up is a fun version of the game that can keep a child entertained for hours.


Easy to turn handle

Good quality


Some of the lids don’t close properly

This Having A Ball activity center is a great gift for ten 10 month old babies. This table has pages to turn, gears, a ramp that balls roll down and drop into a hole and then slide down the legs of the tables. There is also a Hippo and a barrel spinner.


Lots of fun activities

Encourages baby to explore


Slides too easily and baby could fall

There are times when a baby has enough toys for the time being. If that is the case then here are some alternative gift suggestions that will come in handy for that older infant.

What could make a better gift for a 10 month baby that has too many toys then a cute storage bin to keep some of those toys in. With a cute design and non locking lid this storage bin should grow with your child and look great in the nursery or bedroom

Another great gift for an infant is this complete baby feeding set. The set comes with a silicone bib with a cuplike bottom to catch dropped food. A plate, a bowl, a travel snack bowl and a spoon and spork.

  • When buying toys for any child check and make sure that the toy is appropriate and safe for the child’s age.
  • Check with the parents to see if they have any objections to the toy you plan on purchasing.
  • Check the reviews so you have a clear understanding of both the good and the bad of the gift you are purchasing.


We hope that our list for 10 month old infants will help you choose the right gift for a baby that will soon be a toddler.