10 Splendid Gifts & Toys for 4 Month Old Baby Boys & Girls

Infants develop fast and by the time a baby reaches 4 months old, they can hold their head up during tummy time, and can sit up on a lap or a well cushioned chair made for smaller infants. In addition, they can hold objects with both hands, and have a tendency to grab at anything within their reach. Of course their coos, gurgles and smiles will lighten your heart and put a smile on your own face. Buying gifts for infants of this age can be a bit tricky since the infant is likely to already have many toys that have been purchased over the months since birth.

However, we have compiled a list of premium toys and gifts suitable for babies who are 4 months of age.

When choosing toys and gifts for infants we use two criteria for evaluating each gift. These criteria are:

We consider the toy’s ability to aid the infant in their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. We try and determine if a toy will help a child develop their fine and gross motor skills, respond to sounds, lights and textures as well as focus on various objects around them.

We also look at the entertainment value of the toy or gift to determine if the toy will attract the child’s attention, soothe them when they are upset, or bring a smile to their face.

This toy is a great gift for any baby who is now grasping objects with both hands. The baby can shake this ball to get the beads to clack, view him or herself in the mirror, and allow the little one to explore various textures.


Several activities for the infant to explore

Will grow with the child entertaining them for several months


Some parents feel that this activity ball is too hard and can hurt baby

If the 4 month old you’re buying for doesn’t already have an activity gym now is a great time to give one as a gift. This activity gym comes with several hanging toys, a pillow to help prop the baby up during tummy time once he is holding his head up and the surface of the pad has various textures and activities built right into the mat.


Offers infant entertainment whether laying on his or her back or tummy

Will grow with the child giving them several months of use


There seems to be a lot of plastic tabs that parents need to be careful to remove

No products found.

This lightup rattle makes a fun 4 month old toy. The changing light feature helps them to track the rattle sounds and the little nubs on the handle provides the infant with texture contrast. The whole rattle is designed to aid the infant’s sensory perception.


This rattle encourages the child to shake and even bang the rattle to get the results he or she wants.

Can occupy infant for several minutes at a time



Four month old babies enjoy sitting up as long as they have proper support and this floor seat provides them with the support that they need to enjoy viewing the world from a new vantage point. The seat has 2 crinkly wings, a tray and a bat at spinners with various toys. This seat makes a great gift for any 4 month old.


The spin toys really capture a infants attention

The tray comes in handy and is useful for months to come


Some parents find that it can be difficult to get the baby out of it

By month 4 most babies sleep through the night, however some babies have difficulty going to sleep and this cute little bear sleeps soother with its lights and lullabies will calm the baby and lull them to sleep. There are also other sounds like the ocean and heart beats. A great gift for any 4 months old infant that needs calming from time to time.


Can set the amount of time that the music plays

The bear is soft enough for the baby to cuddle


Some parents don’t like the sound

This baby activity center comes with several toys that provide about 25 different activities for babies to explore. The center rotates 360 degrees and there is a piano that the baby can tap with their feet.


Turns into a play table as the infant gets older

Toys can be rearranged for a different play experience


Pricey for what you get

This cute little bunny is a great gift for the nursery of any child who is 4 months old. The bunny has a light up tummy, plays songs and will play peek-a-boo causing the baby to laugh and gurgle. This will make an ideal Easter gift for either a boy or a girl.


Has both daytime and night time mode

Holds baby’s interest


Some units quit working after a few months of use

If the 4 month old in your life can hold his head up well and squirms a lot during bath time then this bath seat will make a great gift for both parent and child. This seat keeps baby more safe and secure when being bathed


Easy to install

Allows young infants to play


Have to be careful of mold building up

A great gift for any baby who is 4 months old who finds clutching a blanket, wash rag or other soft material comforting this pair of blanket soothers are perfect for infants to hold, cuddle and rub their face against when they are tired or need comforting.


With two look alike blanket soothers the baby will always have one while the other is in the wash.

Material is soft and comforting


Some of these do not hold up as well as expected

A perfect gift to give just before summer, this On the Go Baby Dome allows families to spend time in the backyard, park or beach while keeping the baby safe and secure and protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays. This dome comes with 2 toys and a canopy to give the baby the shade they need.


Folds easily

Mesh sides allow for good airflow


Once the legs are put on the dome they are difficult to take off making this dome hard to store

  • Set a gift budget for the baby before you begin shopping. That way you won’t be tempted to buy something beyond your means simply because it looks cute.
  • Make a list of potential gift suitable for a child of this age so you won’t end up with an impulsive buy.
  • It is always a good idea to check with the parents regarding gifts that the child may need.
  • Take the time to check the reviews in order to help you find the highest quality toy or gift possible.

We hope that the next time you need to purchase a toy or gift for a 4 month old that our gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for that little person in your life.