12 Great Gifts & Toys for 9 Month Old Baby Boys & Girls

By the time most infants turn 9 month old they are expert crawlers, are beginning to pull themselves up using the furniture and may even be taking a step or two holding onto a piece of furniture. They can also scoot around on the seat of their pants, easily go from sitting to crawling position and are engaged in discovering more about the world around them.

We have compiled a list of some premium toys for 9 month old babies to aid you in your gift shopping.

Choosing excellent toys for babies is important to us so we carefully evaluate every toy we choose for our list. Here is the criteria we use when selecting the best toys for 9 month olds.

The first thing we look at is the educational value of each toy. Will the toy aid the infant in their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development in some way including development of gross and fine motor skills, understanding cause and effect, and early problem solving skills.

We also consider the entertainment value of each toy including how frequently an infant may play with a specific toy and whether or not the toy will grow with the baby allowing them to continue to enjoy the toy for months or even years.

An older baby should love this ball popper since the balls pop up in the air and then run through some clear tubes and pop back up again all with the push of a large button. This toy plays upbeat music and some silly sound effects.


Large button easy for baby to push

Good battery life


Some units have trouble moving the balls

This activity cube has 6 sides of activities to keep an older baby busy. This cube makes a great gift and will not only help keep the baby entertained, but will also aid in the development of fine motor skills with beads to move along a wire maze, sliding animals, spinning gears and more.


No batteries needed

Grows with the child

Lots of different activities


Sharp corners

This set of 36 wood blocks has letters of the alphabet or numbers as well as pictures on them. Most infants enjoy watching a parent or older sibling stack up the blocks for them to knock down. As the baby grows these blocks can be used for teaching letters of the alphabet and number recognition and even beginning reading of words.


Good size for small hands

Grows with child


Some sets are missing one letter and have doubles of another letter

This ball pit tent makes an excellent gift for a 9 month old who is actively crawling. The soft bottom lip of the tent is easy for a crawling infant to get over and the balls are large enough not to pose a choking hazard.


Tent is fairly sturdy



Doesn’t come with enough balls for some parents

This baby walker makes a great gift to help your baby to strengthen their legs so that when they are ready to take those first steps on their legs their legs muscles will support them. This walker works with the seat and can also be used as a walk behind walker.


Comes with entertaining toys

Adjustable seat height


Needs a seat belt to hold baby in

If you are looking for a fun gift to give a 9 month old baby then this dancing and singing bird will fit the bill. This brightly colored blue bird with the yellow baby will dance for your child and then will respond to the infant’s laughter and noises by tumbling around and making some cute sounds of his own.


Good Size

It’s like a playmate for a child


Difficult to put the batteries into

A great crawling companion for the mobile baby this musical turtle walks along while teaching happy songs and other things. This turtle has 4 modes of play and different buttons for the baby to push helping them develop their fine motor skills. The turtle does take 3 AA batteries


Grows with the child

Encourages kids to crawl after the turtle


Some people are put off by the required choking hazard warning, but can be used under parental supervision.

This cute stuffed horse is made for a baby to crawl over and sit on. It also has a ton of other activities for infants to explore and enjoy including crinkling ears and mane, neighing sounds, and so much more.


Great for sensory stimulation

Versatile ways to play


Problems with the sound working

These foam shapes make a great gift for older babies who are crawling well. The shapes allow infants to crawl, climb and slide improving their gross motor skills. The pieces can be arranged in different configurations.


Surface is vegan leather and easy to wipe spills up from

encourages children to climb and crawl using their gross motor skills


Can slide on floors

This small single crawl through tunnel can be used as a stand alone toy or combined with a climb and crawl play set to provide added fun for the infant. It makes a great gift for an indoor play area for older infants and young toddlers.


Easy for a baby to crawl through without feeling stuck

Holds up well


Tunnel is quite small

Sometimes an infant has enough toys for a period of time leaving you to come up with another gift for that 9 month old baby boy or girl. If the baby in your home has enough toys here are some alternative gifts that may be appreciated.

This portable shelter for infants will help to keep your baby from the worst of sun while spending time in the backyard, the beach or the park. The mesh walls make it easy for parents to see their baby.

No products found.

If you live in an area with colder winter climates then a winter snowsuit makes an ideal gift for any infant. Both the snowsuit and the attached mittens have fleece lining.

  • Always check with the parents of an infant before purchasing a gift, since many parents limit the amount of battery operated or noisy toys.
  • Look for gifts that will aid in the child’s development and will entertain them for a period of time.
  • Check to make sure that the item is safe for use with the age of the child.


If you’re after some good toys for a 9 month old baby boy or girl then our list will help you save some time when shopping while also helping you find a great gift!