Best Lego Sets for Toddler Girls

Lego sets for toddler girls can have a lot of amazing benefits. They can help little girls to learn more and be creative. This is even more the case with the best sets since you’re daughter will be inclined to play for longer!

You can discover what makes the Lego sets below the top options by reading through our quick review. Only the best sets have made it into our review, which is why it’s shorter than other toy reviews you may have seen.

As such, you’ll have a much easier time picking the Legos that are best gift for your little girl after reading this review.

It’s important to remember that though it’s common practice for girls Legos to be pink or purple in color there is no reason why your girl will enjoy these better than other options that may be traditionally thought of as better for boys.

Girls who like Minnie Mouse could have plenty of fun building and playing with this set. It has been made with bright pink colors and includes pieces that are easy for toddlers to construct.

Criteria Used in Our Evaluation

Entertainment Value

The entertainment value of Legos is one of the major factors to consider. If your toddler isn’t going to be excited to play with the set, it’ll end up being a one and done type of set.
Instead, we sought out the sets that have been made with more longevity in mind. Toddlers can have fun building these sets, while also playing with it and being imaginative for a long time afterwards.

Educational Value

There are some superb Lego kits available that have an educational spin to them as well. We thought it would be a good idea to include this type of set in our review to help toddlers learn and have fun at the same time.

Best Legos for Toddler Girls

1. Duplo Building Set

Lego’s Duplo set features 69 pieces that have been made to be a suitable size for toddlers to grasp onto and build with. There are also a range of figures that come with this for toddlers to play with once the set has been built.

The finished model is a 3 story house that has a range of accessories. These include things like tables, sofas, sinks, and more. It’s also compatible with other Legos.

2. Duplo Train Set

This set has 16 pieces of track that toddlers can use to push the train along which enables them to have a very hands on experience. Before that, toddlers can use the 59 pieces to construct the entire set.

There are mini people available that allow girls to get imaginative with the role play games that they come up with. The set can even be connected to a smartphone and controlled via the app.

3. Minnie Mouse Duplo Set

Girls who like Mickey & Minnie would be excited to build and play with this. There are 21 pieces for your toddler to assemble and they’ve been made with a design that makes them easy to build.

The bright pink and purple colors used to create the pieces is exciting for little girls. They’re able to use the Minnie and cat figure, along with the toy car, to play imaginatively.

4. Number Train Set

There are block pieces available with this set that have been designed with numbers ranging from 1 to 9.
It can be an excellent way to enable toddlers to learn more about numbers and counting. There are also small figures that come with this to make the learning experience more enjoyable.

5. Construction Site Lego Kit

There’s a dump truck that has a tipping bucket, bulldozes, rotating cabin crane, and a range of mini figures included in this set.
Girls can spend some time assembling the 70 pieces and play imaginatively with the set after. There are extra block pieces that can be used with the dump truck and picked up the by crane that has a functioning claw.

6. Pizzeria Building Shop

There’s plenty that toddlers will enjoy while playing with this set. It includes a bike for delivering pizzas, a pizzeria, mini figures, and a range of tablets and accessory pieces.
Your child can have fun being very creative with how they use this set to play after they’ve built it. The building process has also been made to be easy for toddlers.

Wrapping Up Lego Sets for Toddler Girls

So there you have the top Lego options for your little girl. Hopefully our guide has helped you save time in shopping for an educational set for your daughter whether it’s a gift for a birthday, Christmas or any other time!