12 Fun & Fabulous Toys & Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

By the time a young lady reaches the age of 12 she has developed a number of interests and hobbies and normally is eager to explore more. She also enjoys becoming more independent and spending time with her friends. Because girls this age are no longer a young child, but not yet a teen you may be a little uncertain about what type of toys and gifts a 12 year old would want or be interested in.

In order to make your shopping a little bit easier, we are offering this list of premium highly rated gifts that are popular with middle school girls.

When choosing gifts for preteen girls we look at two very important criteria:

We look at the educational value of toys and gifts including the toys ability to aid in the physical, mental, emotional and social development of the child and how the gift can help them prepare for the future.

As well as the educational value we also consider the gift’s entertainment value. We look at how durable the item is, its ability to hold the child’s attention, and its usefulness.

With LED accent lighting on the wheels of this Hoverboard with bluetooth and a built in wireless speaker so you can listen to music as you speed along this is a great mode of transportation for preteens. We recommend that you provide the correct safety equipment when you give this Hover board as a Christmas or birthday gift.


Self balancing



Some units have difficulty charging

For some reason many preteen girls enjoy backyard battle games playing with and against family and friends. This HyperStrike bow with foam arrows makes the perfect weapon for both backyard battles and target practice. Bungee cord strings help these arrows shoot further than most bows for kids and making using the bow much more fun.


Whistling arrows are fun

Easy to use


One user did not get the arrows

If the preteen girl in your life likes building models she’ll love getting this Lego Flintstones building kit as a gift. With 748 pieces this kit will be fun to build and fun to display.


Fun to build

Really resembles the Flintstones home


No Dino, Bam Bam or Pebbles

By the time most girls reach middle school they are showing signs of the woman they will become and need a purse to carry items such as their cell phone, hair brush and other items. This cute little purse is sure to be a big hit when received by a 12 year old as a birthday or Christmas gift.


Great feel and texture

Super cute


Zipper sometimes stick

This adorable sunflower necklace makes a great gift for a young lady. Hypoallergenic this necklace can be worn with both casual clothing and more dressy outfits.


Nice quality

Great colors in the necklace


Chain is not the greatest

This simple La Jolla Cruiser bike is perfect for a growing young lady to cruise around town or ride to school or the park to spend time with friends. Nice looking and easy to get on/off with a basket to hold small items this bike makes for a great present and perfect mode of transportation for any preteen.


Smooth ride

Easy to control one speed


Consumers have experienced various problems

Wind chimes make wonderful gifts and this Solar Powered wind chime kit that allows the preteen to make their own light up wind chime. The kit comes with everything the child will need to make their Solar lighted wind chime and then they can display it right outside their window.


Comes with booklet explaining solar power

Easy to put together


Some units had missing pieces

A fun gift that will get that young lady outdoors and away from that computer screen this fun Cornhole game will provide entertainment for the entire family or your child and her friends.


Great for practicing math skills

Quite durable


Parts can be hard to fit together

If you are looking for a gift that will encourage a preteen to learn about teamwork and cooperation then presenting them with the game Ravine for their Birthday or Christmas present is an excellent choice. This board game starts out with the players surviving a plane crash and then trying to survive the night without losing their minds.


A game the whole family can enjoy

Teaches good life skills


None that we could find

A puzzle, a craft kit, and decoration for a young ladies room this Puzzle music box kit makes a lovely gift for most young girls who enjoy crafting and working puzzles.


Includes everything you need

Good directions


This model takes A lot of gluing

There are times when young girls can simply have all of the toys and craft projects that they can handle which can make finding a great gift for these lucky individuals a little more difficult. If you find yourself in this situation here are some suggestions for other gifts that may help.

Most preteen girls want their bedroom to reflect their personality so choosing items of room décor, such as bedding, lamps or even posters could make a nice gift for girls of this age.

When all else fails giving a nice gift certificate to a preteens favorite clothing, book, or craft store makes for a nice gift as it allows the young lady to pick out something she really wants or needs.

  • Don’t underestimate the child’s interests or abilities. Often times kids can operate toys and devices that are rated above their age level. Consider those things that the child is enjoying now to determine her current abilities.
  • Take into consideration the interests of other young ladies her age. Girls this age are always looking for new activities and activities other kids her age is enjoying may well interest her as well.
  • Even if you are purchasing the gift online try to view it in a brick and mortar store first so you can be sure of what you are getting.
  • Read the reviews. Take note of what others like and don’t like regarding the item.


We know how important it is for you to find the right gift for that 12 year old in your life and we hope we have just made that task a little easier.

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