10 Great Gifts & Toys for 2 Month Old Baby Boys & Girls

It can be tough to find a great holiday gift for a 2 month old. After all, with the child’s birth bringing forth a ton of toys and gifts, finding a gift to give just two month later can seem a bit overwhelming. For that reason, and because some people tend to buy gifts for babies months after their birth we have compiled a list of the best premium gifts for babies that are 2 months old.



When choosing gifts for babies of this age we use two criteria in selecting each gift. These criteria are:

We look at the toy or gift to determine whether or not the gift will aid in the infant’s development such as beginning to focus on objects, batting at random hanging toys, being able to begin to control their head and arm movements to a certain extent.

Although a 2 month old baby does engage in actual play, they do become bored and find ways (such as crying and fussing) to express their boredom and their need for a change of scenery or activity. So we look at various toys and gifts to determine if the gift can provide the child with age appropriate entertainment.

This baby swing provides your infant with a slight side to side swaying motion perfect for relaxing fussing babies and allowing them to calm down.


Choice of swaying speeds

Good construction


Some parents say their baby in not help in position with this swing

If the family doesn’t already have one buying a play gym for a 2 month old makes a great gift. This play gym is perfect for allowing the baby to lay on his back and bat at the hanging toys or begin to focus on those toys. It is also good for tummy time.


Lots of hanging toys

Grows with the child


Toys may too high up for young babies to reach

A great toy to hang from your baby’s car seat, play gym or stroller. This cute rattle and squeaker will at first capture the baby’s attention and encourage them to focus and later will allow them to do some sensory exploration.


Black and white contrast captures a baby’s attention

Will grow with the child


Not as big as some parents hoped

This cute animated plush elephant is sure to entertain your baby by playing peek-a-boo and singing in a childlike voice. The elephant’s ears actually flop in front of his eyes. For small infants, parents will have to activate the song and game.


Extremely cute

Movement of the ears will capture your baby’s attention


Stops singing after a few months

This Halo Platinum sleep sack makes a great gift for a two month baby, as it is designed to keep the baby comfortable and warm throughout the night without worry of the covers slipping off when baby kicks or thrashes their arms.


Can change diaper without removing the sleep sack

Good quality and machine washable


Fits looser than some parents like

No products found.

The development toy set for babies in this gift bundle have highly contrasting colors that capture the infants attention and help them to develop focus and increase their attention span. These toys are easy to hang from a play gym or car see so the 2 month can bat at the toys in this bundle.


Really captures a young infants attention

Nice variety of toys


Check the seams to make sure that they are sewn well

This is a lightweight stroller that will hold your baby’s car seat and makes a great gift for those parents and infants who don’t already have a lightweight stroller that can be opened with one hand.


Fits in the trunks of small cars

Easy to assemble


Seems a bit flimsy

This 2-pack of hooded bath towels makes a great gift for a 2 month old since it will keep them from getting chilled when removed from their bath. The towel will grow with the child, and later when they are a toddler they can use the towel as a cape when playing dress up.


Soft against baby’s skin

Absorbs water well


Although these towels get softer after each washing they aren’t that soft right out of the package

This starry night light projector keeps a dim light in the room of the 2 month old, while making a lovely pattern on the ceiling of the nursery. This night light projector makes an excellent gift for a young child as it can be used as the child grows.


Great for providing a dim light to the nursery

Remote works well


Not as bright as some people hope

This fabric covered inflatable ring is a great alternative to standard floor pads or baby gyms since it allows babies to recline and get a new view of life outside of their crib.


Inner tube can be adjusted to meet infants’ needs.

Grows with child


Some of these nests lose air

  • When purchasing a gift for a small infant it is always a good idea to check with the parents to see if there is anything that their baby needs.
  • Try and choose gifts and toys that will grow with the child, since 2 months old have very limited abilities.
  • If the infant you are buying for has plenty of toys and objects for their age, then consider buying a toy they can use a couple of months down the road. Try and remember that children develop quickly at this age.


We hope this gift guide for 2 month old babies helps you find the right gift for the baby in your life.