Best Kids Makeup Kits for Girls

From a very young age little girls develop an interest in wearing makeup mainly because they want to mimic their mothers or older siblings.

At a young age such and 4 or 5 years old you certainly don’t want you child wearing real makeup but giving them a set of toxic free makeup designed specifically for children will allow those young girls to experiment and practice their makeup skills for when they are old enough to wear the real thing.

As such we’ve made a list of what we think are the best make up kits for kids that you can find on Amazon. See below for more details regarding each one. These are some of the highest rated makeup kits available.

The little girl in your life can enjoy having their own play make up kit for dress up or playing beauty shop and we hope this list helps you find the right makeup set for your child.

The Best Makeup Kits for Kids

1. My First Princess Makeup 

This cute little make up set for young girls consists of blush, lip gloss, eye shadow, an eyebrow pencil, nail polish and make up bag. The make up in this kit is non-toxic and is easily washable with just a washrag. All of the makeup comes in a handy little bag so that everything can be kept neat and tidy and all in one place.

The Good

  • Colors are bright, but not to gaudy for young children
  • Extremely easy to remover makeup
  • Doesn’t stain clothes


  • Some children are allergic to some of the ingredients
  • Make up crumbles easily

2. AstarX Makeup Toys For Kids

This is water based makeup for kids. It contains face powder, blush, lip gloss, eye shadow, brushes and a make up case. All the make up in this kit washes off easily and non-toxic, but should not be used on children who have sensitive skin. The case is durable and holds all of the makeup easily. This makeup is recommended for children 5 years and up.

The Good

  • Makeup brushes are soft
  • All the products are of good quality
  • Well made case


  • Very small size products
  • Some of the makeup comes cracked and flaky

3. Kids Make up Kit and Purse

This cute little girls makeup kit with a purse comes with everything your little girl will need to play grown up lady. The makeup in this kit is completely fake (plastic) so it won’t cause allergies nor will it stain clothing or skin. The cell phone requires 2AAA batteries and states several different phrases and sounds. Makes for great play time for young children.

The Good

  • Well made
  • No mess
  • Tons of accessories


  • Came with missing pieces
  • Breaks easily

4. Tokia Kids Make-up Kit

This girl’s makeup set by Tokia is a washable, safety tested non-toxic and water based kit that comes with a comb, mirror, headband, blush, lip gloss, nail polish, eye shadow and a unicorn cosmetic bag. The pastel colors in this kit will be appealing to young girls.

The Good

  • Nice scent
  • Makeup washes off quickly
  • Nice amount of makeup


  • Broken items
  • Comb and mirror too small to be much use

5. Tokia Real Size Little Girls Makeup

This set for younger children looks more like an adult set than other kits do. This kit comes with 17 pieces that are non toxic and is safe for kids. The kit comes with a pretty silver make-up bag and a 17 piece make up set that is the same size as adult makeup. The make up includes lip gloss, nail polish, eye shadow, and blush.

The Good

  • Ingredients are given
  • Washes off easily
  • Nice cosmetic bag


  • Make up crumbles easily
  • Stains clothing and other fabrics

6. Pixie Crush Play Makeup

This kit is made for younger kids since there is no actual makeup of any type in the set. It is all plastic and foam made to look like make-up so children can engage in pretend play. The kit comes with a cute pink polka dotted purse that will hold all of the play make-up. All the makeup cases open and the lipstick can even moved up and down just like real makeup.

The Good

  • Looks real
  • Mess free
  • Don’t worry child will break out


  • Cheaply made
  • Kid’s notice that makeup is not real

7. Glamour Girl Toy Make It Up Kit

This Glamour Girl kit does not contain any real make up, but rather uses eco- friendly EVA foam. You get pretend eye shadow, lip stick, blush, face powder and eyeshadow. The kit comes with a makeup case covered with splashes of color.

The Good

  • Looks realistic
  • Lots of attention to detail
  • High quality brushes


  • Difficult to open compact
  • Pieces break easily

8. Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Set

This young girl’s pretend makeup set comes with fake makeup and does not actually apply anything to your child’s skin. This pretend makeup comes with a combo duo with a shatterproof mirror, glitter eyeshadow, lip gloss, cosmetic bag and real makeup brush.

The Good

  • Looks real
  • Mess free
  • Roller on lip gloss really works


  • Lids pop off cases
  • Parts break easily

9. Auney 21 Piece Makeup For Girls

This Auney make-up kit for little kids is actually child safe makeup. As well as a number of different brushes for the makeup this kit contains eye shadow, lip stick, lip gloss and face powder. The makeup in this set is water based and non-toxic and comes with a cute little case to keep everything in.

The Good

  • Lots of color options for kids
  • Well made
  • Washes off easily


  • Can be a bit messy
  • Pieces break

10. Toysical Kids Makeup Kit For Girls

This makeup kit for kids comes with 30 pieces including a manicure and pedicure set. This kit comes with nail polish, blush powders and creams, lip gloss, eye shadow, fake nails and so much more. It even comes with makeup remover.

The Good

  • Lots of items in this kit
  • Nice case
  • Washes off easily


  • Causes rash in some
  • Greasy feeling

Things to Consider When Buying Girls Makeup Kits

When choosing makeup sets for kids there are a few important things to consider. See this section for important questions to ask yourself before making a decision on which one to buy.

Do you want real makeup that can be applied or pretend makeup?

Depending on your daughters age pretend makeup can be better than real kits. If the girl you’re buying for is only 5 or 6 years old pretend makeup may be a better option. Once your daughter is approaching the age of 7 or 8 years olds real makeup is probably a better choice that they will enjoy more.

Does the make up list it’s ingredients? 

You’ll want to check the kit you’re buying and make sure the makeup includes only ingredients that are safe. Some make up has ingredients that could be considered harmful to children so this is important.

Does the makeup wash off easily?

This is another important thing to consider or you could be in for a real mess! We suggest water based makeup as it’s easier to clean and won’t stain clothes.

Have you read both the negative and positive reviews for the product before buying?

It is important to get the perspective of both those that are happy and unhappy with the product to be sure you’re able to understand and weigh the most commons pros and cons.