10 Fun Developmental Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

Infants learn something new every day from the moment they are born. By the time they are 6 months old most infants are sitting up on their own and some have even begun crawling. They have also begun to develop a real interest in toys so we thought it would be helpful to provide you with a list of the best premium toys for 6 month old babies.

When choosing the best toys for 6 month old infants we look at two very important criteria

The first thing we look at is the entertainment value of the toy. The toy needs to be appealing enough to the infant to hold their attention for at least a few minutes. Toys that have some versatility will be more entertaining to infants than toys that simply have one use.

All toys have developmental and educational value, however we look at the toy to determine if it aids a child physical, mental, emotional or social development in some way. At this age children are just beginning to develop their fine and gross motor skills so we look at a toy to see how it will encourage children to use these skills. We also check to see if the toy will help the child understand cause and effect or even help them to self-soothe when they feel upset.

This baby gym and ball pit is perfect for an infant who is sitting up on their own. There are a number of toys for them to play with by grabbing and batting and there is even a teether. The balls in the ball pit will also allow the infant to pick them up, roll them and throw them further developing both their fine and gross motor skills.


Lots of attachment toys

Easy to assemble


Toys are rather dull in color

This set of 12 cloth books for infants is great for 6 months olds since turning the pages helps to develop their fine motor skills, they get introduced to different textures and the books can be hugged, chewed on and is incredibly safe and colorful. It also is a great way to introduce your child to books early in life.


Enough books that you can rotate them

Well made


Not the quality some consumers were looking for

This stacking toy makes a great toy for any 6 month old. Not only will it help them develop their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. This stacking toy also adds music, colors, and animal sounds for more excitement and learning for the child. It does require 3AAA batteries.



Different learning modes will grow with the child


Some people don’t like how the stem looks when the rings are removed

With levers, buttons, and keys these Poppin Pals toys will help your child develop their fine motor skills while engaging in fun play. Kids love it when the cute little animals pop up and it is the first step in beginning to learn cause and effect .


Grows with the child

No batteries and no loud sounds


Some parents are upset that this toys lacks sounds

This cute little tumbler soother is a great way for older infants to learn how to self soothe themselves when they are feeling anxious. The soother has gentle light and plays lullaby music that allows the infant to calm down and even drift off to sleep.


Plays a nice selection of songs

a play mode and a sleep mode


Smaller than expected

This Sit to Stand walker toy has a removable play panel which can be laid on the floor so younger children can play with the panel. There are 5 piano keys, a play telephone, shape sorters and light up buttons that will keep an older infant entertained and help them develop their fine motor skills. As the child grows this toy becomes a walker helping to guide the child’s first steps. This toy comes in multiple colors to suit any parents desired choice for their little one!


Locking wheels keep the walker from rolling too fast

Lots of activities


Can tip when child pulls themselves up using this walker

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift idea for any baby around 6 months old this Cute little horse makes a great toy for an older infant since it offers a number of different activities that allows the little one to explore sounds and textures. There is a mirror, buttons, crinkly ears and mane, a rubber horse shoe that turns reins that rattle and more. This toy needs 2AA batteries.


Great for sensory development

Grows with child


Some of the horses seems to have defected sound

A fun toy for older infants, this spin and learn steering wheel plays music, and identifies colors, shapes and feelings by pressing the figures or spinning the wheel. This toy will grow with your baby providing them with both entertainment and learning for a couple of years.


3 different learning modes

Good size for little hands


Many parents find this toy annoying

This soft and cuddly moose is a great toy for babies 6 months old and up and gives them something to hug and hold that can comfort them when they feel unsure or anxious. This moose makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for any 6 month old.


Extremely soft

Easy for small children to hold


A bit expensive

This shape sorter comes with 14 pieces (2 of each shape) in different colors. It is sturdy and durable and is designed to grow with the child.


Like that it can grow with the child

Top is easy for child to open


May be too bulky for some children

  • Look for toys that do not have small pieces that can be pulled off by the infant. You want the safest toys possible for your infant.
  • Look for toys that will grow with your 6 month old infant offering them fun and learning opportunities for several months, a year or more.
  • When choosing battery operated toys make sure that the infant cannot open the battery compartment.


We hope that this toys guide for 6 month old infants will help you find the right quality toy for the infant on your shopping list.