12 Better Toys & Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls

Most 11 year old girls are in middle school and are interested in a variety of different things including exploring different hobbies and crafts. They are also still very physically active and love toys that can keep them happily busy.

For those of you who feel somewhat at a loss when it comes to purchasing gifts for 11 Year Old Girls we have comprised a list of premium and highly rated gifts that are likely to thrill any young lady of this age.

In choosing toys and gifts for tween girls of this age we look at two main criteria.

The first thing we look at is the educational value of the toy or gift including the toy’s ability to aid the preteen’s physical, mental, emotional and social growth as they are in the thick of middle school.

We also look at the entertainment value of the toy or gift considering the toy’s durability, how often and how long the child will use the toy and that all elusive “fun factor.”

If the young girl on your shopping list likes crafts then this friendship bracelet making kit will make a great Christmas and birthday gift. This will allow the child to make bracelets for herself and for family members and friends.


Can make several bracelets

Makes for a group activity


Not the best directions

A fun gift to keep any young girl active this mongoose scooter will have that preteen girl in your life cruising the neighborhood with her friends. A great alternative to a bike this scooter will last for years and provide the child with both transportation and fun.



Comes with tools


Some of these scooters broke when kids tried to do tricks

No products found.

Although it may be surprising to some people, girls like building with Legos as much as boys do, which is why this Lego Amusement Park building kit will make a perfect present for preteen girls. With 1251 pieces this kit should offer a bit of challenge and once built it will make an awesome display.


Takes some time to build

Really impressive when completed


May be too complicated for some kids to do on their own

This 3D pen with 15 colors of plastic refills makes a terrific Christmas present or birthday gift for any 11 year old girl who enjoys unique gifts. With this doodler she can turn her drawings into 3D models that she can then display.


User friendly

Encourages creativity


Some pens have problems with clogging

This ring toss game makes a great backyard game and gift for tweens who are sticking close to home due to the pandemic. The young lady can practice her tosses by herself or play with up to three other people. The game comes with a carry back so it can be brought along to the park or a neighborhood cookout.


Fun for all ages

Helps develop hand/eye coordination


Some people think that the rings are too lightweight

With 5 adjustable height settings these stilts make a fun Christmas gift for any young girl who wants to be a little adventurous. Will help the child build balance and gross motor skills while having fun.


Well made

Easy to put together


Somewhat heavy

A wonderful gift for encouraging creativity in that 11 year old young lady these 48 colored brush pens are perfect for school projects or for creating art at home. Can use with or without water.


Good quality

Vibrant colors


Some sets come with dried up pens

Are you looking for a gift that could provide the preteen years of fun? Then this Bounce Battle game may well be that gift. With so many different ways to play this game is sure to hold anyone’s attention for a long time to come.


A bit of strategy and a bit of luck

Nice bounce to the balls


Hard to get balls into the spaces

A nice birthday gift for any young lady that loves animals, this animal puzzle will provide them with entertainment and then can be coated with puzzle saver to make a picture for the young girls room.


Quality pieces

Great Graphics


Some puzzles came with a piece missing

Not only does the Loopdeloom weaving loom make a great gift for any young girl who enjoys crafting it will allow her to make useful items such as winter scarves, purses, hot pads, placemats and so much more. She will enjoy making gifts for the entire family as well as her friends.


Can use any yarn

Can connect two looms together to make wider projects


Complicated for children and somewhat fragile

In some cases the young lady on your shopping list may have all of the toys and crafts that she needs, which may leave you wondering just what kind of gifts you present her with. Here are some suggestions for alternative gifts for young ladies who have too many toys.

Perfect for spring or summer wear in place of a coat or jacket this cute cardigan is sure to meet the young lady’s approval. Perfect to wear with jeans, skirts or dresses this cardigan will get plenty of use.





Tends to run a bit small

A gift card to the preteen’s favorite bookstore, clothing store, or arcade makes a great gift and allows them to choose the items that they really want.

  • Evaluate the girls maturity level. Girls mature at different levels and at this age some young ladies will be far more mature than others and their interests will reflect their maturity level. While you don’t want to encourage that 11 year old to grow up too fast you want to give them gifts that they will enjoy.
  • Pay attention to the things that the young lady enjoys doing. If she enjoys singing a karaoke machine may make a great gift, but if she is into science then perhaps a microscope may be a better choice.
  • Check the reviews and see what other consumers like about the product and what they don’t like.


This selection of premium gifts for girls who are 11 years old should help you to choose the right gift for the young girl in your life.